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SCRAPFEST here we come!!!

Hiya sistahs..

Hope you are all well! I misssssssss you!! (do you miss me? LOL)

So Ryan and I are going to Scrapfest on Saturday to meet up with some sistahs.. it’s supposed to be a PHENOM event so if you can come.. please do and of course say HI!!  We have “paired up” with a lovely store in Chatham called “the paper pickle”… They are amazing sistahs (literally) who own this and they will be representing our goodies at the show soooo if you can come and need goodies, go STRAIGHT to their “BOOF”..(booth) lol.. I will be trying to hang out there whilST (love that word) shopping around!

I know I am gonna see LINDABELLA and PAULABELLA there and I HOPE to see you too!

Let’s see what our Bellarific Babes have been up to this week… k?

Nickabella made a GORGEOUS simple, glittery and PINK card using our BIG FAT PRESENT stamp.. I just love this stamp AND it comes with a mini to dress the inside of your card, the back of your card and the envie! simply, breathtakingly GORGEOUS!!!

Danabella has been VE-HERRRRY bizzy making some WONDERFUL cards!! check them out! they are beeyootiful!  She used javabuggs, ipodabella, and buzzy huggabugg .. STUNNING no?

Jenabella made a gorgeous card using missmatch KETTO and one of my most favoritest sentiments! so colorful and jazzy, like the subject AND the artist 🙂 mwah jen!

karenabella made 2 stunning cards!  One using swirly hills with trees using a spotlight technique and of course GLITTAH!!! you can find that card here.  Karen also made a stunning card using hydrangea bittybloom.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  shiny and popped.. BEEYOOTIFUL!

lindabella made several beeyootiful cards!!  she used KENYA KETTO (I hate to admit that she is my favorite ketto..) is she not gorgeous?? she also made a card using Chirpie Ketto and Tyler the jock using cosmo cricket MISCHIEVOUS MAX paper.. DEELISH!  is it not gorgeous??

moniqueabella has also been busy! or have I been slooooow? LOL she made some beeyootiful cards using missmatch ketto, beerafella and AMIMALS bunny!  sooo cute take a lookie!

paulabella made a gorgeous card using PAPILLON KETTO.. is that adorable or what? she also made a gorgeous card using CHATTY CATHY!  you can find it here.. STUNNING!

shannanabella made a gorgeous colorful card using Kenya Ketto.. so cute!

Enjoy the blog candy!!

So can you come to scrapfest??

can you?

can you?

I really want you to.

mwah to da sistahs who will say HI.



  1. Tracey says:

    I got my tickets and will be at ScrapFest!! So glad I’ll be able to find some Bellas there!!!! 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    I will be there!! I will definitely stop by the booth. I keep wanting to stop by the store to get some more stamps but haven’t had a chance to!!

  3. OMGosh I am soooooo jealous! Why of why couldn’t Toronto be 2000 miles closer!!? You are going to have SO much fun! Say hi to everyone especially Nicki, Paula and Dana. SO Jealous!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Take lots of pics. I know from the cruise just how much you love having your picture taken!!!!!!

  4. Gena says:

    What great cards this week.
    Love the Paulas bridal party card for the last bellariffic challenge!

  5. Angie says:

    I wish I could but I’m in Maryland, US. Have fun!

  6. Bonnie Sharp says:

    I’m doing this again because I forgot to add the freakin’ numbers!!…….I am going to be at Scrapfest with my BELLS on!! Taking a class in the morning and then SHOPPING!! WAHOO!! I even KNOW Kim and Kelly from The “Pickle”……..they are my Local scrap store!! Okay you are probably not even reading this because you are already there, but if you are reading this, I will be the girl (old lady) with the sweater on…….you can’t miss me!!! yay!!

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