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Thursday with Sandiebella: Oddball Carollers Stage Card

Sandie has an amazing festive tutorial for us today, featuring one of our Oddball stamps!

Oddball Carollers Stage Card


Patterned papers
Scoring board and bone folder
Foam tape/dots
Embellishments of choice

How to:

Cut red card:
(1x) 5.5? x 5.5?
(1x) 2? x 6.5?
(1x) 5? x 3.5?
Cut paper:
(1x)  5-3/8? x 5-3/8?
(1x) 3-3/8? x 3-7/8?
(1x) 1-7/8? x 5-3/8?
Score the 5.5″ square at 2.75″
Score the other two pieces of card at 0.5″ from each end

Fold the 5-3/8? x 5-3/8? piece of paper in half, then adhere down to the 5.5″ square, lining up the score line and the fold line.

Curve the 5? x 3.5? piece of card and fold back the two end sections.

Taper in the edges of the outer sections.

Adhere the paper layer

Apply adhesive to each end.

Flatten the card base and adhere the panel in the centre, approx 0.5? up from the bottom.

Fold the base card into a slight V to curve the smaller panel.

Adhere the 1-7/8? x 5-3/8? piece of paper to the remaining piece of card.

 Curl the piece over your fingers and fold back the 0.5? end sections.

Again, taper in the edges of the 0.5″ sections.

Apply adhesive to the inside of the 0.5″ sections.

Adhere one end of the strip behind the card base, lining it up with the bottom

Bring the strip across the front and adhere the other end behind the card base.

Stamp the Oddball Carolers onto white card and colour using your desired medium. Fussy cut around the outline of each image.

Decorate the middle panel with a tag or cut out from the designer papers.

Apply foam tape to the back of the Carolers and adhere them to the middle panel, with their feet just below the front panel.

Stamp the sentiment from Festive Gnome Sentiments. To remove part of the sentiment, apply some tape over the words you don’t want, ink the stamp and then remove the tape. Stamp the top part. Clean the stamp, and repeat for the “Christmas” underneath the first stamping. Using a stamping platform allows you to do practice runs to get the stamps into position.

Cut some embellishments from the designer papers, or use die cuts/stickers to embellish the front.



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