Hiya sistahs!

today I decided to make a video which ended up a bit longer than anticipated LOL.. there were a few interruptions and I am still learning how to edit so please forgive me LOL

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In this video, I use our CARDSTOCK MATCHER stamp.. I have had a lot of questions on this stamp so I finally decided to show you how to use it!

I hope you enjoy the video!



  1. Jane Crisci says:

    Hi Em! Just watched your video. Very ingenious! Another idea…Have you tried stamping a design on it with another stamp, then pressing the design onto your project to achieve a reverse image? Maybe you would have to use a pigment or distress ink? I am curious to know if this would work. Thanks again for the video. Jane

  2. Great idea Jane!! I will try it!

  3. Michelle Galloway says:

    You make me giggle, great idea

  4. Oh, you are so funny! I love watching your videos! Thanks for sharing this….love the “walk, walk”! I love how it almost gives the paper some texture! Jane, that just might work! 🙂

  5. Susan G says:

    Fun video. I really enjoyed it. I have a question. I’ve been stamping for nearly 25 years..started out with 5 x 7 cards, but decided I didn’t want to waste my cardstock by cutting off the edges of a standard piece…went to the half-fold card, which everyone was doing back then…bought tons of envelopes for that size…I now see that the push is toward smaller, quarter-fold, thank-you size cards…finally my question…why??? Is it easier and faster to make the littler cards? I still make the full size cards, but I’m feeling like a dinosaur, because everywhere I look, I see small cards. Is it cheaper? Please tell me what you think. Thanks so much. LOVE your stamps. Wish I could afford them all. ?

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