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it’s a GLITTERY day in DA neighborhood

Sistahs… It’s a great day at DA BELLAs place.  When we were at CHA, I was busting at the seams wanting to tell you this and NOW I CAN!  Shannan, Jen Del Muro, Carole Burrage et al witnessed DA bella in ACTION at the Art Institute Glitter’s booth.   Barbara Trombley and I and her lovely daughter Shannon went a little mentalbella and we created our own Glitter set called Bella Bling 1.. HOW CUTE IS THIS?

[photopress image=”glitterbellabling1.jpg”]

We were SOOOO bIzZy choosing the bestest colours and I think we succeeded!  If you look in the Bella Bling section, you will see the amazing tools and must haves that coordinate with the glittah!  glues, pins, all the necessities (and honestly, they really are)

 DO YOU LOVEY MY GLITTAH???? cuz I sure do


Mwah to da sparkly sistahs who love GLITTAH as much as I do 🙂




  1. Wendi says:

    Very cool! How about a card example so we can see them in action?? I’m not good with glitter, maybe it’s not me – just that my glitter wasn’t good? I’m looking forward to trying these out!

    Thanks for the Bling!

  2. OOoohhhh!! They’re as fabulous as I imagined! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE THEM!

  3. Diane says:

    Em, Em, Em,
    Looks Like I’ll Need My SunGlasses.

  4. Fabulous addition – love the bella bling!

  5. Kim Gruetz says:

    Em…..I LOVE the glittah! I am a sparkles spaz! I can’t get enough bling and sparkles! Love love love it!


  6. Sabena says:

    OOoooooOOOooo!! I lovey the glittah!!!!!! You can never have enough glittah!! Its all about the sparkleys!!

  7. And here I thought it was impossible for the Bella to get any more glitzy than she is! Who knew!!!! Congrats on the great colours. I love ’em.

  8. Susan says:

    I’ve used their glitter, it was a long time ago, and it’s fabulous! I love giltter and put it on everything I can! Can’t wait to be able to get some of this! It’s really going make the Bellas bling!!!

  9. LeAnne says:

    I am already a big fan of the Art Institute glitters, they are awesome and I am a suckah for anything that sparkles. How cool is it that you were able to create a special Bella assortment just for the Sistahs. Am I to assume since this set is Bella Bling 1 that there may be more color assortments to come…that would be too cool!!!

  10. Gay Ferland says:

    I love the glitter!!!! Blintz!! Blintz!!
    Thanks for the needed accessories like glitzzy glitter!!
    Mwuah to the sistahs!!

  11. Suzy Pearson says:

    Greetings Fearless Stamp Queen,

    Been checking out all the new goodies and I have a question (or maybe I’m just missing it.) I see all the Scor Pal accessories but no Scor Pal. Are you going to carry it?

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