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it’s SNEAKY PEEKY day 3-EE (i had to rhyme no?)- oh and a chance to win!

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED.  WINNERS ANNOUNCED BELOW.  Please email me with what you won in the SUBJECT LINE and your snail mail address!

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Hiya sistahs,

In all honesty, each image is a labor of love.  I work very closely with our amazing, talented, beautiful, wonderful, kind, artist, Chrystal… her creativity cannot be beat.. and then you add my INSANITY and we are an amazing combo.  We’ve been working together for years, I think we finish each other’s sentences and finishing touches on images.. you should hear us squeal (well virtual squeals) when we hit the nail on the head and deem an image perfect :)… well at least perfect to us!

And then… when I share the images with our AMAZING, TALENTED, KIND, WONDERFUL, DT and I hear THEM squeal.. then it’s confirmed.. the image is good to go 🙂

Actually I have always kept the releases a “secret” from the DT.. they get their images to work on and then they are JUST as surprised as you are on sneak peek days with the images they didn’t receive.. isn’t that fun and TORTUROUS of moi?

Anyway, that’s the evolution of an image.. it starts with an ideaR.. it goes into sketch mode.. we discuss back and forth.. it becomes inky.. it gets screams, squeals and happy dances.. and then it’s made into RUBBBBBBAHHHHHH.

So for today’s sneaky peeky down memory lane we have….

beachabella v 1.0.. everybody loved beachabella!


and meet Beachabella 2.0!   SCRUMMY I say 🙂


seriously, I CAN’T EVEN.

And now for some samples?

Here’s Lesliebella’s gorgeous card!  LOVE the stripey beach bag!


and the inside 🙂


Here’s Kerribella’s card.. look how she pops on Kraft.. WOWZA!


And Elaineabella’s card?  that background?  I CANNOT and I WILL NOT.  hmph.  LOL


amazing yes?  YES!!!

Now for our next image?  She started off as “PREZZIbella”..  I wanted to sound Italian.. WHILST (I love the word WHILST) playing on the word “prezzie”.. I was SO clever 10 years ago…


Clearly, Bella’s been doing quite well financially and has become EXTREMELY generous… so now she is called GIFTABELLA.. check this sassy one out!


Seriously.. how amazing is this image?  Definitely a must have.  SO useful for every occasion!

And some samples?

Here’s Tracybella’s card


And Elaineabella’s card




And now here’s “LATTEBELLA” 1.0


Lattebella has morphed into.. WAIT FOR IT…… WAIT FOR IT….

don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA LOL!  Seriously this is me.. TOTALLY ME.  plus a few pounds ok?  Did you HAVE to make me admit that? LOL


I LOVE HER!!!!!!  and that sentiment for a bestie?  seriously. It cannot get better.  Well it can, but I’m trying to make a point here.

Now for some samples!

Here’s Tracybella’s card


Here’s Sandiebella’s card


Here’s Kerribella’s card


and here’s Elaineabella’s card


I know I know.. you’re all saying STOP WITH THE MADNESS!!!!  But I can’t .. I’m sorry.  I have 18 bellas to share, plus an AMAZING Edna that you will not be able to take your eyes off of and some WOBBLES you cannot resist… SOOOOORRRRRRRRYYYYYYY

You’ll have to bear with this 10-year-older-BELLA. LOL

Mwah to da sistahs who are LOVING da sneak peeks!

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win one of the stamps with it’s corresponding “Cut it out” die!  WOOHOOO!




  1. Ann Jackson says:

    I love the new stamps. They are beautiful!

  2. Georgia says:

    Beachabella: Ohhh-la-la!

  3. OMG.. Cute, cute ,cute!!! I want them all. Amazing new Products.. Thank you for the chance to win.Hugs from Sweden!

  4. Linda Cole says:

    They just keep getting cuter!

  5. Mardi Weber says:

    Oh my! Don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA is wonderful! I love her long eyelashes.

  6. Jovana says:

    they are AWESOMEEEE! love love looove the transformation! I love Lattebella and Beachabella…as well as the rest of them, lol!

  7. Louise Wagner says:

    The new Bella’s are total Babe-a-Bella’s!! I LOVE them! And It’s amazing how 10 years will fill a GiftaBellas arms. Kinda like my arms 10 years later, but that’s another story… Wink!

  8. Heather Clay says:

    Each day just keeps getting better and better (like always!)

  9. Lynda J says:

    You have to stop this! I’m going to have to go back to work to have it all!!!! Fantastic!!

  10. Kim says:

    Ah may zing love Dah
    new Bella’s

  11. Mayumi Adler says:

    Great images! Specially love the beachabella, but all are gorgeous

  12. Candy says:

    The new stamps are fantastic!!

  13. Wow the reworked images are awesome. Cannot wait for the release date. Hugz. Terrsa

  14. Mar Navarro says:

    Love them all!!! Amazing new releases!!

  15. Carla P says:

    I want them all!!!

  16. Another beautiful collection

  17. You hit it out of the ball park again. Love these stamps, they remind me of my best friend. Look forward to your emails !

  18. Liz Robinson says:

    More Amazing Images! I’m going to need a loan of some ££ !!!
    Liz x

  19. These are amazing. I cannot wait!

  20. MARY says:

    Love the coffeebella – being from Seattle that’s going to be a must!

  21. Andrea says:

    Loving them all <3

  22. Lucy Woods says:

    Oh my goodness wow wow wow what a difference!! These are absolutely amazing!!! Love them!!
    Lucy x

  23. Kraftyaunt says:

    It’s just keeps getting better. I love the fact that the new versions include sentiments.

  24. DianaB says:

    Love that morning cafe`!!
    And loving these sneak peeks too!

  25. Kris B says:

    These makeovers are amazing! They all look great! My favorite is don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeabella!! She is a must have!

  26. Cyndi M says:

    Love them already

  27. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    I am loving the new bellas, don’t get me wrong, I still love the uptown girls, but these bellas are wonderful!

  28. Once again, truly awesome!!

  29. Mia says:

    The updated Bella’s make me smile 🙂 They are fantastic!

  30. Tracey says:

    I am just loving the new Bellas!! The hair on don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA – LOVE!!!

  31. Dawn says:

    Ooooo I luv them!! They are amazing =)

  32. Denise I says:

    These are just awesome! Love each and every one u have shown so far! How will I ever pick?!

  33. Joie says:

    Really enjoying these updated versions of Bella! Love love love them ?

  34. cindy says:

    I finally have almost all of your Uptown Girls & most of the adorable Tiny Townies & a few darling chick stamps & thought my collection was pretty complete – now I get to start all over!!

  35. Jane says:

    Another great day and I am especially loving Giftabella, classy lady. Love Jane x

  36. Lori says:

    The Bella peeks just keep getting better and better!

  37. Laura P. says:

    Oh my gosh, every day I think I have found my favorite new Bella and then you post a new batch!! Today I thought it was GiftaBella but then….CoffeeABella!!! So me! This is a fabulous release, Em!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  38. Queen Mary says:

    I am so loving our updated bellas!! Today’s favorite is coffee/tea bella! Of course I love them all….

  39. Fabulous images. I remember being so excited I was when I first discovered the old Bellas. I loved those gals and I like the new ones every bit as much and look forward to the rest of the release.

  40. Denimo says:

    Oh how great! I love them all but I’ve gotta say, don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA is my fave. 🙂

  41. Diana Sowers says:

    I absolutely LOVE these new images. I Loved the old images too. LOL

  42. Cheri Burry says:

    Everyday my wish list gets bigger! Love the coffee gal!

  43. Tanya says:

    These are all amazing! Haha! I love the coffee one, my boyfriend is like that in the mornings but with tea – talk to him before his tea and you’re in danger of being growled at 😀 The others are fab too of course, this is such a great collection!

    Tanya xx

  44. Angie Brown says:

    I love these Bella’s!!

  45. Penny H says:

    I love the updated Bellas, especially the Giftabella!

  46. Karen says:

    Every Bella is so stinkin’ cute. I can barely stand it.

  47. Kristie says:

    I am loving all the new releases. I just wish you still had a distribution outlet in Canada since I get nailed by customs every time I place a large order. Thanks for the chance to win one of the new Bellas.

    • Stamping Bella says:

      Hi Kristie,
      I know that carries our stamps 🙂 they are located in Ontario and have super quick shipping!

      • Kristie says:

        They don’t carry the dies. I like buying the stamp and die bundles because I don’t like fussy cutting. I will keep checking back to see if they start to carry the matching dies. Until then, I will keep playing Russian roulette with Canada Customs since I love the Tiny Townies, Uptown Girls and now the revamped Bella’s.

      • Kristie says:

        I have a quick question. I just had an order arrive and I am missing a stamp and die bundle. Do I have to pay shipping again to have it sent to me?

  48. Diana D says:

    Oh my goodness! The coffee one speaks to me!!!! Love her! The others are great too, but I NEED the coffeebella. Great updates!

  49. D.Ann C says:

    No need to apologize… keep ’em coming!! They’re fabulous!! Love the comparison of then and now!!
    don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA…. hahahahaha!! sooo true! : )

  50. Andrea1702 says:

    Fabulous! Giftabella is my favorite today.

  51. Casey Thrush says:

    They are all fantastic!!!!! I love the ones that are colored on Kraft!!!! Amazing!!!

  52. Oh my!!! They are magnificent!! It will be sssoooo hard to choose who comes to my house first!!!

  53. I have the original beach Bella and the Cosmo Bella and flower Bella. I love ALL of the new Bella’s. Cakeabella is my new favorite!!!

  54. Kellie says:

    Bella beautiful! Loving these new releases.

  55. Sharon H. says:

    Love Shoppingbella. That is a girl after my own heart! Great releases!

  56. Lori S says:

    This new release is hard to wait for! I can’t wait!!

  57. Margo D. says:

    Ohhh! Soooo loving allll of these new releases!!! The 2.0 coffee bella is one of my favorites! They are all fantastic! 😀 Keep up the great work!

    Also, if I didn’t mention it before, the DT creations are so gorgeous too! 😀 Nice job!!!!

  58. Ema Martinez says:

    OMGee! You’re such a tease! I don’t know if I could pick a favorite so far but maybe the the new lattebella! I can’t wait to see the rest of the sneak peeks! xx

  59. Kelly says:

    Oh my, I have several of the older Bellas….and I love them. But the new ones are fabulous, too!!

  60. Teri says:

    Loving all these reboots! I still have some of the original Bellas so it’s neat to see them now.

  61. Elaine Hollander says:

    Love the coffee Bella, she is like me if I don’t have coffee by ten. Makes me want to pull out my stamps and colour.

  62. Kathleen Parrish says:

    LOVE coffeebella – I will have to push retirement a couple of years to keep doing this, but – GOTTA HAVE THEM ALL!!!!

    Love your creativity!

  63. Renee Drew says:

    OOOOOHH! CoffeeBella is SO me! I’m looking at today’s blog, as I refill my first cup of coffee!

  64. Wendy Hoff says:

    Way too cute I just love V2’s

  65. Laurie U says:

    Loving the coffee Bella the most, but all are wonderful reboots!

  66. Cindy G. says:

    Coffee bella!!! Yahoo!! Love these make over stamps! Great job!

  67. Dot Freel says:

    All 3 of these Bellas are fabulous! Such a fun new release!

  68. Lisa says:

    Loving the new generation of Bella’s!!!

  69. Verley says:

    Oh my, they’re getting more amazing everyday. Just love coffee Bella.

  70. Diane Jaquay says:

    Cannot get enough of these wonderful Bellas!!! I’m especially smitten with the coffee loving Bella, that is so ME!!!

  71. Loving these reboots! I particularly love the prezzibella!!!

  72. Donna says:

    Keep them coming

  73. Jannette Davis says:

    Still loving the Bella’s! I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  74. Air incolore says:

    wOW !!! ? ? my favorite one is : don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA !!!
    We share the same hair hihihi !
    nice work Bellas !

  75. Mary says:

    I am beyond excited I have almost every Bella so far and WANT WANT the Bella 2.0’s!!!!! I need another job lol!!!

  76. Tracey Ann says:

    Wow… such beautiful Bellas! Absolutely adore don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeabella… did I get that corect?… lol. It’s obvious a lotta work has gone into these… love them!!

  77. Rebecca Purcell says:

    WOW……as always the release gets better and better! Love the new BELLA 2.0’s! Thanks for the chance to win!

  78. Roxanne says:

    Coffee Bella………..Woohoo! LUV the rest of the Bellas too! Come on June 25th………….

  79. Lenny says:

    Oh my … totally love all the sneak peeks!
    And those wonderful DT projects!! wow!!
    Awesome inspiration!!

  80. Diana T says:

    These “make over” Bellas are fabulous! I love her face, she’s so pretty!

  81. Roberta says:

    OMG, each Bella is cuter than the last! What fun!

  82. SuzanD says:

    Each new image is fabulous. Want them all.

  83. Yoorah says:

    Love these – especially the new coffee Bella! Loved making cards w the old latte Bella.

  84. Caron Bailey says:

    OMG! Totally loving ALL…not 1 or 2…but ALL of the new stamps…I’m in so much trouble…can’t wait to order them.

  85. Kelly Santi says:

    There she is! Sun-stational!! Beach abella is the first stamp I bought!! Brings back great memories 🙂 love love LOVE this new release – ahMAYzing Dat cards!! TFS ??

  86. Janet Zeppa says:

    Awesome new stamps!!

  87. Another totally amazing set of stamps I’m in love with the coffee one gorgeous Thanks for a chance to win love and hugs Carole x

  88. Teresa P says:

    I’m loving the Bella’s and have quite the wish list going. Thanks for brightening my days this week with the sneak peaks.

  89. Gabriella says:

    Another cute bunch of ladies!

  90. Susan B says:

    Each new Bella is better than the last new Bella. I love them all.

  91. These images are so adorable and so are the cards!!

  92. Shelley says:

    OMGoodness!!! I am just loving this Bella 2.0 version! Must have that coffee! These re-vamps are stunning!

  93. Cynthia Cole says:

    I love them all but my fav is “don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeabella” This is so me….lol

  94. bobbie bluegill says:

    I like the new bellas, but I like the old bellas too. In with the new buft not out with the old.

  95. Olivia says:

    Oh mine these are fantastic….loving these updates! The coffee one is FANTASTIC. On my second cup now…the elixir of the gods!

  96. Kristi says:

    Bella-lisimo! Can’t wait to get them

  97. Ann says:

    three more fab a roony images, and all the samples are stunning.
    hugs, Ann xx

  98. Denise Bryant says:

    Love all these updated versions!

  99. Seriously love the not before my coffee stamp, but they are all looking better, fabulous, and much more up to date. A few pounds? What? None of us have gained an ounce since HS. Ok well maybe more than we want to admit. Lol

  100. These are good ones for me today – we are to reach 114 degrees – yikes – summer is here.

  101. Carol MJS says:

    Wow! What a great trio of Bellas! Just love ’em all, but especially love Giftabella. I can imagine using this image for so many happy occasions.

  102. Tracy says:

    Great stuff, loving the bellas reboot!

  103. I’ll swear I heard an evil laugh there when you talked about torturing your DT…. EEEK!! Of course……. I’m LOVING these fab new updated Bellas…. but oooh, did I hear there’s another EDNA?? Can’t wait!!!

    Christine x

  104. Lori Youssefbaik says:

    I just love Giftabella! You are amazing with markers!

  105. Lynne in NI says:

    These are fab, I especially love the coffee one 🙂

  106. Susan Todd says:

    Love them all!!

  107. Laura Holt says:

    I can see Giftabella being used year-round ……….. birthdays, Christmas ………..

  108. I am amazed with the 10 year update you have given these lovely ladies and I realized I sure could use a 10 year do over, so please could ya, would ya pretty please? Love your work.

  109. Claudine G says:

    Love the changes to prezzibella. But they are all so cute!

  110. Love the new bellas. Especially fond of coffee girl! Thanks for the newbies. (does not having a website disqualify me from the chance to win?)

  111. Dawn Beery says:

    LOVING the sneak peeks! These new bellas are awesome!!!

  112. stephanie Serrano says:

    I have to have lattebella! love!

  113. Oh my! I am swooning over Lattebella! She is a definite must have for me.

  114. Kathy Salido says:

    Oh my, loving the new looks!!

  115. Joan Ferner says:

    The new stamps are all so adorable. I don’t know where I’m going to start.

  116. Karen Senior says:

    Very clever! Love the updates!

  117. Brenda H says:

    OMG! Can I just sign up for automated payments? I am in loooovvvve with the new designs!

  118. Shirley N says:

    I have the original Bellas, now I have to get these! L O V E the new Bellas!

  119. Rene C says:

    Love these girls

  120. Rabbit says:

    Coffee bella and shopping bella are going to come home with me!

  121. Kristi Scherzinger says:

    Love the new Bellas. Can’t wait to buy them!!

  122. carol says:

    WOW! Hope you ordered plenty of these Bella-rific images; sell-out predicted! Coffee Bella…oh myyyyy!

  123. Linda Lipford says:

    You are the Bestabella! Love love love.

  124. Marlyn Rojas says:

    Awesome new versions of Bellas! They look fantanstic!

  125. Jordi P says:

    Would like to win one of your stamps!!
    Fingers crossed!!!

  126. Your Bella girls are amazing, I love the updates, thanks.
    Rene from OZ xx

  127. Cindy F says:

    3 more awesome stamps… wow.

  128. treebug says:

    these stamps are incredible, I love them. great inspirations from DT!

  129. Cara T says:

    I’m really loving these revamped stamps. I think you guys did a really amazing job with the older stamps you chose to redesign. They are all great and the projects shared are amazing!

  130. Mandy Moore says:

    So cute!! The coffee Bella is SOOO me! Love it!

  131. Peggy guay says:

    Awesome…love them all.

  132. Jackie F says:

    I am new to the Stampingbella world….and OMG….I can’t beleive I have missed so much. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these stamps. I must have them all. Your stamps are just so adorable. Keep up the great work!

  133. I love that she is holding all of those presents now!

  134. Janet D. says:

    GIFTABELLA is my favorite!! Each day is better and better!

  135. Gilda (McStamper) says:

    Love the beautiful new stamps.

  136. Love these! Especially the coffeeabella! Can’t start my day without my morning coffee! What a great addition this will be 🙂

  137. Khris M says:

    Still really loving the new Bellas and I think some of day 3 are totally going to be in my stash! These are creatively ahead of so many of the other stamp options out there. I love that let us have fun and be classy at the same time when depicting ourselves and our friends!

  138. Susan G says:

    Three more wonderful sets. I am so in love with these new sets…with all of the sets. Bring on some more fabulous goodies. Wonderful!!!

  139. Michele S. says:

    These are AWESOME!! I love them…want them all!!! ??

  140. OMG STOP!! JUST STOP IT!! The older images are bringing back so many memories but WOW for the new ones!!! I’d be squealing too…oh wait I may have let out a gasp and squeal so high pitched only a dog could hear. LOL!! Keep them coming!!!!! ?

  141. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Where do I start? I am in love with all the Bella’s and they aren’t male and I can’t date any of them! LOL
    I love the Beachabella with the florescence sandals in the background & the striped beach bag and the green bathing suit. The colors are amazing!
    The Coffeeabella is not for me but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her.
    The Giftabella is another fave of mine. There are so many ways I would use her for. I love the colors on all the cards and what beautiful work everyone did with the stamps. I hope I can do as much justice when I make my cards.
    I hope I get to win something. I will be sending you a copy of the card I made my dad for Father’s Day. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to show everyone!

  142. Lisa Trickett says:

    The coffee theme, i have the original stamp, love it and i still use it today:). If i do not win this piece, i will put it into my next order. Love it. Great creations!

  143. TRACY Lynn says:

    Gosh! I’m so excited that I keep checking your store for other stamps that I love and plan to purchase. I have Sophia, Mackenzie, Brynn, Bentley, & Charlotte from the Uptown Girls Collection. Thanks for such amazing Bellas.

  144. Lisa Peronto says:

    Just love the re-dos. I wish I could good a re-do on me too, hehe.

  145. Inma Banegas says:

    Beautiful Bellas!!!!
    I love so much.

  146. Karen Schaefer says:

    Loving the new designs! Definite favorite: don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA

  147. Barbara says:

    I think this will be a great release

  148. Jessica says:

    OMG Don’ttalktomebeforemycoffeeABELLA is so lovely.
    But i love all of the new Bellas. So great release!!!

  149. Pamela Parks says:

    Love the coffee one the best! I love all of them and keep them coming!

  150. Debbie says:

    OH my! How do you choose which to buy? They’re all fabulous!

  151. lia says:

    I have so missed DA BELLAS!!!!! SO excited for this amped up version!!!! Thanks for bringin’ bellas back!!!!

  152. Trisha says:

    OMG! These girls are the cutest! Thank you for the chance to win them 🙂

  153. Holly Flores says:

    OMGosh these are so fabulous. I can see I am going to have to get a whole new collection, starting the new latte bella! LOVE her!

  154. Carolyn says:

    How in the world did I not know about these beautfiul stamps? I want to find my Bella. They are beautiful, cute & delicate, demure & sassy, elegant, fun, relaxed and so much more. 2 words: Beautiful work!

  155. Sheri says:

    I have the original Beachabella, I have to add the present one to my collection. Gorgeous card shown!

  156. Flo says:

    Love these. The coffee girl is my favorite but the beach girl is cute.

  157. Cari S. says:

    I’ve been hiding extra grocery money to buy these girls when they are released. I’m so excited!

  158. Cari S. says:

    I’ve been squirreling away excess grocery money so that I can purchase these beauties when they become available!

  159. Eek! I love them! Seeing them all reimagined 10 years later is lots of fun!

  160. Each day’s release is even more fun than the day before’s!!! Loving it!!! I use to look just like Beachabella…40 years ago…many pounds back…before having kids…before my butt slid down to my thighs…etc!!!!

  161. Carol Dee says:

    From cute to Beautiful! I am LOVING lattebella! Looks like a must have!

  162. Cindy Leslie says:

    Love them. All!!!!

  163. Kerstin says:

    I love each new image but my favorite is the coffee sipping bella.

  164. Angelique Vela says:

    I love these, too!

  165. Inmaculada says:

    I like win these Bellas. Finger crossed.

  166. Helen Van Daalen says:

    Beautiful Bellas! I love them all so far. And th DT and their colouring is fantastic.

  167. Jennifer says:

    Love these, especially the latte and beach ones

  168. Kathy says:

    Oh my gosh! I love all the new Bella 2.0’s!!! A few years ago I had a subscription to get a new Bella and card kit every month. I hope you do that again. I can’t wait until the 25th.

  169. Sandra Meyers says:

    How could we ever choose just one image, one card??? I Love the softness and freshness of the circa 2016 ladies. Picking two, I would go with the latte card and the wish I Could Be There gift girl card. They are all so beautiful.

  170. Tanja says:

    just love the new Bellas

  171. Bunny says:

    These new images do make me squeal. They are so much fun. Congratulations on this release. Oh to have a matching die!

  172. if the police come to my door while I’m typing out this reply, I am going to blame you because I was squealing so loud as I saw ‘LatteBella’ I know the neighbors surely phoned to say something was happening over here!!! 😉 she is AMAZING!!! and I must add her to my wish list! I mean NOW! 🙂 the others are quite lovely, but she is something special, indeed.

  173. Jennifer Dix says:

    Well I can see some pretty serious shopping comming up. Thanks for the Amazing Inspiration Girls.

  174. Martha Kempf says:

    I LOVE SUPERBELLA and have the perfect person to make a card for. She does her entire classroom in super heros and truly is a superbella!

  175. I just love love the new stamps they are all awesome.

  176. I just love these new stamps!!!

  177. This is just pure torture! Hah! They are so cute! 🙂

  178. Verley says:

    These new Bella’s are absolutely adorable and with matching dies, oh my.

  179. mary says:

    I want to have an amaizing birthday card done with Have an amaizing stamp!! It, so funny

  180. The new releases are all gorgeous!

  181. Margo S. says:

    Anything Coffee has me hooked!!
    Love all three again!!

  182. Jule' says:

    The anticipation is killing me!

  183. Cindi says:

    the coffee one is a must have

  184. MELANIE (Melabella) says:

    OH. MY. GOOOOOOOODNESSSSSS!!!! there’s nothing better than this sneaky peaky….these are the BEST! and you’re right the beachbella does pop on the kraft paper! I love them Sweetie, really truly!

  185. Angelique says:

    I love all of the new stamps but THIS COFFEE SISTA JUST SPEAKS TO MY SOUL!!! I would love to win all of the new stamps but this one it truly worth it’s weight in gold.
    Your updated sista’s are FABULOUS! YAAAAAAAAAAS MissLady, your stamps are the TRUTH! Lol. Love them!!!

  186. Inma Bf says:

    I love Beachbella! !!!She is perfect for my project.
    Finger crossed.

  187. Margaret says:

    How cool! I have all these images!! I love the new ones and can’t wait to get some! You have done a fabulous job! xo

  188. I am so jealous. I wish my body
    looked like the girls. (it did many years
    Darling ideas.

  189. Jennifer says:

    The Giftabella is great!!!! I love HOW Tracybella did the dress in black!!! And those pointed pumps….I’m in love.

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