Art Journaling

my mornings..

hi againnnnn… sick of me yet?

Just wanted you to have a little peeksie into what I try to do every morning ;).. also try to fit it in at night as well… I wish I could show you a yoga pose or a treadmill sprint.. but ALAS… it’s not in my cards these days..LOL!

So after rushing with breakfast with the kids, packing their lunch and taking them to school, I come home to peace and quiet…

and my kitchen table

my little journal .. collage papers.. and my COFFEEEEE

here's my little art supplies tin (so cute no?) which is full of bits and bobs and scraps and shmaps... this is it CLOSED hehehehe

here's my little box OPEN.. with all my goodies in there 🙂

and here's my page using a TERESA stamp (YOU'RE ALWAYS A STARBURST to ME set). And used my prismas to color it in.. and just STUCK all sorts of things I had in my box

After I do my collage I feel SO much better… sometimes I write, sometimes the title says it all.. sometimes there is no title… there aren’t any rules 🙂

I am going to really make sure this becomes a TRUE morning routine 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who love to glue and stick



  1. Linda S says:

    I was sure there’d be some “Grey” in your morning ritual….LOL!

  2. Corey Robert says:

    What a great idea! I always feel good with my “stuff” around and my COFFEE!

  3. DianaY says:

    cutey supply box, what a wonderful morning ritual. beats reading the newspaper.

  4. Angel says:

    I love the image on the supply box!

  5. Leslie W. says:

    Beautiful journal page. Maybe when summer comes and my life calms down a bit this could be my morning routine!

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