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Wonderful Wednesday: Using Photo References & Colouring Macaron Bouquet

I’ve got a great video for you today, sharing a couple of really useful ideas. Firstly I’m talking about the benefits of using photo references when colouring. Secondly I’m showing you how to create a sparkly effect without using any glitter pens or glitter.

Macaron Bouquet Card

Stamps Used: Stamping Bella Macaron Bouquet,

For more product details and another card, hop on over to my personal blog post HERE.

Using Photo References & No Glitter Sparkle Colouring Video

Watch me colour this stamp in the video below. If you enjoy watching please do like the video and subscribe over on my YouTube channel.

If you want all of the sparkle, you can check out my Creating a Sparkly Sequin Effect using Glitter Pens post! Either way, I’ve got you covered!



  1. Vicki Kroll says:

    I love the idea of a photo reference as well. You can pick up detail that otherwise gets missed. The dotting effect does give great interest. Great tip about the white gel pen and glitter.

  2. Wendy M says:

    I found you using the green as your base shade very interesting. I am just learning copics and am anxious to try this. I love your videos! I always look forward to another one. You are so blessed with coloring skills. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless.

    • Stamping Bella says:

      Thank you Wendy! 🙂 Using complementary colours is a great way to add shadows, it’s more realistic than just adding a darker shade of the same colour. Just lots of practice! Enjoy your Copic journey – it can be so much fun!

  3. MaryN says:

    Great tips! I love the results! Having someone ‘talk’ to you… (i.e. video/voice) really makes a difference when wanting to learn something. I appreciate you taking the time to share this technique!

  4. Chris S. says:

    Just love this video..the technique for doing the ribbon is amazing..I will try it..also the dots on the macarons make them look so real. Thank you!

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