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First of all, did you see the little yahoo icon on the left of the screen?  How excited am i? Almost 350 members there just to gab about a bella? (oh ahem and other stuff of course!)  I am so in love with that group, you have no idea!  I must thank the wonderful and talented Jenna Hipps for approaching me on this idea!  Way to unite the sistahs, Jenna!!

Second of all, I am going away to Montreal tomorrow *sniff* to be with family for the Passover holidays.  I will be gone until Thursday.. this means *double sniff* that if you have not received an email update on the status of your order, or if you will be placing orders over the next few days (until April 5th), **they will not be processed until I return**… I tried my best to catch up over the last couple of days and nights and must admit, I did GOOD!  Hopefully once I get my new bella home (mid April), and some “ip” (as my daughter says for ‘help’), things will be much quicker.. but until then, please forgive me sistahs!

I will have my email with me so I will always be there in spirit!  You can contact me at any time at all

Love to all

big big big MWAH’s



  1. Julie says:

    Have a good trip Em! We’ll miss you!

  2. Darce says:

    Have a wonderful time, Emily! You deserve a nice break! 🙂 So will you be getting more help when you move to your new spot?? I just don’t know how you are processing all these orders all by your little bella self and not going completely mad!! LOL

    Have a safe trip!

  3. Jen says:

    Have a wonderful trip!!!

  4. Tema says:

    Hi Emily, Ijust happened to be home tonight.,so I loggged on onl.I should have realized that it’s the time of the year that you could be heading my way.Will I hear from you or see you ,maybe?If only you read this,I would have liked you to bring me a Chefabella ! Any way,hope to hear from you whatever! Call me–514-488-3717.Have a safe trip. Luv ya…….Tema

  5. veronica says:

    Happy Passover EM,
    Enjoy the holiday with our family. See you when you get back. love the new bella.

  6. Chag Sameach – Enjoy your time with your family. Many blessings and safe travels.


  7. Suzy Pearson says:

    Have a great trip! sigh. I’m one of those unlucky ones who put an order in a couple of days ago and I haven’t goten an e-mail with an update that my order has shipped. Any chance you could add Cruiseabella to it? She’s great.

  8. Chris Mott says:

    Have a wonderful holiday with your family. Hugs and safe travels. You are going to so much busier when you get your new place!! Word is spreading like wildflowers on your wonderful Bellas!!

  9. Lori Pinky66 says:

    Every Bella needs a break. Enjoy the time with your family.
    Safe travels.

  10. shuggy says:

    have a nice trip!!

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