Sneaky PEEKY number 3, 4, 5 and 6 and BELLARIFIC FRIDAY! AND A CHANCE TO WIN!

what could be bettah?!

OMG what a busy morning sistahs…. I am SO sorry I have kept you all waiting.. been running around.. had a sick boy child here the last 2 days.. hasn’t been fun.. but the RESPONSES ON THE TINY TOWNIES have been!  OMG I think I am more excited than you are for these images.  I LOVE seeing your reactions and reading them!

Today’s sneak peek is NOT  a Tiny Townie…  we have 6 more tiny townies to show so don’t worry!

I wanted to share this image by Christine Grove.  The sentiment actually came first.  A long time ago, my BFF texted me this sentiment and we both went crazy at how much we loved it.  And I have been searching for the perfect image to go with it and I have found it :)

Meet “FOREVER MY ALWAYS”.  Like I said.. I LOVE this sentiment for an anniversary card. I Love this playful couple.. love how they are looking at each other.. love the dance… Love how they are “in sync”…. I hope Ryan and I are that couple in 20+ years :)

Hope you love them as much as I do.  Seriously.. whats that dance when you are in that possition and are waving your hands?  is it the Swing?  OMG just looking at them I fell in love again LOL


Here’s a card by AliceWERTZabella using Forever my Always.. isn’t it GORGEOUS?!?!?



I also wanted to show 3 new Mo Images I could. not. resist.


Girl Time.

ok.. SERIOUSLY now… Can you DIE looking at the expression of the little one in the front EATING the cucumber?!?!?!  Well I almost did LOL.  THAT FACE!!!.. I thought this was such a sweet image for girls day out.. mother’s day.. birthday… Love them.



Another face I couldn’t resist .. with the “spectator” shoes.. the hands clasped.. the teeny mouth.. the bows… She actually reminds me of that girl from little house on the prairie.. NELLIE was it? LOL.. Ok did ANYONE ELSE ever watch little house?  Ya.. this girl may not be so nice.. LOL.. but she’s SLICK.  and gets what she wants with her sugary smile and adorable face.


Here’s TracyMACabella’s card using SPOILED






It’s that little cucumber face again.  HAD. TO. HAVE. HER.  I don’t think I have words for the dimples on the elbows.. the spread out toesies with that pedicure toe separator.. LOL.. I . Can.t TAKE IT.





Do you sense a theme here?  Am I crying out for a spa day?!?!?!  I think I am.  Hmph.


WANNA WIN THESE BABIES?  Place a comment in the comment section and we will reveal the winners on June 1st!!


This week’s theme was a SKETCHYPOO

sketch-10-may-22 copy

Let’s see what our AMAZING/TALENTED/ PHENOMALISH Baberoonis came up with shall we?


AliceWERTZabella used PETUNIA has a PARTY


Kerribella used WIZ


Sandiebella used ALWAYS BE YOURSELF



Shelabella used NICE TO SEE you Petunia


Stephabella used GAME ON


TracyMACabella used SMARTY CAT


Seriously.  Drool worthy.  AMAZINGNESS.

Now for my phenomalish sistahood which seems to be growing every week.. HERE’S TO US!  WOOHOOOO!


Chitra used PATIENCE


WOOOOOOOWWWWWWW.. I love all of these cards!  If you aren’t inspired now..ummm… let’s not go there. LOL

Next week’s theme is

ANYTHING GOES!  use a CURRENT stampingbella image on a car and **POOF*** you’re ready to enter.  JUST LIKE DAT.  For information on how to enter, click HERE


Don’t forget to post a comment here so I have something to read and show off to my kids.. ok? LOL.

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE da sneaky PEEKIES!



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It’s bellarific friday!!

I feel like it’s been FOREVER since we’ve “spoken” sistahs..  I guess it’s been a long week LOL.

Let’s discuss some winnahs from MARCH and APRIL.. yikes I am behind.

Winnahs for $25 gift vouchers for contributing to Bellarific Friday go to….

Tina: March 20th post

Damaris: April 4th post

Congrats!  Please email me and I will send you your vouchahs!

Ok now for this week’s challenge!

ONE LAYER WONDER.  It’s not easy to do this and the entries were AMAZING!

Let’s see what our baberoonis came up with!




Angelabella used NICE TO SEE YOU Petunia


Kerribella used MILK AND COOKIES




TracyMACabella used Lulu’s MORNING FIX

All so different and ALL SOO STUNNING! no?  am I wrong?  LOL

Ok now for our sistahood!





These cards are all so PHENOMALISH!  LOVE THEM!  and LOVE da SISTAHOOD for contributing!  it makes my week.  For REALS.

Now for next week’s theme?


sketch-10-may-22 copy

for rules on how to enter our Bellarific Friday challenge, you can read HERE

you can also follow us on TWITTER (@stampingbella)

on Instagram (@stampingbella)

and join our FB group.. it’s HOPPIN’!  You can join HERE

Mwah to my favorite SISTAHS EVAH!




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WOOHOO! The sun is shining.. it’s warm outside… just yum.

If you don’t follow me on facebook you may have missed my post about Sandy Allnock’s copic HEX CHART.  Omg It’s EXACTLY what I needed for my copics!


Sorry it’s such a blurry picture.  But basically, instead of listing the colors by name or number.. it organizes the colors by color so that you can see and make many many more color combinations!  this little tool is SOOO necessary LOL.  Even today while coloring, I discovered brand new copic color combos I would have never ever noticed before!   What a great, inexpensive tool.

Ok now for this week’s bellarific Friday!

A sketchyPOO!

SB sketch-9-may-8 copy

lets see what our baberoonis came up with shall we?


AliceWERTZabella used Uptown girl ABIGAIL the ARTIST


Angelabella used QUEEN HOPPY POPPY


Kerribella used LULU LOVES POPPIES (our stamp of the month!)


Lesliebella used MAKE A WISH Hoppy Poppy


and here’s the inside. if you look closely you will see make a wish hoppy poppy in a watermark ink. I love how this finishes and ties the card all together!


Sandiebella used LULU LOVES POPPIES


Shelabella used RAMONA goes FISHING


Stephabella used our woodsies GILBERT and MAISY under the toadstool


Tracybella used I HEART YOU




tell me this isn’t the best team in the WWW  (lol whole wide world… i just made that up.. I think I like that. LOL)

and now for the best SISTAHOOD contributions in the WWW .. LOL.  Ican’t ever just stop at saying something once after I like it.. I have to beat it to death.  HMPH.


Angela B. used SNOOKUMS


Janelle used uptown girl Sabrina LOVES the spa


Tina used Uptown girl Sofia the Sicky


Fantastic cards!  Love them all!

Now for next week’s theme?

ONE LAYER WONDER.  Make a card with a single layer using a CURRENT stamping bella stamp and you’re ready to boogie!

Mwah to da sistahs who are gonna get CRAF-T.  (im SO clever today no?)




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it’s bellarific friday and I have found DESIGN TEAM PEACE sistahs :)

Hiya sistahs!! Hope you had a great week!  I was in the midst of a post about something CRAZY that happened to me this week but now will have to save it til next week.. It’s SUCH an Emily story… like the OLD DAYS Emily story.. so hopefully I can write it and post it by Monday :)  I promise you will enjoy it.. laugh at me.. and with me.. I giggle and blush every time I think about it.  Ok enough about me.

Let’s discuss DESIGN TEAM PEACE… When Stamping Bella was in her infant stages, I never wanted a design team.. I just wanted the stamps to sell themselves by the sheer artwork.. design etc.  Which they did and still do. I then did a little investigating to see how other stamp companies did it and realized what an ASSET having amazing talented sistahs work with you in showcasing these little mini pieces of art and sharing them with the world.  I never cared how “popular” design team members were.. I never cared if they were all over the magazines.. I really never cared “who” they were or “who they thought ” they were.. does this make sense?  The only thing I really cared about was how passionate they were about my images.. about my company.. how loyal they would be to ME as the owner…  I figured if they had all of DAT.. then I had it made.

I have made SO many new friends throughout my journey.. people I could not live without today..  Danabella (who has been on my team since it started.. now THAT’s LOYAL).. Elaineabella who has stuck with me throughout by colouring my images.. giving me daily advice (Sorry Elaineabella).. Lesliebella who has been a loyal customer in my shop and who you would hear SQUEAL outside when she was coming in with sheer happiness (and it was INFECTIOUS! LOL).. I could go on and on.. Sandiebella (who curses just like I do LOL)  who dabbles in different medias and takes risks and makes beautiful cards.. AmyRabella who I have also known from the beginning of Stamping Bella.. Angelabella who has always been a devoted fan then DT member.. so loyal and so talented.. Kerribella who also used to be a retail store customer.. always loyal and so talented.. the amazing Stephabella who is probably blind by all the fussy cutting she does LOL.. and is SOOO talented and so supportive..Alice wertzabella (a newbie) who I recognize as being uber talented and so down to earth and kind..  Tracybella who sends me cards 789 months in advance cuz she’s THAT good.  Her coloring and card design is amazing… and of course TRACYMACABELLA only because she lets me call her that.. LOL.. No of course not.  Her work is MAGICAL.. and when she made a card using nice to see you Petunia and found “just the right” paper and embellishment in her stash to use on a card for ME.. I knew we were soulmates.   I’ve come far from not wanting a design team no?

Enter SHELABELLA.  Michele Boyer who I have been wooing for the last 643 years.. a loyal.. talented.. funny.. amazing card maker and stamper.   She had me at Hello (just  like every single one of my DT artists).. And she finally said YES!!!!  and she is now the latest addition to our amazing design team.  So yes sistahs.. I have found DESIGN TEAM PEACE.  I a happy bella.

I am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY for these women in my life.. the problem is I probably don’t say it often enough.  And for that I apologize and I hope you all read my blog (if not you’re FIRED LOL).. and see how much I really do love all of you.




Ok so now let’s discuss this week’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY CHALLENGE!

Because it’s MAY 1st today AND Bellarific Friday.. it’s a double bonus!!  We introduce our new STAMP OF THE MONTH today AND you get to see the samples my baberoonis made with it!

Our Stamp of the month is LULU LOVES POPPIES

and this week’s theme was an INSPIRATION PHOTO!

colour-inspiration-2--May-1 copy

Let’s see how our Baberoonis can tantalize you this week… BWAHAHAHA

let’s start with our New baberooni Shelabella


Here is AliceWERTZAbella’s card


Angelabella’s card


Danabella’s card


Kerribella’s card


Lesliebella’s card


Stephabella’s card


TracyMACabella’s card

If this doesn’t tell you that you need this stamp in your collection, I dunno what will LOL.  I always say it but to this day, she is one of my most “FAVORITEST” stamps (yes that is a word)

And now for our amazing Sistahood!


Angela B used SORRY SHANNA

Fantastic cards sistahs!

Thank you for putting up with my sappiness and grateful post today :)

Next week’s theme?  A SKETCHYPOO!

SB sketch-9-may-8 copy

if you don’t know how to enter our Bellarific Fridays.. click here

Mwah to my sistahs!








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It’s Bellarific Friday!

hiya sistahs!

Hope you had a great week!  it’s my favorite day :)

our challenge today was a sketchypoo

sketch-8-apr-24 copy

I love to see the different interpretations of the sketch.. sometimes all the elements just don’t agree LOL.. so we change things up to make them all get along nicely.  I speak from experience LOL

Let’s see what our baberoonis came up with this week.  You will fall off your chairs with the talent from both our baberoonis and our sistahood.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE bellarific fridays? hehehehhehe

Ok here we go!


AliceWERTZabella used Uptown girl Posh has a Present


Danabella used BUDDY and JOLLY


ohboyohboyohboy are these AMAZING or WHAT?!

Now for our AMAZING sistahood!!!

love love love these contributions sistahs!!!!

Now for next week’s theme?

an inspiration sketch! and its GORGEOUS!!

colour-inspiration-2--May-1 copy

Use the color theme.. the floral theme.. da world is your OYSTAH.

WOOHOO can’t wait to see what you come up with!


and of course don’t forget….




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It’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY! and a REALLLY warm welcome toooooo….

Alice WERTZABELLA (Alice thinks her new name sounds like an exotic cheese.. I think it sounds JUST PERFECT. LOL).

I have been admiring Alice’s work for a long time now.. one of her techniques which makes me say “WOW” every time is her “lineless” techniques.. just gorgeous!  You can visit her on her BLOG or you can drool on Instagram (@alicewertz).. .  So when she agreed to be on our team I was absolutely thrilled and I think all da sistahs will be thrilled too!  All of my babes inspire me every single day.  I am so lucky to have all of the babes and my whole sistahood.  Sheesh. Im getting sappy..

So before I start hysterically bawling (lol) I will start bellarific friday Right NOW..  Ready?

Ok so this week’s theme was a pretty simple one.. BIRTHDAY WISHES.. .

Let’s see what our baberoonis came up with shall we?

First we begin with ALICE WERTZABELLA (I giggle every time I write this)



Angelabella used HOPPY POPPY has a PREZZIE



TracyMACabella used Petunia has a PARTY


Serious DROOLAGE over here (yes that IS a word)

And NOW for our  Sistahood!  I LOVE how our weekly group grows .. makes me so happy and I am also happy that it means you take the time for YOU.. to be crafty and to feel inspired :)   LET’S GOOO!


Barbara used BEDELIA the Bunny


Lynn used Uptown girl CAITLYN has a cupcake party




Margo S. used WIZ




Pinky (LORI) used CLINK


Love love love this post!!

Now for next week’s theme?

A SKETCHYPOOOOO!  (I am addicted to sketches.. have I mentioned that lately?)

sketch-8-apr-24 copy

Mwah to my sistahs who love Bellarific friday ALMMMOOOST as much as I do :)


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It’s Bellarific friday sistahs!

Hope you had a great week!  I see that most of you took advantage of our CRAZY TOOSDAY sale!  It’s such a great deal isn’t it!?

Our Facebook group is HOPPIN’ sistahs.. so if you ever need a crafty friend.. wanna share a card.. a favorite tool.. a favorite stamp.. need to be enabled or need to enable othah sistahs.. come and join!  I was FLOORED yesterday with all the gorgeous creations!   You can join here 

Now for this week’s AMAZING challenge.. Amazing BABEROONIS and AMAZING sistahood contributions.  Ready Freddy?

Here was our challenge.  A sketchypoo!

sketch-7-april-10 copy

Let’s see how our amazing baberoonis interpreted da sketch!


Angelabella used Petnunia has a Party.. Petunia is getting LOTS of love in our FB group!




and here’s the inside :)


I joined in this week and used “THE RIGHT SHOES”.. because EVERYONE needs them no? If you look on FB you will see the difference in both heels both before shading and after shading.. it’s an amazing difference!


Lesliebella used Valerie in Love


Stephabella used Uptown girl MARCELLA goes to the MASQUERADE


Tracybella used ONE OF MY PEEPS


TracyMACabella used Ramona and Teddy in a BALLOON

Seriously I think I drooled a little.

Now for our amazing DROOL WORTHY Sistahood!


Angela used uptown girls Pattie and Dottie




Now for next week’s challenge?

A very easy one.. “BIRTHDAY WISHES”.  Use any current Stamping Bella stamp and make a card for someone’s birthday .. and VOILA!  Oh and then please send it to me LOL

For a refresher about entering our Bellarific Friday challenge.. you can read about it HERE

Mwah mwah mwah!!

Hope to “see ” you Monday.. I have a new project to share!





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It’s Bellarific Friday on Saturday NIGHT sistahs!

Hiya sistahs :)

So sorry for the late post.  We are celebrating Passover here.. had my in laws from Montreal here celebrating.. it’s been CRAZY!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter and/or Passover weekend :)

Ok let’s talk BIDNISS.  We had an amazing Sistahood turnout this week. You just wait until you see all the amazingness!

AND let’s announce our MARCH Contributin’ sistah winnah (say that 100 times fast) shall we?

Winnah is… :

JAYNE!:  please email me and I will send you your $25 vouchah! WOOHOO!

Ok now for this week’s theme we had “STITCHING” on your card using a current Bella image!   But we have a treat from our BABEROONIS!  Every FIRST FRIDAY of every month, our BABEROONIS feature a card with our STAMP OF THE MONTH!  SO this week’s feature is UPTOWN GIRL REBECCA LOVES TO READ… she is 20% off all month long :)

Here we go!


Danabella’s card


Kerribella’s Card



Here is Lesliebella’s card


Sandiebella’s Bookmark!



Stephabella’s card


Tracybella’s card


TracyMACabella’s card

If these cards don’t inspire you to use Rebecca.. I don’t know what will LOL.. They are STUNNING!!!! (if I do say so meself :))

And now for our amazing sistahood following  the STITCH theme!!






Nancee used Uptown girl BIANCA


Terri used SNOOKUMS

How’s DAT for eye candy hmmmm?

Now for next week’s theme? a SKETCHYPOO!

sketch-7-april-10 copy

just plug in a CURRENT Bella image in this sketch and POOF!  card done.  LOL

Yes I wish it was that easy LOL

Can’t wait to see your creations!






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It’s an AMAZING Bellarific Friday sistahs!!!

Oh how I love sitting down with my coffee and posting all the submissions.. it gets my juices flowing.  People always ask WHY oh WHY don’t you use “MR. Linky”.. so people can add their own submissions and less work for you!  Well.. It is a lot of work.. over 2 hours per post.. sometimes way more.. but Mr. Linky is no where NEAR as nice as seeing all the cards in front of you… well worth the effort no? Me thinks so.

So this week’s theme was a sketch!


I loved working with this sketch.. ok, I didn’t follow it to a “t” but still had fun with it!  It’s all about interpretation.. and I LOVE seeing how all da sistahs interpreted the sketch!



Here is my card… I used NATURE’ S SILHOUETTES (the dragonfly) and BIG WORDS ONCE SHE STOPPED RUSHING… I just loved combining the stamps .. the solid with the script. The BIG WORDS are so much fun to work with.. can be such an easy card and at the same time, you can build on it and make it “fancy”!


Sandiebella used BABY BOW


Stephabella used UPTOWN GIRL BUBBLES


TracyMACabella used our Woodsy BEDELIA


And now for our  AMAZINGLY PHENOMALISH Sistahood!




MaryLynn used ONE OF MY PEEPS




AMAZINGNESS!! LOOOOVE when we have lots of contributions!

Next week’s theme?

STITCH IT UP!  Use real or faux stitching on your card while using a CURRENT Stamping Bella stamp and you’re good to go!

Mwah to da sistahs who will get CRAFTY!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @stampingbella

and on Twitter @stampingbella

and Like our STAMPING BELLA page on Facebook!

Mwah again to da sistahs who love social media


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It’s bellarific friday!

Oui oui? ooh lala? comme ci comme ca?

Yes I am taking this week’s challenge a bit literally LOL.

Check out our inspiration sketch this week and you will see why I am speaking francais!

Here is this week’s challenge


SEEEE?  I’m not crazy yet sistahs!

Let’s see what our amazing baberoonis have come up with shall we?  I love to see how everyone is inspired differently by the same photo!


Danabella used UPTOWN GIRL FLORA


I mean COME ON sistahs… Are these INSANELY amazing or what?!  hmph.  Wish I was half as talented!

And now for our AMAZING sistahood! With some new sistahs and even a mini sistah in this group! WOOHOO!


Jaynes little 7 year old Indigo (LOVE LOVE LOVE that name!!) also used Uptown girl Madison and her margarita


Nancee used Seniorita Harriet (I would also love to float in a glass of wine LOL)

WOWZA!  Are those amazing or what?  I love to see what inspires people AND I love to see the same image used multiple ways!  Phenom sistahs!

Now for next week’s theme? a SKETCH!


Can’t wait to see your creations!






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