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i woke up this morning

and I was SOOOO in the mood for a contest.  This contest will help me and of course in turn, will help the sistahs.. so here goes.  I dunno what the prize is gonna be.. I am gonna go shopping and pick out some gooooooodiiiiiiieeeeeees.  Trust me, if you likey the bellas, you will likey the prize.

So here goes… I want to know what your DREAM sentiments are.  What have you been struggling with using your snap stamps and alphabet letters to create?  Why not make your job easier and just let me make the dream sentiment stamp/s.  So gimme all ya got.  Write me the stamps you would like to see (try to keep it in bella style) and then the winner/s (don’t know how many) will either get a prize or the actual stamp once made… is this motivation enough?? 

Oh Bellas, write me write me write me!!!

Contest is over next Monday the 19th.


Chief Sista Sentimentabella


  1. Chris Anderson says:

    I’ts your special day!
    So why not CELEBRATE!!

  2. Chris Anderson says:

    Horseback Bella (riding or leading a horse)

  3. Chris Anderson says:

    sports car(corvette) bella

  4. Chris Anderson says:

    figure skating bella

  5. Chris Anderson says:

    aboriginal princess bella

  6. Chris Anderson says:

    May your day give you all you need & everything you wish for.

  7. Chris Anderson says:

    Waitress Bella

  8. Chris Anderson says:

    Olympic Bella (carrying the torch)

  9. Chris Anderson says:

    Little girl bella (bella hasn’t quite grown up yet)

  10. Amanda says:

    How about:

    1) “Little girls love their daddies
    even when they’re all grown up”

    2) I’d love to see a Grandparents or Great Grandparents sentiment……maybe something like “Our Roots Are Showing” and have a little tree that could be like a family tree (nothing huge….maybe the size of the tree with hearts on it?)

    3) “Sisters are angels without wings” (can also be used as Friends, Mothers, etc)

    Ok I’ll keep thinking…..cause I wanna win 🙂


  11. Maria says:

    My dream RUNNABELLA with something like “Run like a girl”.

  12. **Inge** says:

    Phone-Bella, with the sentiment Hello, Bella?
    Fashion-Bella with the sentiment Strike a Pose
    Bike-a-Bella with the sentiment Here I come!

    Okay, I’ll stop …*hihi*

  13. Crystalbella says:

    OK, hang in there with me…this is going to be a long one. I love my bella’s and love all the bellas and of course, want all the bellas. With the many bellas I have and sentiments I still have found that I have to look elsewhere for what I really want to say with these gals. I know, a gasp fell on the reader right now. I have this site set as my homepage…that is how much I love Emily and her site…so please don’t hate me. They are superb in every way and by themselves they are absolutely adorable. I am so glad she opened this up for a contest. I hope I win but if I don’t I am still in love with this site and love everything that Emily produces. If I do win I will be doing the Happy Dance! LOL

    OK here goes:

    Have a wonderful trip!
    Glad you are back!
    You will be missed!
    Missing you greatly!
    From across the miles.
    Miss you already!!

    You color my world!
    A rainbow of thanks!
    The world is a platette….CREATE or BE CREATIVE!
    You are a work of art!
    You are a masterpiece!
    Ahhh the piece to resistahnce (eeegads…have no clue how to spell it…but love how it sounds)
    Ooh La La (with your really cool swirls on the L’s)
    ***have a watermark type stamp of a big swirl to make different colors for a background***

    Two hearts become one.
    **Background watermark larger heart…just one heart**

    You look fabulous!
    You look Maaarvelous!
    Worth the effort
    You can do it!
    Just do it!
    Go for it!

    Super Mom!
    All in a days work!
    You are unbelievable.

    Fun in the Sun!
    Life’s a beach
    Enjoy Life
    Take time for you
    Soak it up!
    Soak up the sun.
    Enjoy your day.
    Your time to shine

    I hope you dance
    You will be the bella-the-ball

    You’re shoes are hard to fill
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather
    Better get better.
    Singing in the rain.
    Hard to fill your shoes.
    You will be missed (to go with the above one Hard to fill your shoes)
    **Large or large, med, small mixture of raindrops for watermark and maybe a round puddle type she can stand in. Your current splat will do but the water mark raindrops would be great!**

    Diamonds ARE a girls best friend.
    You shine!
    How wonderful!
    How beautiful!
    Larger than life.
    You stand out girl!

    I shall never see a rubberstamp that I don’t need.
    Scrap On!
    Paint, Ink, Stamps…need I say anymore?
    Life is simple…Eat, Sleep, Stamp
    Life is simple…Eat, Sleep, Crop

    Continue the fight!
    Fighting for a cause
    We CAN fight back
    Bringing awarness
    Support the cause
    Thank you for supporting the cause.

    Holiday Cheer!
    Here’s to you!
    Here’s to ya!
    Something to celebrate.

    Flash those pearly whites.
    Your smile is contagious!

    Hope you are on the mend soon.
    Well wishes.
    Hope you are back on your feet soon!
    Wishing you the best.

    You blow me away!
    You’ve got style, my friend!
    You’ve got style.

    Celebrate your day in fashion.
    Celebrate your day in style
    You are fabulous.
    You look great!
    you’ve got style.

    Celebrate your day in fashion
    Celebrate your day in style
    To shop or not to shop…is that a questions?
    Lot’s go shopping
    lovin’ life

    A basket of love for you
    You are my pick.

    Lovin’ Life right now.
    One of a kind!

    If the shoe fits buy one in every size.

    You’re day!
    On Your special day!
    What a beautiful bride.

    You got me hook, line, and sinker
    You are a great catch.
    What a great catch.
    Felling a little green around the gills?
    To fish or not to fish…is that really a question?
    ***have a fish stamp that we can cut out to put on hook or have 2-3 different fish stamps with words like Love you, fabulous, wonderful, kisses…things like that to attach to hook*** Maybe even a fish watermark. Also maybe a patch of land to stand on??**

    For your bachelorette party!
    Have a fabulous time!
    Have a wonderful night!
    To celebrate You!

    Have a super day
    My Hero!
    Just flying by to say hi!

    OK that is all for the moment. These are brainstorm ideas so no comments please on miss – spelled- words or dangling participles please. I sat down with my bellas and though what would I want them to say. I have more just out of time right now. Hope this helps with your creative juices Emily. Thanks for the contest and good luck to everyone.

  14. Lisa Zappa says:

    Oh girlfriend. You opened a can of worms here!

    Existing bella sentiments:
    Tinkerbella: Have a fairy nice day. Thank you fairy much. You’re fairy sweet!

    Imelda bella: Those shoes make you look so skinny. Shoes always fit. Shoe rock.

    Rockabella: You rock! Rockstar! You rock my world! Rock on with your bad self!

    Superhero bella: “You’re my she-ro!” “I wanna be you when I grow up!”

    Dream bellas:
    Chocobella. Sentiment “I love you more than chocolate”. “Bring on the chocolate and no one gets hurt”

    Frazzlebella: crazy, stressed out bella…hair a flying! “Happy Monday” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” “sleep is overrated” “Not caffeine free” “Got coffee?”

    Bella with briefcase & cell phone: “Just a brief note”

  15. Lisa Zappa says:

    OH AND CELL-A-BELLA. Chatty girl with cell phone.

  16. Crystalbella says:

    Just a few more….I know, how on earth could she possibly have anything left to say…well, let me tell ya sisters…my bellas have a lot to say! LOL Kidding. Here you go!

    Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can cahnge your life
    No one else can fill your shoes

    If people were meant to *POP* out of bed …we’d all sleep in tasters
    E=mc2 Energy=morning coffee on the double

    I’ve got a master’s degree in beach walking

    Freshly picked for you

    Celebrate your day in Wild fashion.
    Hold me, Grip me, cherish me…Pretend that I am a golf club!
    Dogs are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

  17. Crystalbella says:

    Missed a whole page of these babies..what is wrong with me. I am bellafide!

    Let’s grap a cup of joe!
    Espressly for you.

    All in a days work.
    My kids, my life, my joy.

    Ooh La

    You put the music in my heart
    Rock On!
    You rock
    you are the lyric for my song
    **Music note watermark stamp or maybe a staff??**

    You are a cut above the rest.
    You’ve got syle.
    Thanks for the tip!

    THink that’s it my fellow bella friends.
    Good luck to everyone and have fun playing with those bellas…I know I will! Can’t wait to see what she will be coming out with next!

  18. Crystalbella says:

    that word should be toaster…sorry bout that..I get so excited about my bellas!

  19. I would love to see a birthday sentiment like:
    May all your dreams and hopes come true
    on your special day

  20. Sue-bella says:

    My sentiments…

    When all else fails…. Go Shopping!

    Let’s roll! (maybe baker-bella with a rolling pin)

    Pain is just weakness leaving the body (for barbella)

    Don’t let anyone steal your joy!

  21. Sue-bella says:

    One more …

    Death before decaf!

  22. Crystalbella says:

    BTW I love the Bare Minerals (sp?) too! The whole line is wonderful. Pricey but well worth the money. The other brand that is also good and available pretty much Wally world wide/Meijer/grocery store type thing is Bare Natural. Really great products exp the Bare Minerals. Good call!
    Have a Bellariffic day!

  23. Denise says:

    Hi, I love your Bellas!!
    I need a sentiment for my DD that says!

    OH! Snap!

  24. Marcy Moser says:

    Here are some sentiments that I would love to see.
    Coffee and friends are the perfect blend.
    Never underestimate the power of a woman on caffeine.
    With enough caffeine, I could rule the world.
    Who says you can’t have it all?
    When the shoe fits, buy it!
    How many shoes are too many?
    Less is not more, MORE is more.
    Just dropping you a line.
    One of a kind friend.
    Friends make life blossom.
    Got chocolate?
    Stamping is an addiction and a therapy.
    There is no such thing as TOO many stamps.
    Lets get together.

  25. Julie Masse says:

    Emmybella – Just shopping by . . .
    Cakeabella – Ageless beauty, or You’re ageless
    Balloonabella – something maybe to fit into the balloons, like “Love U” or “Happy Day”

  26. Oh good grief, Emily!! Just LOOK what you started….and I’m gonna jump right in there!! Here are just a few off the top of my head:

    Do you believe in Magic?

    I don’t do mornings!

    Thanks a latte!
    Miss you a latte

    From an obsessed stamper!
    From a Stamp-a-holic
    I think that I shall never see, a stamp that’s not quite right for me!!
    *heart* to stamp

    Life’s a beach!!
    Enjoy the sunshine
    You are my sunshine

    Olive you!
    Here’s to you

    Shop til you drop!
    *heart* to shop
    Charge it!

    Okay, that’s all I’ve got right now. Gotta go to work now, darn it! Gotta pay for all my new sentiments, right??!!! Baahahahahaaaa!!!

  27. Lisa Keeffe says:

    I would love a sentiment that said,
    **Born sisters, became friends! I send my sister a lot of cards. Also…
    **Can I borrow that? (also to do with sisters or friends, clothes or stamps 🙂
    **Love Ya Like a Sister!
    **Friends, the sistahs you choose yourself!

    Thanks, Lisa Keeffe

  28. Lisa Keeffe says:

    I also like…

    My husband said I have to choose…him or the stamps…

    I’m going to miss him!

  29. Chris Anderson says:

    What is there is no pms and I am just like this naturally?

    Bingo Bella
    Cowgirl Bella
    Angel Bella

  30. Chris Anderson says:

    Snow Bella (Parka)

    Happy Freezin Seson

  31. Carmen says:

    I would like something to go with a Hockeybella… Maybe She Shoots, She Scores (okay – that is lame)… I would definitely add to my bella collection with a hockeybella and all her sayings…

  32. Alannabella (al_silver2) says:

    I neeeeeed a “Ciao bella” sentiment for Arivedercibella pretty please!!

    I also really neeeeed:
    “Let’s get together”
    “Take time for yourself”

    I’ll be back with more!!!

  33. Lisa Zappa says:


    Discobella /dancing queen bella with cute trendy skirt and go-go-boots. Sentiments: “Girls night out!” “Happy Birthday, party girl” “Girly Girl”, “Chicks rule! or “Girls rule”

    Cheer-a-bella in cheerleader uniform:
    “From your biggest fan!” “HIP HIP HOORAY FOR YOU!” “Cheers!”
    “2-4-6-8, who do I appreciate?!!” YOU!!!!

  34. Lisa Zappa says:

    Oh, for the shoppabellas:

    Your husband called and said to buy anything you want.


  35. Lisa aka LisaBella says:

    Okay, I was confused here, and had to go back to read what you said….so I two right now (might have more), but they are my inspiration right now and tacked to my monitor at work:

    “Oh that’s nice” When you want to say what you are really feeling, but can’t for the sake of being a proper lady

    CYA=Choose your Attitude


  36. Kathy says:

    You Saturday night post inspired me….how about “Let’s Make-Up”, with a big smoochie lipsticky lip stamp!

  37. Julie Masse says:

    How about “Coffee Talk” (or cawffee if your from NY like me 🙂 ) – for Javabellas or “Can we talk?” or “Let’s do coffee” “Hot topics” “Need a refill?” “time to share”

    Stampabella – “just stamping by” “Stamp-a-holic” “Sistah Stamper” “Got Paper?” “Got Ink?”

    “One bella to anotha” “bella to bella”

    I’m not the most original – but I’m trying!!! 🙂 Love the idea for Ciao bella!!

  38. Blimey, not sure if there is anything left to suggest!!!

    How about for Cosmobella (as this is something I see in the gallery all the time and I have created it myself using my Karen Foster Snap stamps, which take a while!!!!

    One Martini
    Two Martini
    Three Martini
    Floor!!!! (or Pour!!!)

    Not sure if this is already a stamp somewhere else but what a great idea!!

  39. Tracey says:

    You are the bee’s knees!
    You rock! (I think that was mentioned before… but I really like it and second the motion!)
    Birthday cake doesn’t have any calories.

    That’s all I have for now. My first order is being processed!!!!!… and I am sooooo excited!

    P.S. I know this isn’t the place for it….but–I suggest a chefabella. Then you could do fun stuff like “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” or “Dinner Party!!”

  40. Sarah Moore says:

    How bout “You Rock”… for the rockabella I just bought!

  41. I need a collegebella that says “shopping and friends… who has time to study!”

    I need a sentiment that says “who needs a man!” to go with the sentiment you already make (that I have) that says “saw it, loved it, bought it!”

    I need a camping bella that says “Got Smores?”

    I need a “SNAP” stamp to go with oh so many of the Bellas!

    For BeachBella I need the sentiment “don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me” and “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”.

    For lots of the hoity toity bellas I need a stamp that says “you’re fabulous dah-ling”

    dryabella “you blow me away!”

    Docabella “Wanna play Doctor?”

    For the Groovybridalbellas “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride… thank god!”

    For the Grumpabella “Good Morning is a contradictory sentence.” – and “Diet Coke first… then we talk”.

    Merrybella ‘hope your merry is very!”

    Stacyfishabella “there’s a lot of fish in the sea”

    Teeoffabella ” Don’t underestimate a woman with a golf club”

    Tennisbella “Got Love”?

    Now pick me because I love prizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Amy G. says:

    I would love some sort of anniversary bella, with her man :). I have a lot of friends that we all do a little something for our anniversaries, and I’m always stuck for something cute that isn’t all hearts. I would love some sort of fun, saying to go with.

  43. Anouk says:

    I’m not really creative, so I chose some Bella’s from other people. I would love to see a cowgirlbella,chocobella, frazzlebella, and discobella.

  44. Shmiz says:

    How about a couple of Blababellas…a couple of Bellas sitting together and talking their heads off. You know, about make-up and purses and stuff. Oh, and agendas. And wallets.

    The sentiment can be something like this:
    We always have SOMETHING to talk about.


    We can blab with the best.


    No one blabs better than us.


    whatcha think? 🙂

  45. Crystalbella says:

    Everyone has great sayings. I love the coffee ones. I don’t know who put it up there but the one about With enough coffee..and I could rule the world and SUEBELLAS Death before Decaf. Everyone is coming up with some great things.

    OK A few more I found:
    If I have repeated any from someone else I apologize. Did not mean to.

    Friends are the flowers in life’s garden
    May all your weeds be wildflowers
    Grow (or bloom) where you are planted.
    Plant Manager
    She who has flowers in her garden surely has flowers in her heart.
    You have touched me and I have grown.
    Many eyes go thru the meadows, but few see the flowers.
    Earth laughs in flowers
    Weeds? Those are native wildflowers
    Scatter seeds of kindness wherever you go.
    A garden is the purest of human pleasures
    Love grows here
    Garden of weedin’
    How does your garden grow?

    THE FLOWERBELLA WITH THE HEART (I don’t have YET..notice I said YET)
    Let your heart bloom

    A friend’s House is never far

    Wish you were Hair

    Real women don’t have hot flashes…they have power surges

    Are we fishing yet?
    To fish or not to fish…What a stupid questions.
    Here fishy, fishy, fishy

    Nurses call the shots.
    You call the shots.
    Call all the shots!

    Stitched, bothered, and bewildered.

    She who dies with the most card stock is not stamping fast enough.

    I like to give homemade gifts…which kid do you want?

    In the scrapbook of life..I am glad you are my monoadhesive.

    Cold nose…Warm Heart…Great Scot!
    It’s Scot to be Love.

    Sisters are tied together with heartstrings.

    Remember the day’s blessings Forget the day’s troubles

    Too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL

    It’s not how much we have but how much we enjoy that makes us happy

    Give me coffee and no one gets hurt!
    If God meant man to see the sunrise, He would have made it come up at a more reasonable hour.
    All the coffee in Columbia won’t make me a morning person.

    Life is a song so sing along.

    (these are from my friend who is a woman, fellow bella lover, and an avid golfer and golf instructor)
    Born to Golf – Forced to work!
    Give me life, liberty and the pursuit of golf balls
    My Doctor says to live on greens
    My doctor says to take my iron every day
    It takes a lot of balls to golf the way I do!!! (don’t like this one for the dear little bellas…does not look a bella would say it)

  46. Crystalbella says:

    OMGosh Emily,
    The possibilities are endless…OOOOO the power you have!! MUHAHAHA!
    I think your bellagang is having fun with this task!

  47. Elana says:

    What about Mr. Bella?

  48. Taylor says:

    Oh this is soooo much fun! The possibilities are endless and there are super ideas already listed. Love the chefabella and cellabella ideas! Here’s what I’ve come up with so far, but I’m sure there will be more. 🙂

    People who say money can’t buy happiness don’t know where to shop!
    On Dasher, On Dancer, On Master & Visa (for Christmas shopping!)
    Shoes and Friends… you can never have too many! (also works for Imeldabella)
    When all else fails… Accessorize!

    bling, bling
    Life is too short for cheap wine and small diamonds.

    Would love to see a 925ABELLA (chic bella working behind a computer)
    Is it Friday yet?
    Don’t waste time… procrastinate now!
    Warning: Dates in Calendar are closer than they appear.

    Great minds drink alike!
    Appletini… the cure for all ailments!

    CUPCAKEABELLA (cupcakes are so in now!)
    Hey cupcake!
    You take the cake!
    It’s your Birthday, eat something cute!
    Happy Cupcake Day!
    In the dessert of my life, you’re the cherry on top!
    For you on your birthday… a calorie free confection!

    Congratulations on your BIG news!

    Congrats on your wee one!

    I don’t repeat gossip so listen good the first time!
    Friends are the family you pick yourself.
    I like you a latte
    Let’s chat

  49. Crystalbella says:

    My sister sent me this one. Just had to share it.

    If I get tired while I am shopping I just sit down and try on shoes.

  50. Crystalbella says:

    These are all from my sister. I told her to get on here and do this but noooo she said she does not need another addiction. So here goes for her.

    A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it to you when you forget the words
    **see those cute note watermark would look cute with this**

    Pamper yourself, you’re worth it.

    May you DISCOVER all the best LIFE has to OFFER.

    Flowers say hello from the heart

    Let your dreams take flight.

    Art, Life, Beauty.

    Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

    Some of us are too cute to take seriously.

    Tiny little thing great big blessing.

  51. Ashley Bowen says:

    Hey Em! This is so exciting and funny! I was driving to work today and this popped into my head!!

    “Learn something new from Everyone you meet…”

    That means a lot to me because I feel like stamping and my sistahs have changed my life. I learn something new from each woman I meet or talk to. We all have different lives and different life experiences… and we all need to take time to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Hey– that could be one!!

    “Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life…”

    Hugs to you my dear!! Sincerely, Ashley

  52. MeShellaBella says:

    Ladies….hats off! Really well done! I’m not that quick thinking on my, uh, booty! I would just like Emmy to make a FONT out of the text she uses for “Stamping Bella” on the site. Wouldn’t you buyt that? And if she used that text for some sayings? Uh….YEAH!

    :::::patiently waiting for her next order of Bellas:::::::

  53. Rachel says:

    Okay, I don’t have nearly as many ideas as Crystalbella but there is a quote that I absolutely love, “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.” ~Catherine This quote seems like it could work for grumpabella or any super sassy bella!
    I would also love to see a set of bellas that are created to go with “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!”

  54. Mary says:

    I would love to see a very young and hip Mimibella. for the sentiment to go with it : Screamin Mimi (screamin as in fun.) Or It’s All About Me-Me

    I have the Artistabella and would love to see Art Washes the Soul or It’s All about the Art. Or how about How Art you?

    Okay it’s 3:34 Am and I am ready to fall flat on my face. I will return afet I get some sleep. 🙂


  55. Sherri says:

    I love anything with flip flops. How about a flipflopbella???

    Please, pretty please????

  56. Diane D says:

    Another contest. How fun! Lots of awesome sentiments already.

    For Cosmobella
    I also like the sentiment “one martini, two martini, three martini, Floor”. Saw it on a blog with a chicken that was passed out.

    Cheers to Friendship (or friends)
    Friends like you, bring good cheer
    You cheer me up!
    Here’s to you!
    Something to cheer about!
    I’ll drink to that
    Let’s toast
    There’s a new drink for women our age….
    Estro-gin and tonic


    A new life!
    Someone new is coming soon.
    Congrats on the upcoming arrival.
    The best thing about being pregnant is…
    You don’t have to hold your stomach in!
    Wishing you all the joys of parenthood!
    Great moms, grow great kids!
    Congratulations to the Mommy-to-be.

    Shopping Bellas & Imeldabella

    So much shopping, so little time.
    Let’s Shop
    Shopping & Friendships go together
    Charge It!
    Do these shoes make me look skinny?
    Let’s go Shopping.
    Shop til you drop
    When life gets tough, go Shopping.
    Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!!!
    So many shoes, so little time.
    When the going gets tough, buy shoes.


    Hearts to you
    You have my heart
    Heartfelt greetings
    A bouquet of love

    A bouquet of love
    Like flowers, friendship grows with love.

    I’m hooked
    Catch of the day.
    Drop me a line!

    Good Gossip
    Friendship & gossip goes together
    Share a cup of cheer (goes with cosmobella too)

    Okay…that’s it for now
    doverdi aka
    Diane D

  57. Aimee30 says:

    why stay home when you can CHARGE IT!

  58. I made up the this word, and I think it perfect describes the Bellas, “fabulicious” You know, they are fabulous and delicious. *grin*

  59. Tanya says:

    I got my first order of Bella’s last week and I love them!!! I signed up for a swap using them already and was stuck with a saying to go with my Barbella and had to print my own…

    No Pain, No Gain… (my favorite saying)
    Eat, Sleep, Lift…Repeat
    Don’t talk to me…I’m dieting!
    Congratulations on your weightloss!
    Work it girl (kinda lame, I know)
    Thank-you (or thanks) for the inspiration!!!
    You give me motivation!
    If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
    Impossible is nothing… (my daughter’s boyfriend suggested this one)

    Beauty School here I come! (daughter is going to beauty school this year!)
    Your hair looks nice… (inside joke with my daughter)

    This is a fabulous idea! Thanks for the opportunity do share our ideas and wants!

  60. Tami says:

    I have Hawaii on my mind today:

    ~Alohabella with a sentiment of Mahalo (thankyou) or Aloha.
    ~Surfabella with sentiment of Aloha, Hang Ten, or Hang Loose.

  61. Ashley Bowen says:

    Hiya Em! 🙂 i have another!! 🙂


  62. Julie says:

    I have a few new ideas for bellas:

    Bookabella – maybe reading in a nice comfy chair

    Sistah-hood of the Travelling Bellas – some cute bellas ready for road-trip or plane trip…could think of a few cute saying for this one…
    –Roadtrip anyone?
    –Just another day in paradise
    –First class baby!

    This is fun…I love seeing all the new ideas!

  63. Laura says:

    I’m stuck on sentiments but I would like a getwellabella. (maybe in bed with tissues and juice or something.) I love everyone’s ideas!

  64. angie says:

    when all else fails…shop!
    who needs men when you have friends to shop with??

    don’t say a word until i’ve had my coffee…
    just give me my coffee and no one gets hurt…

    ah…the good life.

    isn’t life about stamping the most cards?
    who needs men when you have sistahs in rubberhood?
    stamping…get addicted.
    anyone for a all night crop?
    ink it up!!

  65. Kelly Swan says:

    You already know my suggestion, as I emailed it to you a couple of weeks ago….
    A Slumberpartybella 🙂
    As far as sayings go….I wish I had more sympathy sayings. The ones Ive seen have either been too pricey or come in a complete set.
    Maybe we could get a “With Symapthy” saying and a “Huggabella” to go with it???

  66. Directmailscrapper says:

    I’m a new convert to Bellas — and love ’em! Someone earlier mentioned a Mr. Bella? Maybe a Bubba? Then you could have a Bella family. Since many of make cards — and I make a lot of Birthday cards — maybe an Over the Hillbella? A dieting Bella? Can’t wait to see what new stamps come out! Nancy

  67. Julie says:

    How about Chefabella (cooking) ?
    Maybe a BunnyBella (for Easter)?

  68. StampKutie says:

    As a stamper who rides her own motorcycle, I would love to see a MotorBella! and not a scooter, a real VTwin :))

    Sayings such as: Keep the Shiny Side Up
    It’s the journey…not the destination
    Chrome Diva
    I ride my own!

    Thanks for the opportunity to put these out there! Love the Bellas!

  69. Inkabella (Ingrid) says:

    How about a hockeymomabella. Make sure she has a coffee cup in her hands along with all the hockey stuff! As for a saying……You’re my top scorer?
    I was teaching on the weekend & someone (I’ll get her name for you later to give proper credit) Menopausabella! saying “One hot momma!” Love that…..

  70. Nanabella says:

    Not for any bella in particular:

    Just Because….

    Grumpabella I have to wake up with a smile?!?!

  71. Carmen says:

    Here is my list:
    * Bella on the phone – We Bella (almost Dutch for We will call each other)
    * Bella with a lot of stamps or presents – Isn’t life just Bella
    * Bella with a empty purse – Bella but broke

  72. Amy says:

    How about:

    chocabella (with chocolates)
    dietabella (a “fluffy” bella)

    Oh, I could go on and on….. I love Bellas!

  73. Erica says:

    What I would like to see, beside all the fantabulous Bella’s there already are :D, are some Girls’ Night In/Girls’ Night Out Bella’s (chocolate, face masks, too many calories, potato chips, boys/men talk, phone calls, giggles, getting ready to go out, glam Bellas, you get the pic ;)). Maybe texts like:

    No Men Allowed!
    You are Invited!
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
    The Diet Starts (Again) Tomorrow, Tonight We Eat CHOCOLATE/Drink Our Weight In Wine!
    Out on the Town!
    Feeling Grooooovy!

    Hope this helps 😉

  74. Erica says:

    Thought of another one, I would really like to see a Scary Bella 😀 Not a “first thing on Sunday morning look” Bella, but a Halloween Bella :D! I love Halloween…and Easter too by the by 😉

  75. Anouk says:

    Okay, I love the idea of a margaritabella, a dietabella, and a chocobella. Love the thought of the girls night out. I also like the saying The diet starts again tomorrow……, girls just want to have fun.

  76. Amy says:

    OMG Em- awesome!!! You have some tough decisions coming! If you add new Bellas in addition to all the sentiments- we’ll all be broke 🙂

    I LOVE the cosmo/caffeine/shopping/sistah-girlfriend ones- we need lots of those!

    I know this has been mentioned on SCS, but I’d love to see dudes too- how cute would THEY be????

    Anxiously waiting to see the new stuff……

  77. Thanh says:

    I want, no NEED a chocabella… and the sentiment…. “Mmmm… chocolate.”
    or “who needs love? Chocolate IS love.”

  78. Thanh says:

    omg. i need a yogabella too, Em!!!

  79. Thanh says:

    Alohabella or Tropicabella (Bella w/ hula skirt and coconut chest)

  80. Lauri says:

    how about “Diamonds should only come in one size… BIG!

    I would love something which I can’t articulate with the lyrics from that fabulous Santa Baby song!!!

  81. Lisa says:

    Bella sentiments; what a fabulous idea! I think Bellas are our sisters, so any sentiments relating to sistah-hood would be fantastic!

    “A true sister is a friend who listens with her heart.”
    “Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears.”
    “Sisterhood is powerful.”
    “Sister and Friend–two words that mean the same.”

    A few bellas I’d like to see:

    Bella the Ball (long gown, tiara, etc.)
    Gymbella or Upsidedownabella (bella in a handstand)
    Cookabella (bella in a chef’s hat)
    Grammabella (grandma-bella)

    I love, love, love the Bellas!

  82. Heleh says:

    I would love to see a COMPUTABELLA and the words “I’m just a mouse-click away” or some computer speak like “ROFL” or “LOL”. I think it would be a huge seller because of all those computer-addicted Splitcoasters!

    Also I’d love a STAMPABELLA – not with a trolley as I’ve never seen anyone use a trolley in real life, but sitting and stamping… and the words “I ink, therefore I am”.

  83. Helen says:

    Sheesh… I can’t believe I spelled my own name wrong. (see COMPUTABELLA comment)

  84. Mary says:

    Hi Emily,

    Me again. First of all in case you do not know what a Mimi is it is a grandmother who is called Mimi. There are a lot of us who go by that name in the US. A lot of us ae hip, look younger than our age and are baby boomers who refuse to grow old or at least try and not look our age. 🙂 That is whay I would love to see a Mimibella. Here are 2 of the sentiments that I posted for this stamp(If you make her)

    “Screamin Mimi” (screamin as in fun.)
    “It’s all About Me-Me or Mi-Mi”

    Okay as for the Sistahoodbellas
    “Girls Just wanna have fun”
    “Sistas Rock”
    “Sistas Unite”
    “Sistas 4 Ever”
    “We are Sistas Hear Us Roar”
    “Sending Happy Sista Thoughts”

    Emmybella. Oh I can so realte to this stamp. She will be in the order that I place today. 🙂

    “Let the shopping Begin”
    “Shop “Til You Drop”
    “Charge it!”
    “But honey I just had to have it”
    “Why? Because I’m Worth it”
    “Why? Why Not?”
    “Did some one say Sale?”


    “it’s All about Me”
    “No Such Thing As Being Too Rich”
    “Blonde’s Do Have More Fun”

    I have the Artistabella and would love to see:

    “Art Washes the Soul”
    “It’s All about the Art.”
    “how about How Art you?”


    “Okay Boys it’s Tee Time”
    “Is it Tea Time Yet”

    Okat Emily, I have a few things to do but will back when I can think of more sentiments.

    Oh, in case you did not notice I combiined my first response to your contest into this one. I thought it might be easier for you.


  85. Cammy says:

    I think something like this is very versatile with all the Bella images:
    “Girl’s night out”
    “Enjoy your day, you deserve it!”
    “You deserve it! ”
    “Pamper yourself”
    “Let’s go!”
    “On the go”

    Do you think you’ll be coming out with a Bella in a tub with bubbles aplenty? Bella relaxing and taking time out to pamper herself.

  86. Janie says:

    I love seeing all the bellas and stuff!! I would love to see the following:

    FireBella – Woman fireman

    PostalBella – Woman Postal Person

    Oprahbella – Something to do with Oprah

    Craftybella – One surrounded with Craft Items and sayings to match about Crafts.

    StrawberryBella – One that looks like Strawberry Shortcake! 🙂

    OrphanAnnieBella – Like Orphan Annie.

    I could go on and on!!

    These are so fun! Remind me of Barbies and all the different ones!! 🙂

  87. Janie says:

    Also, I love the idea of a Bella in a bubble bath too!! And have other stamps to go with it like shampoo bottles, perfume bottles, bubbles and so on!

  88. Barb says:

    I’d like to see:

    “Hey, girlfriend!” and I’d also second (third) “You rock!” which has already been mentioned a few times.

    If you did a Horseabella or Ponybella, you could have “Whoa, baby!” (might also work for Pregabella, Mamabella, Minivanbella, and the Nursabella?)

    Great ideas from everyone!

  89. Julie says:

    I thought of a few more…


    Can you tell I’m for Upstate NY where we got PILED w/ snow? I had a few more non-snow suggestions too:)


    I cannot believe all the great suggestions…you are going to have a hard time narrowing it down!!

  90. Lori Brown says:

    Also known as “Pinky66” on SCS where I posted a couple of Bella Poems. Here are some ideas for your sentiments quest.

    Happy hour

    I never go jogging,
    it makes me spill
    my Martini

    I’ll always remember
    my first martini….
    by the third one
    it gets a little fuzzy

    Garden Bella
    A bouquet of good wishes

    Of all the blossoms
    in life’s garden
    Friendship is the most fragrant

    If the shoe fits,
    buy the matching outfit

    It is around the table
    that friends understand
    the warmth of being together.

    It takes a long time
    to make an old friend

    Today is YOUR day

    Bling, Bling – Check out the ring!
    Congratulations on your engagement

    You found the right guy,
    You gave him the right finger!

    Bella’s I would like to see:
    A full figured, “curvy” bella, lets call her “Bellaluptuous”

    Thanks for this wonderful site Em, keep up the great work!

  91. Goodness, I think it’s all just about covered! I’d say make a sentiment stamp that says…

    ‘Thoughts of you’

    ‘Bella an Original’ (like be an original)
    ‘Be a Bella’
    ‘Oye Vey’
    ‘Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Bella Too?’
    ‘You Go Girl’ or sub bella for girl
    ‘Bellas to the End’
    ‘Best Bellas’
    ‘Better Get Better Soon’
    ‘You’re My Favorite Bella’
    ‘May the Bella Be With You’
    ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop’
    ‘If the shoe fits, buy one in every style!’
    ‘Retail Therapy’
    ‘All good things go on sale’

    That’s all I have… Seriously. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? I mean SERIOUSLY! hehhe

    ~~bobbie Ü

  92. Tandra Boyer says:

    Ive been sucked in the Vortex-a-Bella!! Oh my! Just ordered 5 Bellas!
    I would like a Hairabella, cuz Im a stylist! Maybe shes standing over a Bella in a chair getting her hair clipped!

    Teenabella– of course with that ‘sassy’ teen LOOK on her face…(rolls eyes..)

    Curve-abella– Full Figured

    Catabella/Kittybella-holding a foofie cat!

    SURFABELLA!!! My 9 yr old daughter surfs
    Halobella -(my daughters name- ok I realize it isnt ALL about her!!lol)

    “Hey Girlfriend!”
    “Much Love”
    “Belated Wishes”
    “Well if it were up to me…”
    “Im so sorry…”
    Delicious!-go with Cosmobella
    You’re the bestest!
    Put your big-girl panties on and deal with it!
    Dream big
    Dream luscious
    Dream on!
    Lets get this party started!
    I love you in a BIG way
    You’re the cats pajamas!
    ..Isnt that special…
    Kindness begets kindness..
    Grow Kindness in your garden..
    Livin’ large!

  93. JoAnn says:

    What about a BubbleBathaBella??
    or maybe a PajamaBella ……of course with a cute nightie or lingerie on!!
    A sexy WitchaBella (for Halloween)
    How about a UnderTheWeatherBella

  94. Thanh says:

    Is this still going on? LOL Anyway, I need a stamp that says “Have a good day… the retail therapy way!” Ok, got it Em??? OK!

  95. Carol Hinton says:

    How about this:

    Instant Bella …. just add coffee.
    Where’s my Coffee?

    Rain or shine, I’m glad your mine!
    April showers, brings May flowers

    Gardener’s know the best dirt.
    Picked just for you!

    Great minds drink alike (love this saying and already been mentioned)
    Let’s celebrate
    Olive you (already mentioned)

    I’m hooked on you.

    Make a wish

    Kiss Me!
    Congratulations on your engagement (already been mentioned)

    small “be mine” to fit inside the heart

    I’m starting to run out of ideas. There are so many sayings already mentioned. Thanks Em for asking what sayings we like.

  96. Dawn Briggs says:

    First time here and what fun it is….
    How about this saying:
    A friend will bail you out of jail, but a BELLA will sit there with you saying “Wasnt that fun”
    Cant wait to get my first Bella order together, there are so many great ones.

  97. Carol Hinton says:

    Now that Chefabella is out we need a sentiment that says “Kiss the Cook” or What’s Cookin Good Lookin.

  98. Dawn Briggs says:

    OK, I woke at 3am this morning and heres what I came up with

    an italian looking bella, maybe standing at one of those high cafe tables, with her face in her hands (leaning on table) with the bella luna (big moon, love moon) behind her and maybe some small hearts floating from her brain towards the sky, with a saying maybe like “chao bella” or “the moon and me” etc….

    I too, am in favor of some full figured bellas.
    Maybe one that says, “who needs scales, unless your weighing out your chocolate” or “theres more of me to love”….

  99. Laura Haviland says:

    Love your web site !

    Bella Diva(with attitude!)
    Stamping Bella, with stamping bella buying addiction.LOL.
    Gotta have shoes and boots Bella’s.
    This is such fun.
    Can’t wait to see what you create next
    Hey Creative Bella, that is you !
    Smiles Laura Haviland

  100. Lesley says:

    “Get out!…no really, get out” and
    “Shut UP!!!” are 2 of my faves…

    You also need a Canadian bell-EH (wink), perhaps a Mountie? and a bit unseasonal, but Merrybella needs a friend, Jinglebella…

    I can’t wait to see how much you glean from all this info and am glad I’m not the one having to go through it. Thanks for sharing Bella with us!

  101. Lisa says:

    More sentiments for bellas:

    “You’re my hero” or “You’re my she-ro” (to go with Superbella)

    “Snap out of it!” (for any Bella with attitude)

    I’d love a set of simple greeting sentiments in a bella-licious font, something that will truly accent the beauty and whimsy of the bellas. It would be great to have sentiments for all occasions–birthdays, get well, friendship, thank you, PMS–whatever!

    Any sentiments that one Bella might say to another would be fab, too:

    “Let’s do lunch!” (or coffee, or whatever)
    “Thank you for being you”
    “A true friend is as close as a sister”

    Okay, it’s bedtime for me now!

    Oh, and if you are looking for Bella ideas, I think a Cowbella would be adorable (just imagine the little boots and cowboy hat!). Yee-haw!

  102. Lisa C. says:

    Phrases I would love to see:

    Saw It,
    wanted It,
    had a fit,
    got it. (for one of the shopping ones)

    It was on SALE!! (for one of the shopping ones)

    You get me all hot and bothered! (for the one blow drying her hair)

    Who are all these kids, and why are they calling me mom? (minivanbella)

    Teachers touch our hearts forever.

    Teaching-It’s not just apples and oranges.

  103. Lisa C. says:

    For Stampabella-
    All inked up and no where to stamp.

    It didn’t move, so I stamped it!

    I don’t have a stamping problem, I see a stamp, I buy it!

  104. Tonie S says:

    For Pregabella/Teddybella:
    How Swell !

    For Cosmobella:
    Whoop it up !
    Party on!
    Toast It!

    For Cakeabella/Minivanbella:
    Please, please, please with a Cherry on Top!

    Have a FABULOUS day!

  105. Tanya says:

    Ok…so I lay in bed at night thinking of Bella’s, am I hooked or what??? I think so!!!
    I’m a Military Wife:) and would love to see a Patriotic Bella…the idea in my head is that she’s saying good-bye to her deploying spouse. In one hand she’s holding the American Flag and the other maybe a tissue? I would love to have phrases to go with it that say:

    Come home soon…
    Be safe!!!
    My prayers are with you.
    I’m a Military Wife…I can handle anything.
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Thank-you so much for the Bella’s and for your website. I made my first order last month and I have to say one of the first things I do in the morning is check your website:) I have to check your blog and also see if there’s a new Bella. They are so adorable!

    Have a wonderful Sunday! We’re being pounded with snow…perfect stamping weather:)

  106. Cindy says:

    Tacobella . . . eating a taco with the little dog from taco bell.

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