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Could you just *DIE*, I mean honestly..

[photopress image=”primas_001.jpg”][photopress image=”primas_003.jpg”]

OK, I bought these on Saturday and I haven’t stopped thinking about them.  So I decided to peel off the price (just habit..LOLOL). and I threw it in my son’s room wherever I found a spot and took a pic.  So please forgive the (a) glare, (b) backdrop (c) remnant dirt from the price sticker.. but you GET THE PIC.

 Are these not specfabulous?  just came out with that word while talking to Nicky today and I think I like it.. altho it does sound like I am in grade one but don’t all my posts??? I swear I am educated.. HONEST.  Ask my parents for the bill.. I think they have it laminated on one of their walls.. the bill that is, not my diploma.

Ok, so I can’t wait to try these babies.. the gingham one is TDF (to die for–now you are all rolling your eyes saying AS IF we didn’t know THAT term).

ANYWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I love them and wanted to share.. i figured it was better than showing all my makeup (oh, and P.S. my friend Natanya and I dropped our kids off at a birthday party yesterday at 1:35.. had to be back to fetch them at (never use the word fetch but liked it for that moment) 3:15.. WHERE DO YOU THINK WE WENT for that hour and 20 minutes?? hmmm??? whaddya think?  she saw my “bare mineraled’ skin and we went BACK TO SEPHORA for her to buy the stuff.. (and I bought more..)  I am done now.. I swear.. I have EVERYTHING..

including the most STUNNING PRIMA flowers.




  1. Crystalbella says:

    Oh wow…way too cute. I could not pass these up either. Great find!

  2. I was just thinking of emailing you to tell you how much I would appreciate it if you would blog several times a day to keep me entertained! You must have read my bella mind!!!! HUGS!!

  3. As Phoebe screamed when seeing Monica and Chandler together for the first time… “MY EYES!! MY EYES!!” **snort** Hope you all are Friends fans, otherwise my humour is lost on you. SERIOUSLY, you’re killin’ me Emily!! If my husband had ANY idea the stuff you women do to me with all yer new purchases and Bellas and ribbons and pretty things…he would never let me back on the computer!!! I kid you not!! I should be screaming “MY WALLET!! MY WALLET!!”

    P.S. Yes, this is totally the best blog EVER, Emily… to mine of course!! Bwahahahaha!!!

  4. Lisa Zappa says:


  5. Janette says:

    GORJUS! Love, love, the gingham flowers! ooooh, *and* Bare Minerals! Luff them, too!

    Janette (just call me jonesing for a shopping trip…)

  6. Melissa says:

    I love these flowers! My local scrapbook store (that I am on the design team for) just got these little babies in and I’ve been telling myself I can’t until I use some of what I got. I just finished up 2 sets of cards using Prima flowers for a swap – I guess I qualify now to get the flowers!! Now I just have to wait for the icy weather to clear!

    I love Bare Minerals, too, I just don’t take the time to do make-up anymore. Seems no matter what I try I develop an allergy to it. I think Bare Minerals and I get along, but I haven’t used it in so long…. What is Sephora?

    Thanks for sharing your life with us! You’re awesome!!

  7. Janeabella says:

    I’m so out of the blogabella loop, Em! I just gave up all my today’s stamping time to read up–you are a riot! LOVE those flowers! Oh, I wanna see a picture of you to go with the Pretty post….:)

  8. Thanh says:

    Of course you bought them in green and pink! lol Thank you for sharing, dahhhlin

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