bellarific friday, Essential Oils

It’s Bellarific Friday! on FRIDAY! And one of my new obssessions/passions

aside from stamping and journaling and painting and stamping again and collecting and and and  …..

I am obssessed with… you ready?  An age old natural product… essential oils.  They are my BEST BEST friends.. I cannot begin to tell you about how much they have helped my family..Like FOR REALS.  THEY CHANGED ME.. and they changed my WHOLE FAMILY.. even the male non-believer.. I’m not mentioning any   They are in my purse at all times  from  headaches.. to tummy aches.. to nausea to just needing a boost.. these are my heros!  You know me.. I NEVER mention anything I don’t firmly believe in.  I NEVER do.  These I have been using for the past 6 months and I am ready to SCREAM from the top of my lungs to anyone who will listen (LOL)  about how these have worked for me!  I loved them so much, I bought a kit from Young Living essential oils and the rest is history.  the BEST investment of my life.. and such fun research to see what I can use when :).. If you would love to hear more about this, just email me or message me on facebook or ask in the comments below 🙂 it would be my pleasure!  I am also thinking I may include one day of the week devoted to a combo I discovered, a single oil and what it has done for me :)..  I guess when I love something so much I feel the need to shove it down your throats so you do it with me.. is that SO wrong? LOL.  You can just call me ESSENtiabella n’k?

Ok enough about my new obssession.. ok never enough but enough for now. LOL.

Let’s discuss this week’s bellarific Friday shall we?  our theme this week was a COLOUR CHALLENGE!

colour-challenge-1-jan-23 copy

Let’s see what our amazing BABEROONIS have come up with shall we?


AmyRabella used FLOWER GARDEN


Angelabella used SPIT HAPPENS


Danabella used HELGA the HOT CHICK


Kerribella used our Stamp of the Month GRACIE!


Sandiebella used our Stamp of the month GRACIE!


TracyMACabella used MIMI the CHICK misses you

Seriously.  I think I need a little essential oil to ground me after seeing these cards.  They are STUNNING!  the team has outdone themselves!

And now for our AMAZING sistahood!  Which has grown, I might add 🙂  So WELCOME to da NEW SISTAHS!




Bonnie used Uptown COUPLE Emily and Ryan under the UMBRELLA


Cynthia used Uptown girl AVA


Liz used uptown girl MARCELLA


Margo used WIZ


Patricia used UPTOWN GIRL POSH

sandie O

Sandie O used Uptown girl AUDREY


Stephanie used uptown girl WINNIE

What an Amazing roundup sistahs!! So proud!!

Now for next week’s theme? a SKETCHYPOO!

Sketch-2-jan-30 copy

Don’t forget to get your entries to me by next Thursday ! can’t wait sistahs!


oh and did I mention a 30+ release?  3 new collections..  a BRAND NEW artist.. OMG I’m palpitating as I talk about it.. *ahem* I know there’s an oil for that!

Mwah to da sistahs who wanna try something new!











  1. Michelle Galloway says:

    Adoreable cards, love them… I’ve been MIA for a while, busy busy life, no time for my crafting. Gotta agree with you Em, I love my young living oils too

  2. Wowzers great cards created by all and the images are awesome!!!

  3. Kathy Andrews says:

    OK, you’ve got my attention about the natural essential oils!, and I love the idea about you sharing that information one day a week. I’m an allergy sufferer – After 20 years “cedar fever” has attacked me. I do use cedar oil, but anything to feel younger, and healthier, I’m all in. Please share. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Emily says:

    OMG Em –

    I just started using Oils. Though my girl is not very forthcoming with the “here’s how to use them” info.

    Anywhoooo… I do have a book about oils (Amazon) and several in my collection. I’ve been helping my husband with his headaches, etc.

    Any info you have I’d LOVE!

    • Stamping Bella says:

      Em, I will be as forthcoming as you would like and would love to chat 🙂 Email me sistah.. tell me what you bought, brand, what you need it for and we will discuss!

  5. Karen says:

    I want you to post once a week, on things that you have found helpful, with essential oils. Information is power!

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