Please read with an English accent. Thank you!
Every once in a while, I like to give the Copics a rest (I figured they deserve it.) and dig out the Pencils. (I used Polychromos here.) I love colouring with Pencils, (Sssssssh, don’t tell the Markers!) I enjoy how the resulting rough texture of Pencil on paper, is so different to the buttery smoothness you get from colouring with Copics. Ummm, mmm.

Anyhoo. Instead of just colouring with Pencils, I thought I’d play around with colouring in Pencil, on different coloured card and comparing the results. I know. Far out!

So, first things first. I used white card, (booooooring, in a coloured card experiment, I know, but, we need a base line, Peeps.) kraft card and black card.

In the case of the white and kraft cards, they both had a bit of tooth, or texture to them, which is great for Pencil work. The black card was lovely and thick, but it was smoother and so didn’t take as many layers of Pencil before the fibres broke down.

I used the exact same Pencils on each of the images, but, on the kraft and black card, I put down an initial layer of white Pencil First. Who said that was cheating?!

Alrighty then, here’s Tiny Townie Penelope has a Pencil on white card…

white small

Isn’t she adorbs? Luuuuurve her. Here she is again, this time on kraft card…

kraft small

Oh my, she’s sooooooo cute. Let’s just have another little peek at her…

black small

Did you notice how I stamped the image in different coloured inks on each coloured paper? Yep, I live life on the edge. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Baby!

So, you can’t have three Penelopes sitting on the desk with no party to go to. Better sort that out. Look, all the same, but different. Oooooooooh…

white completed black completed kraft completed

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Well done on keeping the English accent going all the way though! Have a great day. Hugs xx



It’s my turn for Design Team (DT) Thursday and today I’m going to show you how I combined two different Stamping Bella images to make a “new” image.  This was a special order birthday card for a little girl who loves purple and does many types of dance including ribbon dancing.


I combined two stamp sets to make this card for her. 


(Tiny Townie Fairy Best Friends)




(Tiny Townie Tiny Dancers)


I coloured up the left Tiny Townie Fairy with copic markers.  I used the matching Cut It Out and then cut off the other Fairy so I was left with this image


Then I coloured up one of the ribbons from Tiny Townie Dancers and fussy cut it out.  This is what it looked like.



I added it over the Fairy’s hand to cover up the fact that I’d cut off the other fairy – LOL.  I popped up both the image and the ribbon for some dimension.  Here’s a closer look


I love making custom order cards for people and combining different Stamping Bella images makes it easy!


I’ve made many cards combining images and sentiments.  Here are just a few


Make a Wish Hoppy Poppy image with partial sentiment from Milton


Uptown Girl Curly Clara Needs Your Address with sentiment from Uptown Girl Sunny is Stylish.


Pampered image with sentiment from Uptown Girl Serena Has a Sign.  (This was a thank you for a spa gift card I received)


Uptown Girl Fiona Loves Flowers image with sentiment from Uptown Girl Brittany the Birthday Girl.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this DT Thursday and you look at your stamps differently now and find ways to combine images.



It’s DT (design team) Thursday!

Hiya sistahs.. every Thursday, Our DT baberoonis will contribute to my blog by making projects to inspire you!  I hope you LOVE DT Thursday as much as I do 🙂




Hi everyone!  Michele here. Today I’m sharing tips for adding dimension to our images.  It’s easy with two or three extra stamp impressions, a bit of foam tape and a sharp pair of scissors.

Photo 1

In looking at Stamping Bella’s lovely new Uptown Girl, Melanie the Modern Bride. I decided to pop up the bottom portion of her dress as well as her bouquet.

Photo 2

I first stamped a full image onto X-Press It Blending Card. On a second panel, I stamped the bouquet portion and then the skirt portion of the dress.

Photo 3

On the full image, I colored her hair, skin and skirt. When I pop up portions of an image, I always color the bottom layer as sometimes that portion can still be seen along the edges, beneath the raised area. Here, it probably isn’t as important because the area is basically white. I used this opportunity to shade in some pleats and to ensure that’s what I wanted to show on the top layer. (Consider it “practice.”)  J

Once I was satisfied with the shading, I colored the separate partial/skirt image the same way.

Photo 4

Next, I did the same thing with the flowers. I colored the flowers on the full image, then the smaller portion to be cut out later. My first intention was to cut out the hanging ribbons as well but then I decided that was insane and only used a portion of that piece (which you will see in a bit).

Photo 5

Once the extra pieces were colored, I carefully cut out each using sharp scissors, cutting right up to the line. Notice that I left a portion of the flowers at the top of the cut out skirt. By including a bit of that area, I avoid cut lines showing once the smaller flower image is adhered over top. I also nipped off the hanging ribbons from the bouquet, leaving the loops to pop up along with the flowers and the ribbons to hang below.

Photo 6

For a realistic look, I wanted the bottom edge of the skirt popped up with the top edge adhered flat.  So on the back side of the skirt along the bottom edge, I placed pieces of X-Press It ½” foam tape, and I applied liquid glue at the waistline. A piece of foam tape was adhered to the back of the flowers as well.

Photo 7

Aligning the top and bottom edges, I carefully adhered the skirt, applying pressure to the top portion to secure the liquid glue.

Photo 8

I adhered the flowers, carefully aligning with the flowers below.

Photo 9

I die-cut an oval frame from Blending Card, embossed the dotted lattice design then added foam tape around the back and adhered over the image.  (I used Blending Card instead of card stock for the oval panel so that the whites would be a perfect match.)

You can add loads of interest to your work by popping up areas of the design, small or large. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Thanks so much for visiting!


Hi Sistahs,

Welcome to a new segment of our blog.. where each of our baberoonis will take turns trying to inspire you 🙂

Stephabella starts us off today.  This is SO exciting 🙂



Hi everyone!

Stephabella here and I’m so excited to be kicking off  DT Thursdays.

I’m always looking at my stamps to see how I can get more use out of them and how I can create different looks. One of the ways I love to do this is by stamping a portion of an image rather than the entire stamp.The projects I’m going to show you today will hopefully give you some ideas on how to do this as well as using stamps with some different mediums you might not have thought about- so let’s get started!


A while ago I made this card by using only a portion of some of my fav Uptownie stamps. I really had fun doing it so I thought I’d make another one for this tutorial.


It’s a nice and simple card to do but made using only a small proportion of each of the stamps to give a completely different look.

I used Madison Has A MargeritaVienna On Her VespaMaybelline Loves Mail and Ava Loves To Celebrate. The sentiment is from Samantha And Sierra Take A Selfie.


A tip for a project like this is to stamp out on scrap paper all the images you think might work for the project

stephabella3 stephabella4

Then use the frame you’re using for the project to help you select what images might work best and to plan out what part of the image you’re going to use- bearing in mind, you might want to do some masking like I did with Perry’s pear. It also helps with placement of the frame as it’s sometimes interesting not to centre the image – like with Molly, I didn’t want any white space above her head as I wanted to show off as much of her dress as possible.


Here are the Uptownies I picked for this project all coloured up.

I used Molly Makes A DetourPerry On Her LaptopBrynn Has A Baby Shower and Isabelle Loves Ice Cream.

As you can see for the final image, I masked off Perry’s pear and Brynn’s other arm.

And here is the finished project…


It’s a lot of fun to use more than one gorgeous Uptownie on a card, no?

I thought I’d show you a couple of other fun projects you can make using only a portion of a stamp.


How about a tag using a part of Downtown Guy Calvin Loves His Computer?


Or what about a cute teeny tiny matching brad using the wine glass from Reilly Loves To Relax?

stephabella9 stephabella10

Or my personal favs- some cute magnets using part of Charlotte Loves To Shop and Abigail The Artist. Here they are in action on my memo board…

stephabella11 stephabella12

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first Stamping Bella DT Thursday and have maybe been inspired to look at your stamps in a fresh way!