And so it begins….. Some AMAZING sneaky PEEKIES for our upcoming release

Sistahs I am SOOO excited to start showing you some of our new designs headed your way 🙂

I am aiming for a release date of Friday Feb. 6th… SOOO excited!  And who knows.. it could be sooner.. you will have to stay with us every single day to find out 🙂

So the first image I am sharing with you today is from our new collection : BIG WORDS.    You can interpret it as meaning LITERALLY big words (which they are) or MEANINGFUL words.. which they are too!

I always loved typography… I also ALWAYS loved quotes.  Like GOOD JUICY quotes you know?  I ALSO LOVE images that you have to colour… and I ALSO love a simply stamped card that a) I need to make in a hurry and can have fun embellishing instead of colouring  LOL (let’s be real) and b)  when the recipient would appreciate the appropriate words.  SOOOO having said that, I came out with 5 BIG WORDS stamps for this release that will blow you away :).. The other great thing about these BIG WORDS is that most of them (if needed) will come with a corresponding stamp to stamp on the INSIDE of the card.. just like the sample I am showing you today 🙂

First of all I love this quote.. SECOND of all I love Jason Mraz.. THIRD of all I love this font.. so bundle this togethah?  a BEEYOOTIFUL card by Tracybella. This stamp is called “SOMETIMES PEOPLE FORGET”  and it SO true right?


And here’s the INSIDE stamp



Sigh.  I love my stamps.  LOL.  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Let me know what you think about this concept/idea BIG WORDS in the comments section.  Would love to hear!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE release time 🙂



  1. SharonP says:

    Well as we speak I am trying to master the ever so popular chalkboard technique and really loving it….these stamps are going to be perfect for that!

  2. love the big words!!!

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