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OMG guess who has whiplash and swelling?

How bad do I feel?  spoke to Nicky and she can’t move.. now HOW MEAN WAS I yesterday?? That man who saw me on the floor hysterical probably went home to his wife and told her the story…


not so niceabella



  1. Ashley Bowen says:

    LOL!!!! Oh– Em… your’re so mean!! LOL!!! Shoot– If it were me down like Nicky… my sistah would have been rolling on the ground laughing!! I will be wishing Nicky muscle strength and warm cozy feelings!! Hugs to you both!! Ash~

  2. OH NO! Poor Nicky! I hope it’s not serious? Oh, Nicky, get better soon!

  3. Melissa says:

    Uh-oh – I think you’re going to have to be extra nice to Nicky. Design her a special Nickybella to make her a Smileybella.

  4. Kathleen C. says:

    Perhaps it will give you a smile to know that I’ved posted your bella address on my blogsite, along with a couple of bellacards (Parisbella on the Alexandre III bridge and Javabellas at the Javabella Café).

  5. Lisa Zappa says:

    OH NOOOOOOOO! Poor thing! Hope she feels bettah soon…..
    Note to self. If Emily ever asks you to go shopping with her in a snowstorm, just say NO. (kidding, Em!)

  6. Heidi says:

    Oh my goodness! Send her some chocolate! Chocolate always makes things better! Lots and lots of chocolate!

  7. scoopy says:

    Oh no – hope she feels better soon!

  8. Mary says:

    I agree with Heidi. Send her some chocolate. I hope that your friend Nicky feels lots better very soon.


  9. Lisa says:

    Sorry to hear that Nicky was hurt.. Do I see a new bella in our future? One that is pointing and laughing? Your ‘notsonice’ bella?

  10. Nicky says:

    thanks so much for all the good wishes. I am finally able to use my computer and I am on the mendabella.

    Guess what that means , I am actually going to try to design with some of the new Bellas. Wait till you guys see what is coming..

  11. Barb W. says:

    Nicky, sorry to hear you fell & got a booboo. Glad to see you are on the mend. Dr. Barb recommends lots & lots of chocobellas, accompanied by flowerbellas. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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