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Today is DA DAY! It’s RELEASE day andddd GIFT WITH PURCHASE!!


***ETA: PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING ME ABOUT THE SIZES OF THE TSHIRTS – you can buy them HERE! great for gifts and your personal sistahood.  Now for the sizes.. the size of the BUST or is for the WIDTH only of the tshirt.. so if you lay your tshirt flat and measure the width, our measurements should jive!  I suppose you can double it for the circumference and add a little for “give”. Also, our GIFT WITH PURCHASE ends MONDAY SEPT 28th*** so take advantage sistahs!

I have been BEGGED.. PLEADED with… ALMOST BEATEN to come out with a SISTAHOOD TSHIRT.. and GUESS WHAT SISTAHS!?  IT’S HHEEEERRRREEEE!!!   Yup it is.  I SWEAR.  *Sistah’s PROMISE*.  We have made the CUTEST… YUMMIEST.. COZIEST… decaled tshirts!  The front looks somethin’ like this.. AGGGtually, EXACTLY like this .. LOL.  and it is available to YOU for FREE for all orders over $85!  Yup! You can wear it to conventions to IDENTIFY yourself.. and maybe meet new sistahs…if you go to a crop, your “sistah’s house” to play.. or when you go “night night”.. it’s really a “GOOD THING” (per Martha Stewart)

Here’s a pic of the tshirt!  All sizes available.  All you have to do is when you place your order and it is over $85, just put the size desired in the comment section! (small-3xl available). For size specifics, please email me at and I will forward you the information.

**also please don’t forget our ongoing FREE SHIPPING for orders over $55 in North America and $75 OVERSEAS..  Is this an amazing day or what???**

ANOTHAH phenom thing we created is DA BELLA BOX (fits letter size papers)! WHAT is an EXCLOOOOSIVE  BELLA BOX YOU ASK? Well, First of all it is ADORABLE! LOL if I do say so meSelf.  But SECOND of all, it is TRES TRES FUNCTIONAL.  If you EZ mount your stampies, you  can put it on a storage panel and put it in your BOXY.  If you have recipes, card sketches, looseleaf, your children’s homework (LOL.. see what mode I am in?) you can also put it in the box.  Have I mentioned that I LOOOOVE this box?  Fabulous quality and screenprinted with LOVE.

a picture of the rings.  they are so "CHEWY".. soft and stretchy so they won't "CLIP" you when you open and close them!

a picture of the rings. they are so "CHEWY".. soft and stretchy so they won't "CLIP" you when you open and close them!

a sample of "dirty" "LOOOOVED" stamps on a storage panel with thin EZ MOUNT

a sample of "dirty" "LOOOOVED" stamps on a storage panel with thin EZ MOUNT

Ok, First let’ introduce (UPON MUCH REQUEST– ain’t i so giving to da requests?)

BRAND SPANKING NEW EXCLUSIVE BAUBLE SETS! 11 WONDERFUL sets created by DENABELLA with love!  So if you are fearful of committing to  a certain color, here’s your chance to get a great “TASTER”












First let’s take a looky at what our CHRISTY CROLL has come up with for this release.  TO DIE FOR!!! Christy I LOOVEY you!





Now let’s talk about one of our new CELEBRITY artists..LOL.  All my artists are celebrities in my eyes.  Oh how I love them all so!

Meet MISS MINTABELLA.. known as MISS MINT.. or known as my cousin PAM.  Her bio will ‘splain how we crossed paths.. a little weird I must say and SHOULDA COME SOONER!!!  As you all may know, I have been working diligently for a LOOONG time on our new website WWW.SCRAPPINGBELLA.COM! This eagerly anticipated LAUNCH will be *fingers crossed* on November 1st or sooner! SOO.. to appease my scrappers, MISS MINT and I have collaborated and made a PHENOM starter selection of SCRAPPY stamps… they will be called SCRAP ‘INK stamps.. She has come out with AMAZING concepts, and unfortunately her wit and humor are almost identical to mine so BEWARE of the most PHENOM SCRAP ‘INK stamps to come!!  So here’s a 40 image TASTER of what will be a HUGE collection by November!  Remember.  These stamps are HYBRID stamps meaning you can use them both in cardmaking and scrapbooking.  I have made sizes of the stamps that will mostly fit both a scrapbook page and a card.. so STRAP YOUR SEATBELT on and ENJOY!

Meet my cuz PAM.  Is she not STUNNING?  she looks *exactly* like ME! (LOL). and here is what she has to say

“Shout out to the stampin’ sistahood!  My name is Pam but I’m probably best known as Miss Mint, at least to those in the digital scrapbooking world.  I am the owner and lead designer at, an online shop specializing in original digital and hybrid scrapbooking supplies.  I have been a graphic designer for some time but when I accidentally stumbled upon digital scrapbooking 4 years ago, it was love at first “click”.

Now I spend my days (and sadly most of my nights) in my jammies under the glare of my monitor uttering profanities at Photoshop as it unexpectedly shuts down on me mid design.  It’s the best.

You can also find my designs on SCRAPBLOG.COM and thanks to my awesome design team, layouts and projects featuring my designs have been known to appear in quite a few national and international books, magazines, and idea books.

When I am not working (which is never), I am usually pretending to be a photographer, or pretending to work out at the gym.

So you might be wondering (or you might not, but I will tell you anyway), how Emily and I may have crossed paths.  I was going to tell you an exciting and elaborate tale, but the truth is, we’re COUSINS (how’s that for nepotism?) and the only truly bizarre part of the story is how long it took us to realize that we could collaborate in some way.

It was my second or third visit to the MOUTH WATERING CRAFT OASIS that is the official Stamping Bella store here in Toronto that we finally sat down and discussed.  Bella to Mint. Mint to Bella.  I left with a notepad full of demands ideas and ran home to start drawing.  And Emily made the rest happen.  And NOW I am SOOOO excited to be sharing my stamps with you and I am beyond grateful to Emily who, through this adventure, has helped me rediscover my passion for drawing and doodling.  I am the luckiest SISTAH EVAH!”

so let’s see what Pam’s all about and her style:

I love cupcakes and have a particular affinity to them.. my Dad always calls me cupcake and I have been searching for the perfect one 🙂


comes with the sentiment and INCHIE size for envelopes or INCHIE SQUARES! sentiment is available separately


Includes sentiment and inchie! Sentiment is also sold separately

rumball with cherry on top

rumball with candle on top

includes inchie and sentiment!  Sentiment is also available on its own.

The following TOP 10 stamps I find BRILLIANT. (along with the rest).  They are funky, whimsical and functional.. forces you to journal in a FUN way!! And wait til you see the CARDS (yup cards!) we make with these babies!



10 things I LOVE about you

Now for our DEFINITION blocks.  I AM IN LOVE with these (how annoying am I with all this love? LOL.. but I really am LOVING this).  Again.. these are PHENOM to put on a card or on a scrapbook layout!  Last week, when PINKY (lori brown) came to visit with da girls, she had a sneaky peeky and “STOLED-ED” one.. LOL

here is her card using TOGETHER DEFINITION BLOCK and KISSY FACE.. it was for her and Joe’s ANNIVERSARY!! cute or what?? That’s what I call a USEFUL stamp no?


BEAUTIFUL definition block

BIRTHDAY definition block

CELEBRATE definition block

FAVORITE definition block

GIGGLE definition block

HAPPINESS definition block

LAUGHTER definition block

MEMORY definition block

TRADITION definition block

Ok… How’s THAT for BRILLIANCE?  Now MORE Brilliance!  It’s the NEW SCRAPLINES by our very own MISS MINT!  She is AWESOME isn’t she?  You have to tell her that by leaving a comment k?  PLOMISE? (as Jayden would say.. P.S. it is I who says that all the time now and Jayden says it properly.. LOL)

SO let’s discuss SCRAPLINES.  I think it is versatile, and SO MUCH fun to use!  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, these stamps look like simple outlines as an image but once you USE them, you will be AMAZED!  Stamp on your SCRAPS, cut out (and by cutting, I, in no way mean PRECISELY!  the wonkier you cut around the outline (scrapline) the cuter!), and apply.. thaSSSS it! thasss ALL!  This is the first BATCH of these stamps.. ant they come in different sizes per package.. for inchies, scrapbook pages (large and substantial enough)  and CARDS!! HERE WE GOOOOO!!


a sample using these buttons 🙂

you can punch holes in them.. thread TWINE.. SILK RIBBON.. the OPTIONS...

you can punch holes in them.. thread TWINE.. SILK RIBBON.. the OPTIONS...

closeup of DA BUTTONZ

closeup of DA BUTTONZ

FOLKY HEARTS (solid and OUTLINE in a set)


picture these babies on the bottom of a layout in different color papers (and different flames).. YUM!!

SCRAPLINES HOLEY SCALLOPY BORDERS (comes with a 3″ and a 5.25″).. you can layer them.. OMG


again, these look like nothing as an image but once you stamp these on patterned paper.. WOWZA!


and a sample 🙂 notice how they were cut (wonkily and cute!)

Ok, so as you see, miss MINT and I have been BiZzY.. Here are some CLEVERLY thought of SCRAPPY words.. you can even use them on a card………. LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Remember, they are all LARGE (the image on my website does no justice).. here’s a sample of the size and the scallopy borders 🙂







How about some MEMORY BLOCKS? hmmm?  I named it memory blocks as a Play on Words.. write down your journaling so you don’t HAVE A MEMORY BLOCK later on!! LOL.. brilliant no?

These are LIFESIZE (well, big.. LOL.. actually THE perfect size)…




WHAT A TWEETIE (3 sizes for inchies, cards, scrapbooks! you can even SCRAPLINE them.. see? I made it a VERB.. TO SCRAPLINE)

and the cutest little HAPPY BIRTHDAY sentiment

ARTIST TRADING CARD BACK: what a GREAT way to celebrate your little pieces of art!  Stamp on the back of your ATC (artist trading card), sign it, limit edition it.. and just enjoy!  Most of these signature stamps I have seen have been very COLLAGE-Y.. but this one?!  Whimsy!

That’s it for MISS MINTYPOO.. whatcha think?  Do you want more in october? hmmmmm?  leave a comment and let us know!

Now let’s discuss the DEEVINE adorable ELLIA!  AKA GREENBEANBABY.  We met coincidentally a long time ago regarding a certain company who “stole” our images.. she came to my rescue and fought for both of us! LOL.. and we just happened to cross paths again as I was just enamored with her talent and artwork. I just had to name these kidlets after Tyler’s friends..LOL They are SO PROUD!

Here’s a little bit about Ellia:

Ellia is addicted to, and in love with a few things.  Her family, paper, a sharp x-acto blade, a brand new glue stick and a whopping cup of coffee!.  It is with these necessities that she is fueled by the love to create cut paper illustrations/  Long after her kids are asleep, her nights are spent cutting out cutesie characters for various clients as well as art for licensing, and products for her shop.  She is forever inspired by her family, childhood memories and retro goodness.

Ellia lives in Milwaukee with her talented husband, her two kids, two cats and a new puppy.  They collect DVDs, video games, books, comics, toys and paper.  They all enjoy superheroes, cartoons, and homemade cupcakes.

Now wait  til you see some Ellia GOODNESS..



SPENCER the bookworm




LEILA ALWAYS measures up


how’s that for a release? hmmmm????

I have already put some stuff in the SPECIALS section and still have new basic grey stuff that JUST came in!

Check out my new favorite paper MY LITTLE SHOEBOX.. so cute!

So let us know what you think and I will be trying to keep this post up throughout the next few days and will let you know when I am completely done.. but STAMPS ARE DONE sistahs!



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