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Rosie J says:

Keep on creating please. I love all of your stamps. The chicks are so cuddly cute!


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ok no more dilly dallying sistahs.. this is BIDNISS… let’s begin!  LOL!

Today we are introducing a new BACKDROP.. called the CORKBOARD backdrop.  I don’t lie when I tell you that each stamp is a little part of me or my family or my life.. wanna know why?

Check out this corkboard in my daughter Jayden’s room..  I find it mesmerizing.. it’s all little pieces of her 🙂

I wanted to create that same little feeling that Jay gets when she looks at her wall of stuff  in my stamping world  so here came our corkboard backdrop RUBBER STAMP: CORKBOARD BACKDROP

so basically they are all separate stamps.. you can attach anything to your corkboard but keep reading.. we have some ideas to share 🙂

Our backdrop has a coordinating “CUT IT OUT” DIE set.. the dies are just the note papers you can stick on to your corkboard 🙂"CUT IT OUT" DIE: CORKBOARD BACKDROP

Here are some accessories for our corkboard…  We have some “WASHI” tape! RUBBER STAMP: WASHI TAPE SET

and their coordinating “CUT IT OUT” dies CUT IT OUT DIE: WASHI TAPE SET

YUPPP we have our own WASHI TAPE stamp set :).. they have their own CUT IT OUT DIES too so you can just cut ’em and pop ’em… I LOVE ’em.  (I’m such a poet)

Next accessory we have for our Corkboard are little polaroid pics.. do you see them on Jayden’s bulletin board?  Well I had to have some for ours too!

so we created a set of our snapshots in MINI size 🙂 RUBBER STAMP: SNAPSHOT MINIS

and they have their coordinating die too 🙂 one die fits all 4 CUT IT OUT DIE: SNAPSHOT MINI

Now, ya wanna see how we put them all together?  Although they can, of course, be used separately too :).. the world is your OYSTAH with this stamp.  FOR REALS.

Here’s Shelabella’s card using our Bulletin Board Backdrop, Snapshots MINIS , and WASHI TAPE set.. SO MUCH FUN building this story and the sentiment is from our SNAPSHOTS I HEART you set 🙂  Love the little heart she added on one of the notes on the board too.. LOVE LOVE LOVE! RUBBER STAMP USED: CORKBOARD BACKDROP, SNAPSHOT MINIS, WASHI TAPE, CARD BY MICHELE BOYER

Here’s Sandiebella’s card.  see how she tied it all togethah? Looks like Jayden’s corkboard.  I LOVE THIS!  And that sentiment LOL. RUBBER STAMP USED: CORKBOARD BACKDROP, SNAPSHOT MINIS, WASHI TAPE, CARD BY Sandie Dunne


here’s another JennyDIXabella card where she cut out the center of the Corkboard Backdrop and made it a shaker! That “WASHI”!.. cannot.  The main image is our new SNAPSHOTS I HAVE A SECRET. RUBBER STAMP USED: CORKBOARD BACKDROP, SNAPSHOTS I HAVE A SECRET, CARD BY JENNY DIX

and the inside using more “washi” and a sentiment from our SNAPSHOTS- I HAVE A SECRET set and the extra little note from the Corkboard Backdrop! RUBBER STAMP USED: CORKBOARD BACKDROP, SNAPSHOTS I HAVE A SECRET, CARD BY JENNY DIX

so much fun!

Next we have another backdrop.. the LOVE backdrop.. Any of our characters can be popped on ther or in front of there.. that’s what our Backdrops are all about.. to add a mood to our cards! RUBBER STAMP: LOVE BACKDROP

so pretty 🙂

last but certainly not least are our naughty HEARTY CHICKS RUBBER STAMP: HEARTY CHICKS

Seriously.. the one with his butt in my face? CANNOT LOL.. and the middle one?  These are three separate stamps and the hearts are too!   so you can play as much as you want with them 🙂

They also have a corresponding “CUT IT OUT” die CUT IT OUT DIE: HEARTY CHICKS

Copic Colouring Video:

Watch Elaineabella colour the new chicks in the video below or in HD over on YouTube!

Looky how Sandiebella put our naughty chicks on this backdrop!  LOVE! RUBBER STAMP USED: LOVE BACKDROP and HEARTY CHICKS, card by Sandie Dunne


I think so 🙂

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all winners will be announced on Sunday December 3rd 2017 at approx 9pm EST.  Release is scheduled for MONDAY December 4th!







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