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soooo excited (yet again) LOL

So I have committed to the AMAZING new paper (cardstock) line coredinations.  If you haven’t seen this line yet.. PLEASE DO SO.. DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT $200 (yes, I am a loser).. I have committed to the WHOLE pallette (don’t tell Ryan, we have NO SPACE to put it) but of COURSE I will find room.  This paper is FAB-O as the “core” of the paper is a lighter shade of the surface color.. not white! so if you sand or distress, the COLOR is what shows and not a white core.. LOVE IT!  there is also a “black magic” line where if you sand the black of this paper, a color shows underneath.. MAGNIFIQUE! and a “Vintage” collection which is already distressed looking!  PHENOM!  could you ask for MORE in a paper?  black magicked (lol) vintaged, and VIBRANT?  sooo excited.  My order will be picked up by MOI (minivanabella) on Wednesday and I will be posting as soon as I receive!  IF anyone has ANY requests or orders, please email me by wednesday and I will try my best to add to the order and get it for you!

I will also be adding more bag’ o’ inspirations.. I have a new one with baubles, ribbon, patterned paper and cardstock that all match soooo beautifully for layouts or cards.. I kept them in their 12*12 original size so that it gives more freedom to da sistahs.. meet OrangeTulip

let me know what you thinky!

mwah to da sistahs who need to be “cored”



  1. Katie Skiff says:

    Your linky to the papah isn’t working…but I followed the link to the site here —- It’s awesome!! WOW!! I love it to the Core baby!! *Wink*

  2. lindaH says:

    OMG…i just checked the paper out….insert big WIDE eyes here! just fabulous….CANNOT WAIT!

  3. Michelle says:

    EM….. I think I NEED all 320 colors!!! Goodness!! How will I evah decided on just one or two??? This paypah looks incredible.

  4. Heather Shepherd says:

    Wow, this paper looks awesome!! That black is going to look great! Great, just when my DH was bringing up “budget” after seeing my last bella invoice 🙂

  5. OH goodness me I’ve been looking for the core paper.. HMMM and you wonder why we all are Bella Addicts…hmmmmmm lol ((HUGS))


  6. Karen Merc says:

    I LOVE that paper….I need EVERY colour….

  7. Kim Gruetz says:

    EM…..THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!! I was going to place a Bella order today…but I am glad that I didn’t yet, b/c I REALLY NEED (yes…I need…not just want) some of that paper! It is the BOMB!!!!!

    That is a GREAT choice to add to your site!


  8. jessie says:

    Em the paper looks so yummy! Can not wait to see it in person! I have been holding my order now I will hold it a little longer so they can go in my cart too!! 🙂 Jessie

  9. Robb_eeie says:

    Bring on all the lovely new papers!! I already love your white and eggshell CS, and now I can’t even be bothered to attempt to stamp images on other paper, as there is no comparision to the high quality results I obtain from yours. 😀

    You are just SOOOOoooo addictive Em :0) But you probably already know that, as I’m sure Ryan tells you that every breathing moment *wink*.

    **~~MWAAAhhh’s To All The Sistahs Who Are Use To & Must Have The Very {{{{ BEST }}}} !!!**~~

  10. Gay Ferland says:

    Woweeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Love it, love it, and love it all!!!

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