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Stellarina stellarina tiny little thing

Stellarina dance, stellarina sing! (said to the tune of THUMBELINA).. do you think I have a 3 year old? LOL.

I am in love with yet another ballerina.  Yes, she is a little swollen.. yes she is a little bit off… LOL.. do you know who I am talking about??

[photopress image=”stellarinacard.jpg”]

I actually have a sentiment that is PERFECT for da STELLA  “dance like no one is watching” is that perfect or WHA?

LOVE LOVE LOVE HER…  did I say I love her?

hope you lovey da stellarina as much as I do 🙂

mwah to da sistahs who can keep their balance like stella can



  1. Maggismom says:

    LOVE HER! and love the sentiment
    can’t wait to color her myself!

  2. Dawn says:

    I sooooo love her! I can’t wait till she finds her way to my house.

  3. broni says:

    **Snort*** “a little swollen”!!! And I LOVE the sentiment! Too, too cute!!!

  4. Jamie says:

    She is absolutly adorable.

  5. OMG I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her!!!!! And her sentiment is just PERFECT

  6. lindaH says:

    she is a pure gem! I am sooooo in LOVE with stella!

  7. Robb_eeie says:

    Miss Stellarina kinda reminds me as to why I played the piano as a child and was never involved in the pink slippers, leotards, and tu-tus. I too was a little “off”, had no balance, had very little grace, and certainly couldn’t co-ordinate all of them together to even stand up straight 🙂

    Another great image Em, and I really do LOVE LOVEY LOVE the sentiment ~I think once we reach a certain age in adulthood, we tend forget how to *Dance Like No One Is Watching* ….after posting this, I plan on doing just that!!*!! But I will take pity of my neighbours by closing the blinds first 😀

  8. ChichiBoulie says:

    Very fun! And the name Stella is just perfect

  9. Gay Ferland says:

    What did I miss? Been gone to help build for humanity!! Love volunteering!!

  10. Tiddly Inks says:

    Love that Stella and her swellings….LOL

  11. Terry says:

    Gosh..she kinda looks like me trying to strike a pose (hee hee!). Gotta love her!

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