Release Day!

it’s RELEASE MONDAY sistahs!!10% off code md2011

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Can you believe it?  As I mentioned on Friday….I think this is one of my MOST FAVORITEST releases EVAH…  the images are BEEYOTIFUL.. ELEGANT.. GORGEOUS.. and they are bigger than our usual stamps.. I think you are gonna LOVEY them!!

and to celebrate a BELATED mother’s day.. we are offering 10% your WHOLE order.. no minimums!  just enter md11 at the end of your order and POOF! 10% will disappear from your order.. n’k?  sound good?


Ok.. let’s start meeting some of our start characters!

Here’s our CALL ME peep by Ellia.. she is nostalgic, art deco ish.. just classic..

here is Danabella‘s card

and Ellia’s UMBRELLA peep.. with ONE of my favorite quotes EVAH

now for Ellia’s BASEBALL PEEP.. I just see some wood grain PAYPAH being paper pierced onto the bat! don’t you? and look at those PANTS!!

And last from Ellia/GREENBEANBABY is our TV PEEP.. great for father’s day or for all the couch potatoes in our lives 🙂

and here’s JESSabella‘s card

we’ve got some LULUS.. omg do we have LULUS.. you will fall off your chairs SISTAHS… these images REALLY made me happy.. and I mean REALLY… Chrystal has OUTDONE herself!!  These are amazing GENERIC friendship cards  fo sho!

meet LULU loves POPPIES

and here’s Paulabella’s card!

Lulu’s TWO PIES with the CUH-UTEST sentiment.. Lulu looks like she is balancing the two pies which looks like “uncertainty”.. get it? get it?  LOL..

Here is Tammybella‘s card

and the inside with sentiment


here’s LULU’s GARDEN OF DAISIES.. wouldn’t you be happy being surrounded by daisies?? (DON”T be scared of all the daisies.. LOL.. i picked the sentiment to help you… you can only colour ONE of the daisies if you don’t feel like the rest because that DAISY can be the “YOU” in the sentiment!  how CUTE would that be??)

here’s CATHABELLA‘s card

Now for DA MO’s…

Ok for this one.. I have no comment… it just speaks for itself..LOL.. you will see what I mean.. when Mo showed me this one, I almost FAINTED! not to mention her dimple… Meet  HOUSEWORK FAIRY

Meet Jack and GINGER..  their love is deep and true.. and when I found that quote , I couldn’t resist

here is Lindabella’s card

And this POTTER’S BENCH?  OMG.. fell in love.. I just see elements popped everywhere 🙂

I always wanted a windowbox.. and here it is RUSTIC WINDOWBOX … LOOOOVE.. and the sentiment with it…

here’s Lindabella’s card

meet SADIE.. and her CROCS..LOL.. love her!

here’s Elaineabella‘s card

here’s CATH‘s card

couldn’t resist CUPCAKE PRINCESS VIOLET.. LOVED her “edginess”.. and her hair!

and here is Paulineabella’s card


Lemme know what you think!

mwah to da sistahs who LOVEY da images



  1. oh wow!! all of them are awesome but i’m totally in love with the cupcake princess and the gardening lady… so much detail!!!! gotta love your releases and i’m forever grateful to be a part of such a wonderful crew…

  2. Corey Robert says:

    They are beautiful! Can’t wait to come in and get a few! Espically love Mo’s window.

  3. lindaH says:

    you were sooooo right! this is a TOTALLY PHENOM release and you’d better have ONE OF EVERYTHING waiting for me on Saturday!

  4. lindaH says:

    oh…and instead of paper piecing baseball peep wouldn’t it be cool if isabella MADE US a woodgrain stamp!

  5. Tanya Atkisson says:


  6. Robb_eeie says:

    Hi Emily – This release is AmAzInG ! My fav has to be *Lu Lu Loves Poppies*; I can just image what a blast that will be to shade & colour with Prisma & Copics 😉
    Great work !!!

  7. Maria says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOO Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Leslie W. says:

    I say this every time….but, I think that you have outdone yourself again! I do love my Lulu’s and peeps and the Mo cupcake princess to die for!

  9. Can I just say that I LOVE them ALL! the Lulus and the peeps and the housework Mo! I think I NEED them ALL! I just WISH i could color! =) I am in AWE of the samples your DT have made! So FABULOUS!!!

  10. Lorie H says:

    Em, this is a fab release!! i love am in love with the lulu’s and peeps as always and love, love, love the the cupcake princess! i see a trip to visit in the near future. you really have outdone yourself once again!

  11. They are all gorgeous, I think my favorites are the Peeps and Lulus, I have a thing for poppies lately! 🙂 xo

  12. Robin McK says:

    Absolutely amazing Em!

  13. Sandi says:

    Total WOW!!! I can’t decide…. it’s too much pressure!!

  14. CraftyCath says:

    Yup, you were right…this is a fabulous release! I’m heading to the shop right now. OMG I hope you have enough of everything on hand. I can’t wait to get these in my hand.

  15. Susan G says:

    GREAT new stamps (especially Mo Manning’s), and there are still older ones I want, especially some Bellas. I went to buy some recently, but was forced to not carry through on the order. What happened to your shipping charges?? I hate to say it but the stamps as great as they are, certainly are not worth that kind of shipping, after all they are only rubber. I hope that you go back to your older system, and drop the prices of shipping to something more reasonable.

    Just saying,

  16. Olga says:

    OMG, I’m gonna pass out – NEW LULUS?!!!!!!! I wish there was teleportation so I could just show up n the store the moment I think of it… Gotta have them all! Thank you for the great-great-great release! Love it!!!

  17. Oh my goodness…I love this release!

  18. WOW oh WOW I am floored with this new release! 🙂 I swear Mo Manning is the most FABULOUS artist ever! LOVE love LOVE that Housework Fairy! And those Lulus…and Peeps… *swooooon!* AMAZING.

  19. BarbW. says:

    OK, now I have gone to heaven. The Housework Fairy does exist even though I was told as a child, “who do you think cleans up this house, the Housework Fairy?” Well, why not? Afterall, there is a Tooth Fairy, right? Em, you have to have a Shopping Fairy, a Cooking Fairy, a Laundry Fairy, etc. you get the point.

  20. Aida says:

    I love them all!! I want them all!! god help me!! 🙂

  21. Haejin says:

    Love love love the lulu’s! Amazing cards and coloring, sigh..

  22. Karen says:

    They’re great! Fab samples too. I especially like the housework one. Whenever I feel like doing housework, I lie down until the feeling goes away.

  23. Sheena B says:

    Gah! How do you keep coming out with such fabulous releases? Shame on me I still have uninked Bellas in my collection and I NEED to add these as well! Love the peeps, love the lulus, lovey dah Mos!

  24. wonderful release, loving all the flowers…..I really need to get to my scraproom and do some colouring…..but…it’s so nice outside, I think the rain is coming, that’s should drive me indoors.

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