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Sneak peek day 6- and a chance to WINNNNNN!

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Hiya sistahs.. you still with me?  GREAT!  Keep reading!

You wanted the DOGS.. ya GOTS da dogs!  I just love these and I hope you do too!


The PUG and the Hydrant.  The chick is SOOOO embarassed isn’t he LOL.. and the sentiments?  It’s just THE perfect image 🙂

and it’s “CUT IT OUT” DIE






stephabella’s card rubber stamp used: The Pug and the Hydrant, card by STEPHANIE HILL

JennyDIXabella’s card rubber stamp used: The Pug and the Hydrant, card by Jenny Dix

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: The Pug and the Hydrant, card by Elaine Hughes

Debrabella’s card





and their dies





Paulabella’s card rubber stamp used: Staffie and ENGLISH BULL TERRIER, card by Paula Williamson

Debrabella’s card:

Elaineabella’s card using both dogs and our GARDEN BACKDROP! rubber stamp used: Staffie and ENGLISH BULL TERRIER, card by Elaine Hughes

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: Staffie and ENGLISH BULL TERRIER, card by Sandie Dunne

Debrabella’s card:



BOSTONS, PUG, and CHIHUAHUA.. I mean.. I can’t even begin with the cuteness

and their dies




Shelabella’s card using a girl Boston rubber stamp used: bostons,Pug and Chihuahua, card by Michele Boyer

Shelabella’s card using our CHIHUAHUA rubber stamp used: bostons,Pug and Chihuahua, card by Michele Boyer

AliceHUANGabella used our GIRL BOSTON rubber stamp used: bostons,Pug and Chihuahua, card by Alice Huang

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: bostons,Pug and Chihuahua, card by Elaine Hughes

Debrabella’s card- such an adorable anniversary card!

Michele’s card using a Boston 🙂

Paulabella’s card using the boy boston 🙂 rubber stamp used: bostons,Pug and Chihuahua, card by Paula Williamson

Paulabella’s card using our GIRL BOSTON rubber stamp used: bostons,Pug and Chihuahua, card by Paula Williamson

Debrabella’s card

And another Debrabella card


meet our MASTIFF.. hes sooo wrinkly and gorgeous






Debrabella’s card rubber stamp used: MASTIFF, card by Debra James

Elaineabella’s card rubber stamp used: MASTIFF, card by Elaine Hughes

Sandiebella’s card rubber stamp used: MASTIFF, card by Sandie Dunne


How’s THAT for today?!?!  Dogs Dogs Dogs!  I hope you love them as much as I do

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think  for a chance to win $25 to our shop!  All items will be available for sale on JULY 8th.  and winners will be picked on July 7th

MWAH!  See you tomorrow!



  1. Roz says:

    Sooooo much cuteness, and those Boston’s are lush!

  2. Liz says:

    I adore the Staffie! Love them all though!! Eeek- can’t wait for release x

  3. Terri V says:

    Love these puppy stamps!- so cute!

  4. A. Rose says:

    More consummate canines! How can you not live these!!!

  5. Jill says:

    Cute, cute and more cute! I bet these guys are going to be POPULAR!

  6. Tina says:

    These are awesome!!!

  7. Ellen says:

    Oh my, these look like so much fun to color. Can’t wait !

  8. Marcia says:

    These couldn’t be any cuter!

  9. Melanie Hampton says:

    Too cute!!! Squeal!!! ???

  10. Marilena Francesca Muni says:

    I love DOG so much!!!

  11. Sharon Brand says:

    These are adorable! I love them all!

  12. Steph K says:

    The pug and the hydrant is so funny and cute, love it!

  13. Janet Durbin says:

    The expressions on the dogs faces are perfect! Fantastic images!

  14. Bristol Dougal says:

    That tutu is tooo much!!! Love them all!!

  15. Carol says:

    Love ALL the new images…great job!

  16. Bernice says:

    Dogs! Love them

  17. Tara M says:

    Love them all…especially the pug!

  18. Kimberly says:

    Ohhhh seriously some cuteness for Saturday morning. Love the chihuahua!

  19. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    The dogs are the bomb! Love them and all the projects.

  20. Laura P. says:

    Still with you, Em!! Loving these dog images…you’ve captured how adorable dogs are without making them too cartoon-y! And of course all the samples are wonderful, as always!

  21. Allison Bell says:

    Y’all have hit it out of the ballpark with these dogs! They are all so cute!

  22. Donna Noland says:

    Love them all…..wish you would do an Airedale/Welsh terrier, too.

  23. Mar N says:

    I ‘m not a big fan of dogs…but rhis are adorable!!

  24. Shari DelBuono says:

    Once again so so cute! My favorite animal.

  25. Joie says:

    Omg .. can’t decide if yesterday’s dogs collection is cuter than this one! Love the peeing dogs! ?

  26. Wendy Peterson says:

    Oh My the dogs are all fabulous it’s hard to pick a favorite.

  27. Cindie C says:

    Squeal….. love, love these.

  28. Helen F says:

    Wow! I can’t believe these new dogs can be so cute! What a great addition to yesterday’s amazing set! I just love them all as they show so much character.

  29. Darlene Williams says:

    Oh my gosh! These stamps are way too adorable. The pug with the fire hydrant made my day.

  30. Janet says:

    Love all the puppies.It will be hard to select which ones I will pick.

  31. Kerri Boucher says:

    Omg I cannot handle all of this cuteness…love everything AWESOME AWESOME!

  32. Melody says:

    Getting cuter and cuter with each release!

  33. Peggy Ridley says:

    They are all cute. Love the layouts you did.

  34. Renee Thompson says:

    Love all the sweet doggos!

  35. Judy says:

    Your team makes the cutest stamps EVER!

  36. Mary Ann says:

    Love them – they look so real!!

  37. Kathy Andrews says:

    such wonderfully cute pooches… can never have too many pooches in your family. I always say if I could win the lottery I’d purchase 100 acres somewhere and rescue 100 pooches. Thank you so much for having them as your focal point this month. LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  38. Vicky says:

    Again… you have outdone yourself!!! They are all soooo cute!

  39. Nancy L says:


  40. Denise Byrnes says:

    OMG! I think I am going to faint seeing all these new stamps. GREAT JOB!! Love them all!

  41. Francine says:

    Ok, I have no idea how to choose between all these awesome dog stamps. I may have to get them all! Great images and awesome cards!

  42. Patricia Ceccacci says:

    So many cute ones I love love love and want the mastiff it is the cutest and I need him to color

  43. Sheila Fisher says:

    Love me some puppies.

  44. Janice Davis says:

    Oh, yeah, more dogs. I have to share the “blue” one! Too, too cute.

  45. Virginia says:

    Such cute little tippers! That Mastiff is just gorgeous.

  46. Stephanie Serrano says:

    Oh my goodness, all these puppies are adorable!

  47. Sue D says:

    Cute variety of dogs and love the one with the hydrant.

  48. Deena says:

    I’m so excited about the dogs. I’m a dog lover.

  49. Susan G says:

    Wow… lots of dogs … and all done perfectly. Great job.

  50. Cynthia Cole says:

    Holy cow, you definitely hit it out of the ball park with all of these wonderful dog images!

  51. Michele McBane says:

    Thought today I was the hydrant until I saw these! Y’all are after my heart with all the cute pups. Thanks!! ?????

  52. Charlene says:

    Love the MASTIFF! he is amazing

  53. Rachel Duong says:

    I am a dog lover and I am so happy to see dog images! The pug and the hydrant is so hilarious and a must have. Also I love that two sentiments come with the pug. It is just what I need, I am always looking for funny, cute and happy!

  54. Angela Brown says:

    More dogs? You make my heart happy!

  55. Joanne Hutsul says:

    Aww, the English bull terrier is cute.

  56. Angela Walters says:

    More dogs! Yea! Can you tell I love all the dogs?!

  57. Angie Hollins says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! More adorable pups!!! I can’t wait for the release!!!

  58. Michele B says:

    More got to have adorable puppies!

  59. Sandy C. says:

    So so cute!!!!! Love all the pups!!! The chick is hilarious. Thanks. Take care ??

  60. fd91354 says:

    Oh, I love all these pup images! Beautiful card designs using them as well. Excellent.

  61. Maureen Hampshire says:

    I’m am so incredibly excited for this release! Haven’t felt this way in a while!! We have 2 huge American Bulldogs and can NEVER find stamps…all my friends have dog, most of these will be covered with this release!

  62. Jen Hill says:

    These sneak peeks are adorable! I can’t wait for them to be released!

  63. Lisa Wiley says:

    I love the sentiments with the pug and the hydrant- “Don’t let anyone rain on your parade” hahaha. Loving everything in this new release!

  64. Crafty Natalie says:

    Yay more doggies! I LOVE the mastiff, he is so cute with that gorgeous wrinkly face. I love all the dogs, this release has so many great images it will be hard to choose. Great DT makes.

  65. Debbie Rumpza says:

    Errr mah Gersh!!!! Those DAAAWGS! I can barely stand it. Apparently I need to save some pennies to buy them ALL.


    Absolutely adore all these fabulous dog images! Another bouquet to the brilliant work the design team has done with them too.

  67. Claudia Gassett says:

    Oh my! These pups are so cute! Makes me lol!

  68. GeeCee says:

    OMG! the little chicks response is hilarious!!! I LOVE all your dog images. They’re so creative. I have lots of friends I can gift these sets to! Thank you!

  69. Ann Krucek says:

    so happy to see more dogs!! these are fabulous. My son has two french mastiffs, and it is always so hard to find anything with these dogs – so THANK YOU!!!

  70. Heather Clay says:

    More pups!!! I cannot stand the cuteness of the pup in the tutu!!

  71. Denimo says:

    More dogs! Any dog person, even those who aren’t will love today’s release. : )

  72. Ana Deac says:

    Great dogs… love the tutu..

  73. Louise says:

    My daughter has a chihuahua and that little cutie would be perfect for her!

  74. Denise D says:

    These dogs are too cute!

  75. Amanda Wilcox says:

    All these dogs are so great!!!

  76. Erika Hayes says:

    Yup, I need all these too!

  77. Denise Bryant says:

    These are all so cute! My neighbor has an English Bull Terrier, and that looks just like him! The Chihuahua cracks me up! They are all adorable!

  78. Heather Yergens says:

    I love that you have thought of so many different breeds of dogs. Great job on everything! I love them!

  79. Susan B says:

    More cute pups but where is the Shih Tzu?

  80. Tamara Lewis says:

    Puppies, puppies, everywhere are too cute!

  81. Jenn Joncas says:

    It’s puppy season!!! So many of my friends are getting puppies right now, these stamps would be perfect for making them cards. My fav of today’s is the BOSTONS, PUG, and CHIHUAHUA set. Might be because our dog is a mix of Boston and Chihuahua.

  82. Julie G says:

    More adorable dogs. Now you just need to add a few that are fluffy and scruffy like my terrier. These are so cute.

  83. nicole watt says:

    dog + hydrant = perfection!

  84. Jana Bradshaw says:

    I thought yesterday you could not get any cuter, but you did! Let ma just forward my paycheck to you and send me one of each!

  85. Melinda says:

    OMG…Bostons!!! How wonderful; I just love them!!!! Actually, I love them all. Thank you so much for all these fabulous doggies!

  86. Claudine Gendron says:

    Loving all the cute dogs ?

  87. Tiffany Born says:

    These dogs are too darn cute!! Just when I think I have enough stamps…lol

  88. Dianne Mahura says:

    Love love love these!!!

  89. Maureen Wong says:

    YAY!! Love the chihuahua – so cute!!

  90. Chris says:

    So much cuteness!!

  91. Starqueen says:

    Adorable! These dogs are so expressive…they will be lots of fun to play with.??

  92. Penny King says:

    Love the Bostons – -they are so cute

  93. Steph says:

    So much cute-ness! Just like real dogs I want to bring them all home with me 🙂

  94. Ginette Walton says:

    Oh my … the dog at the hydrant! Too cute and full of opportunity recognizing the various reasons for such a card.

  95. Denise Irving says:

    Love the dog with the hydrant! Great new images!

  96. Shelley says:

    Oh lordie, I didn’t think you could top yesterday’s release but these are terrific! Been waiting a long time for dog stamps this cute and abundant!

  97. Kelly Booth says:

    Love love love!!!!!!!

  98. Jane Crisci says:

    This release is totally just for me! I am such a dog person and Alice in Wonderland is truly another favorite. I want them all!!!

  99. Marn says:

    Oh my goodness! The doggies are too cute!!!

  100. Eulanda Silvey says:

    OMG I CAN’T EVEN!! The pug and the hydrant? THAT CHICK! AAAAHHHH HAAA haaaa haa!! There needs to be more descriptive words for CUTE and ADORABLE cuz these are all those and more!!! Huge cred to your DT again!!! The folds in the black mastiff? GOOD NIGHT IRENE!!! LOL!!!

  101. Laura Gauthier says:

    Those are doggone perfect!! Perfection at its best!!

  102. Kelly S says:

    Still with ya and still drooling! I’m paw-sitive this is the most joyful evah! Love these puppies and I can’t stop smiling at the sweetness of this entire release!!!

  103. Cindi F says:

    Yay! Chihuahuas! I am a foster mom so I always love to see chihuahuas! Gorgeous cards!

  104. Bunnie says:

    The Staffie and the Mastiff!!! Oh, my heart!! <3

  105. Jewels Horvath says:

    Absolutely adorable! ??

  106. Jes says:

    Fantastic puppies! Please make a Bernese Mountain Dog & a Keeshond!

  107. Janice E Bryant says:

    Some days I AM the hydrant! Love the expression on the chick’s face!

  108. Saskia says:

    Omg, I am in love!!!! Dat word nog lastig kiezen welke te bestellen.

  109. Saskia says:

    Die bostons zijn echt te schattig!

  110. Linda W says:

    These are so fun!! I love the fire hydrant staining!!! Can’t wait til Monday!

  111. Christine Jannetto says:

    Too much cuteness. I love all of these dogs. What fun!

  112. shartl says:

    GAW!!! Every dog just gets cuter and cuter! Love them all (and the variety is awesome) but that pug peeing on the hydrant just gets to me. It’s already fun enough, but that bird covering his!

  113. Raven says:

    Cute, cute, cute! Running out of fantastic words to use.

  114. Joan Baca says:

    Such awesome doggie faces!

  115. Graciela Cedres Larsen says:

    I do have to win the lottery because I do love each and every one stamp (and dies) every day 🙂 and well done to the design team, so much inspiration and so different cards with the same stamps, love it! hugs from Norway

  116. KimK says:

    These dogs are both cute and hilarious! Love the Boston in the tutu!!

  117. Graciela Cedres Larsen says:

    I do have to win the lottery because I do love each and every one stamp (and dies) every day 🙂 and well done to the design team, so much inspiration and so different cards with the same stamps, love it! hugs from Norway 🙂

  118. RoZee P. says:

    These doggies are just the cutest! Can’t go wrong with any part of the collection. May need to sell a kidney so I can buy everything!!!!!

  119. karenladd says:

    Well, not only did you do the cutest pug in the world, but your DT colored him up in my favorite color…fawn! I am just in heaven over all these sweet dog stamps and dies. I am a cat AND dog person…so this is a real bonus

  120. Gilda says:

    More adorable dogs. So cute.

  121. Nan Mack says:

    So many varieties of dogs! These are just wonderful.

  122. Michelle Poston says:

    OMG. These are the cutest stamps I’ve ever seen. I think these are my favorite of yours so far!

  123. Avra N Williams says:

    These dogs are so fun!

  124. Judy K says:

    I’m a cat lover — I have to say though, all of these dogs are darn cute.. Loving them.

  125. Denise O says:

    Love the dogs and the fire hydrant is a perfect addition!

  126. Linda on the Prairie says:

    I wish I didn’t live on a budget. I’d buy the entire release.

  127. MsBabzy says:

    Delighted that there are more doggy stamps!! But still no Labrador. 🙁 But more chihuahuas and pugs! THAT’S exciting!!! xoxo

  128. Rebecca says:

    Way cute! Love the wrinkles and all the big ears! Good job with all the puppies!

  129. Belinda Zimmer says:

    Love all the sweet dogs….never can have too many varieties huh!

  130. Becka says:

    The chihauahua is so sweet. Love it.

  131. Nelda Molnar says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! Absolutely LOVE! Have to get them all!?

  132. Robin Poupard says:

    I LOVE the dogs! So cute!

  133. Laura P says:

    My favorite is the black mastiff, although all are stinking cute!

  134. Cynthia Flynn says:

    You had me at fish and wowd me with the dogs.

  135. frances casados says:

    these are so cute!!!! we have 2 bostons and a chihuahua in the family!!!

  136. tina z. says:

    this is super cute!

  137. JODI RESNICK says:

    and how exactly do you think I am supposed to choose between all these pups? is it “D” for dogs or “D” for divorce? You’re killing me here!

  138. Nancy S says:

    They just keep getting cuter and cuter!

  139. Becky says:

    So stinkin’ cute!

  140. Nancee Purdum says:

    More awesome images! Love the dogs!

  141. Andre M. says:

    Such a fab variety of breeds in this amazing release.

  142. Sandy says:

    Love that Mastiff!

  143. Abby says:

    Yep. The hydrant is over the top cute!

  144. Meghan Kennihan says:

    MORE DARLING DOGS! I love this release! Perfect for a #dogmom

  145. Cynthia Johnson says:

    More cute pups! I love the one with the hydrant!

  146. Gail Kedzierski says:

    How cute are these stamps?! Love them all!

  147. Brenda Peterson says:

    Love these dogs – they’re so fun!

  148. Nancy Burdge says:

    More dogs, yay!

  149. Shannon F says:

    More cute pups! Adorable.

  150. Mary V. says:

    Adorable dogs!! Would love to see a boxer someday too. What a great release!!

  151. Cindy G says:

    more dogs!!! Yay!!! Loved Elaineabella’s Ruff Day Mastiff!

  152. Jeanne K says:

    OMG that pug and hydrants are too funny ?

  153. Makalah W says:

    The bostons, pug, and chihuahua are darling!

  154. Constance Sheehey says:

    More great dogs! Yay!
    Thank you!

  155. Georgia says:

    Nice dogs; where are the CATS!?! Seriously, the dogs are pretty cute!

  156. Casey Thrush says:

    These are so cute! I really love the baby dogs!!!

  157. Kimberly McField says:

    My wallet is crying in pain already. I need ALL of these. I wish there was a bundle so we could just order the entire release!

  158. Sue says:

    These gorgeous pooches make my heart sing! Thank you so much for such wonderful designs and wonderful Bella inspiration.
    Love from Sue…xxx

  159. Annette says:

    Wow, fabulous samples from the team and a fabulous array of puppies!

  160. Teresa says:

    So many cute puppies

  161. Birgit Norton says:

    These are all cute but the peeing bulldog and the wrinkly mastiff steal the show!

  162. Jackie S says:

    Absolutely love the Mastiff stamp. One of my favorite breds.

  163. Anna Laura Pace says:

    They are sooo adorable!

  164. Bette says:

    Dogs, Dogs, galore and each one is a winner…. but the fire hydrant with the bird covering an eye, just makes me scream with laughter!

  165. Jean Marmo says:

    Wonderful doggies!!

  166. Michele B says:

    Even more adorable must have puppies! Too cute!!!

  167. Betsy Golan says:


  168. Nicole Wright says:

    Love love love the little dogs.

  169. Bonnie Billings says:

    OMG! Loooove all the puppies!

  170. Carisa says:

    hahah who let the dogs out?! Love them all!

  171. Keely Jones says:

    Love, love, love! Great selection and they look so real!

  172. Cindy Major says:

    Very cute! I’m a dog person so I think a lot of stampers will be pleased with how many different options you are offering.

  173. Tracy says:

    Ok, I will somehow have to explain to my family why we don’t have groceries this month, because I had to have the whole new Stamping Bella release! LOL, wow, it is awesome!

  174. Shenandoah French says:

    OMG! I have to have that precious Mastiff stamp! It matches my mastiff perfectly!

  175. Bernice says:

    more doggos!! cannot resist the cuteness

  176. Leanne C says:

    So cute!! Love all the dogs!

  177. KristiS says:

    Love the detail in these.

  178. Denimo says:

    Great, great release. Thank you for the fun week.

  179. Cathy Morgan says:

    The pug and the fire hydrant reminds me of a postcard I used to have on my wall that had water squirting out of the hydrant and said, “what goes around, comes around.” I just HAVE to have that stamp set!

  180. Lynda J says:

    I’m not a dog lover like so many are – but these are fantastic! The Boston and the Mastiff ….and even the Chihuahua with its ears….. are great!!!

  181. Cynthia Johnson says:

    What a fun week of sneak peeks! I can’t wait for tomorrow.

  182. Virginia Urian says:

    Have watched faithfully each day and just want to tell you that if I won the lottery I would buy every stamp and saying you have shown. Since I don’t do lotteries I will do the best that I can and still buy groceries.

  183. Virginia Urian says:

    You may cut the last sentence if you need to.

  184. Sandy says:

    OMGosh! That Mastiff is adorable!

  185. Tina says:

    That Boston in tutu, I can’t even!!

  186. Manu says:

    OMG!!! Are so funny!!! Very nice!!! ^_^

  187. Olga V. says:

    LOVE!!!! Love, love, love!!! The mastiff killed me on the spot, just killed… how can you resist that face, huh??? :))))))

  188. kathy Tanner says:

    All of these dogs are so cute!!!

  189. Margo Jacobson says:

    More cute dogs!

  190. Hanh says:

    Sooo much cuteness!

  191. Debbie says:

    All adorable. A sheltie would have made the line up complete.

  192. Cindy G says:

    I can’t find a link for Day 7 – it keeps bringing up 6….

  193. teddi whitney says:


  194. Tanya Sarnowski says:

    OK be still my heart ! You’re not going to believe this. Its so amazing, I didn’t think there would ever be a mastiff stamp. I have an English Mastiff ,I received her on my birthday July 27th and I named her Ruby because my July birthstone. NOW this JULY release is a MASTIFF !! OMG the worlds are coming together lol !! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I will get this stamp as soon as I get a job and get on my feet lol

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