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I just thought of something

a little late.. WHAT IF THERE ARE BROTHAS OUT THERE??????????  ARE THERE?   if there is a brotha out there, please say HI to da SISTAHS.



I’m telling you what I think of and when I think of it??? really strange..LOL!

 Oh, did I mention there is a surprise on Monday?



  1. Tanya says:

    Yes…you did tell us there’s a surprise on Monday…you just like to tease us and torture us with suspense…don’t you???????? JK… All of us sistahs (and brothas, if there are any) will be stalking the site to find out what the big surprise is…
    Bella Hugs,

  2. Lorie says:

    Although he is not here to say hi right now…my DH stamps and LOVES to use Bellas! You can check out my blog archives to find the Bella’s he’s done. He also participated in my most recent swap and did a fab job! Go check it out!!!

  3. Shannan says:

    No, you don’t mention a surprise! 😉
    What is it??

  4. michelle hoover (chella bella) says:

    you are so good!!!

    don’t want to leave anyone out!

    my husband used to think my ‘card making’ was just silly. i’d show him a card i made and he would say… ‘oh, that’s nice’ now as i have gotten better at it and others rave and crave it… he is like ‘did you make a card for so-and-so’, and ‘i need a card for this or that!’

    he wouldn’t dream of using my stamps tho!

    but that is OK with me… just more i’d have to clean up after him! LOL

    there are a few that i still must have and i NEED an identifiah or 2 or 3… and of course one of what ever comes out on monday i’m sure!

    stalk you later… and hugs to you, chella

  5. Mayrita Bonita says:

    Michelle, my DH is just like that too… But I don’t get a response like “oh that’s nice”; I just get an “oooh”.. Still haven’t figured out what that means… But he’s totally supportive and even asks me if I’m gonna get anymore stamps anytime soon… Which reminds me… I THINK I read something about a surprise sometime… not sure what it was.. can you remind us??? maybe even some clues??? 😉

  6. Chris says:

    Quote from my husband…..You can buy a card for $5.00 or spend $600 (low estimate) and make one! Will the surprise be EARLY or LATE?

  7. Michele says:


  8. Its Monday!! Em where are you?? :0)

  9. Rosybella says:

    I know i have been waiting toooooo!!! lol
    can’t wait to see what you come up with.
    love ya

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