Release Day!

It’s release day! and it’s gonna be a LOOOOONG one…LOL

Hiya sistahs!  I am just leaving home to go to Bellaland and I cannot access my computer at work…grrrrr…

So.. I have not introduced you to another new artist and I have a more formal bio coming but I will tell you what I feel about her first 🙂

Teresa Mcfayden is one of my art journaling “heroes”!  I have taken every single one of her online classes to date :)… she is so warm, so friendly and a phenomenal teacher.  Really.  So one day I shyly approached her and asked if she would share some of her “trademark” elements she uses on her art journaling pages.  and guess what?  SHE SAID YES!!!!  I was humbled.  I was so excited.. SO EXCITED.  So off to work we went together and had a blast.  Her signature is her layering on her pages… I try to copy her all the time but it never quite looks the same..LOL.   The greatest thing about these stamps is that if you are beginner, these will come in handy!  they are space fillers and fun to colour and just amazing to look at!

We are releasing 4 of her fun sets.. you will be so excited!  I know Teresa and I are :).   The funny thing also was that Teresa and I were looking for a name for the collection.  It took us 3 weeks for her to come up with it and I think it is just perfect.  “IN MY ELEMENT stamps” by Teresa Mcfayden.  LOVE IT.

Ok so I am going to post my quick sample of a journal page I used with them… you can actually guess where they are..  In. Love. With.Them.Honestly.

Another great thing about them, is that you can make backgrounds with them for cards, use them as a focal point on your cards and use them as journaling blocks on scrapbook pages.. very versatile!

Ok here it is 🙂

whole spread

closeup.. the little stack of circles are teresa's and the label on top right...

another close-up.. the element on the left (3 stacked circles) and the circle with the cluster on top are both Teresa's...*sigH* have I mentioned I love them?

Ok.. leaving for bellaland.. will meet you there in an hour k?  then you can play the “refreshing game”…..


Here are the formal introductions to the new stampies

meet UPTOWN GIRL  WINNIE peeking out the window


meet uptown girls BELINDA AND BERNADETTE-bench buddies

now meet BRIGITTE the beautiful bride.. of course you pronounce her name (BREEJEETE).. k? LOL.. she’s FANCY that way

Meet Uptown girl ISABELLE loves her ICE CREAM

Here’s UPTOWN GIRL TESSIE the TEACHER.. the great thing is.. with the sentiments included, they can be for a teacher or for an encouragement card!

and Here is uptown girl PIPPA loves to plant!

How’s DAT for da UPTOWNIES?? hmmmm??

Now let’s discuss my MOEYPOO shall we? (Mo Manning..LOL)


Here’s the CUPCAKE thief.. bwahahahaha


and here’s CUTTING THE RUG by mo


And now for our AMAZING RHEEA!  Love the sketchiness.. love the RAWness.. yum



Here is SIMPLE JOY by Rheea..this image makes me so happy *sigh*


Last but not least… MICROPHONE

And nowwwww.. let’s talk TERESA shall we?

here she is all gorgeous and a little bit about her

Like I mentioned earlier this morning.. if you have never taken a Teresa class, you must.. she is amazing!

Here are her 4 sets from her “IN MY ELEMENT” line.. you are gonna LOOOOVE these!!!  and you will also love the names we picked for them hehehehe

Here is the DO THESE STRIPES MAKE ME LOOK FAT? set.. lol

These are Teresa’s signature stripes.. colour with copics.. run them down the side, up top of your page.. LOVE

Here’s Teresa’s PIE CHARTS have NO calories “in my element” stamps


And last but not least “YOU’VE BEEN FRAMED”




Now I created another little cluster set.. (will be a new collection).. I just envision these on cards.. little ones.. or stamped in “clusters” on the corner of a scrapbook layout, card, journal page… I LOVE THESE!!!

OK that’s it!! I will be adding some samples here and there on this post 🙂 but I hope you love this release as much as I do 🙂







  1. angel p says:

    woooo!!! NEW RELEASES!!! I’m sooo excited!!!! yum yum yum!

  2. Leslie W. says:

    I can’t even tell you how much if love this AJ page! Love the lettering, love the composition love the stamps, love the subject…must i go on! I agree the “myth” is true an authentic “brown betty” truly does make the best cuppa!

  3. Jen says:

    Love them all!! Tfs

  4. Cath Groden says:

    Yeah a beautiful Uptown Girl Bride! Oh my she takes my breath away!

  5. Laura Evans says:

    gotta have Winnie…keep them coming!!! Let us know when you are done so that we can SHOP!

  6. paula says:

    haha, just noticed the traffic feed on your sidebar…looks like all us BABES are checking in! haha

  7. Laura Evans says:


  8. Lindsay H says:

    I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! How can you choose and there are still more to come….I hear a CHA CHING in my future!

  9. Jessica says:

    Love LOVE daddy’s shoes!!! Just perfect for my hubby’s 1st fathers day card. As soon as Nathan is up from his nap I am on my way to pick that one up (and mostly like a few more). See you soon Emily!!

  10. hollie says:

    i’m coming in saturday @ 10AM for a class and i plan on getting most of these! awesome! 🙂

  11. rhonda says:

    love them all, gonna be hard to pick which ones to buy first, great Job

  12. Laura Evans says:

    I always LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh what a fabulous line up of new beauties Emily!! You must be so proud. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with you. It’s been such a delight. I can’t wait to play with In My Element!! I’m gonna go crazy!!

  14. Olga says:

    Oh, I LOVE every single new stamp … They’re simply fantastic! Oh, I can see myself colouring all the yummy uptown girls and putting them on cards!! What a great release!!!!

  15. Maria H says:

    Em – you and your team outdid yourselves again! So many stamps to love!!! only so much money to spend!!

  16. Makalah says:

    I need to win the lottery or get a second job, seriously.

    My youngest sister just got married on the 19th, and Brigitte looks just like her, so that’s in my wish list.

    My all-time favorite food, which everyone knows, is ice cream, so Isabelle and her ice cream is on my wish list.

    Pippa and her flowers makes me think of doing yardwork with my mom and sisters when we were little, so now that’s on my wish list.

    And I love the image and the girl dancing with the dog AND the quote in Grandma’s Gramophone, so now that’s on my wish list. Which is good, because I need something other than Uptown Girls on there, right?

    So, since I don’t play the lottery or really want to have to get another job, who wants to buy me my birthday gift 5 months early? 😀

  17. Mary J says:

    Love ’em all, Em! Fave has to be my Uptown gals though!

  18. Pinky says:

    Order placed!!! 🙂 Now to stalk the man in brown. Then to find the time to get inky once they arrive. Great release Emily. You never disappoint.

  19. Leslie W. says:

    Love it all!

  20. Michelle Galloway says:

    Such a great release I love Isabella loves her ice cream!!!! And welcome to Teresa, we always love to see what Em loves!

  21. Shawne Gray says:

    I love them all

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