Stamp It Saturday: Ink Pad Storage

A few weeks ago I wrote a Stamp It Saturday post on ink pads – Stamp It Saturday: Let’s Talk About Ink – What to Use and When! I’ve had some requests to follow that post up with some info/tips on ink pad storage, so here we are!

Ink Pad Storage Advice:

If you are at all uncertain about how to store any particular product, a good first stop would be the manufacturer’s website.

  • Keep ’em covered! It should go without saying, but when not in use – keep the lid on your ink pads! Some ink pads like Stazon come with a plastic lid liner – don’t discard this, use it together with the lid to help your ink pad stay fresh and protected.
  • Upside Down or Right Side Up? I often see tips to store dye based ink pads in particular upside down. I don’t store any of my ink pads this way, and have never experienced any issues. All of my ink pads are currently stored flat, lid side up and are always perfectly juicy when I come to use them (even ones I have had for years). A number of manufacturers seem to suggest that it really doesn’t matter which way you store your ink pads. If you come to use an ink pad and it seems a little dry – try leaving it upside down for a while, gravity may just do the trick and bring the ink pad back to life. Pigment based ink pads are more likely than dye-based to make a mess if you store them upside down, so watch out if your ink pads are particularly juicy.
  • On the side? I have previously stored some of my dye based ink pads on their sides and experienced no issues. Storing ink pads on their side may cause the ink to pool on one side – if you store them this way for any length of time rotating them periodically may be helpful. Ombre and other multi-coloured ink pads should not be stored on their side – the colours may run together.

Storage Solutions:

There are lots of different storage products available on the market. A quick search online will give you lots of ideas both for commercially available storage products and DIY solutions. Shelf style storage racks are great to keep inks flat and easy to access when you’re working, and you can either buy one ready made or make your own.

The only specific ink pad storage product I use personally are the Ranger Distress Ink Mini storage tins, which hold the mini size of Distress Ink pads. I use these for both my Distress Ink collection and other mini cube size ink pads like Hero Arts.

The tins are easy to pull out when I want to work with these pads, and keep everything neat and organised.

Those mini Archival Ink pads will be a little more organised in the future, as I have just seen that Ranger are releasing storage tins for them too!

All of my ink pads, sit in my 12×12 desk drawers. My personal preference is to have things accessible but not visible, especially as I don’t have a lot of space.

Over To You!

Have you got any tips/suggestions regarding storing ink pads? What are your favourites? Feel free to share with us in the comments section!

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  1. Cynthia L Clark says:

    I use old cassette tape (remember those? LOL) holders. They work great.

  2. Nancee Purdum says:

    Thanks for sharing! I store my larger ink pads right side up too and haven’t had a problem either. ?

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