it’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY and some news!

Hiya sistahs

Happy Friday again!  Hope everyone had a great week.  I have been a busy little bee (ok  not so little) working on our release and now I can finally say……..

Our release is on MONDAY MARCH 14th and our sneak peak tortupalooza starts on March 11th- next Friday!  So mark alll of your stamped planners (hint hint) and save the date!

Ok now back to bidniss.. Bellarific Friday

Today we feature our stamp of the month BUNDLE GIRL BUNNY

She is TOO CUTE and 50% off all month long!

Ready? SET? HERE WE GO! rubber stamp used : BUNDLE GIRL BUNNY card by Alice Huang

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Hiya sistahs!

I am sitting here looking out the window and I ask myself WHEN THE HECK IS THIS SNOW GONNA STOP? LOL… its the perfect day to take a bath, wrap yourself in a robe, do some major self care and watch a movie.. is that too much to ask? LOL

Now enough of what I feel like doing.. let’s begin our amazing bellarific Friday!

Jenny Dixabella used our AVA LOVES TO CELEBRATE rubber stamp used: UPTOWN GIRL AVA LOVES TO CELEBRATE card by Jenny Dix

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it’s Bellarific Friday sistahs!

So… in case you were wondering about my Covid results from last week…. they were… POSITIVE!  OMG I have not been that sick in a lonnnnnng time.  3 Days in bed.. hard to breathe.. coughing.. throat burning.. don’t ask.  I was pretty much OK by Monday but Im still dragging my arse a little.. coughing and tired… but aside from that… LOL

I hope you had a great week despite my Covid LOL

Let’s begin our Bellarific riday shall we? rubber stamp used: BRETT AND BRENDA GET MARRIED. card by Jenny Dix

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it’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY – featuring our stamp of the month: CURVY GIRL LOVES JAM!

Hiya sistahs,

hope you had a great week!  I have been feeling under the weather and had to have a covid test yesterday.. waiting for the results.  I have been double vaxxed and boosted .. I can’t imagine what this would feel like if I wasnt!  It may just be a cold. here’s to hoping!

Anyway enough blabla… let’s see what our Baberoonis have been up to using our stamp of the month, CURVY GIRL LOVES JAM, 50% off all month long! rubber stamp used: CURVY GIRL LOVES JAM card by CHRISTINE LEVISON

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