CardMaker magazine BLOG HOP! WOOHOO! oh and a PRIZE!

Hiya sistahs!

I was approached by CardMaker magazine and asked if they can do a blog hop featuring our stamps!  Who would say no at such a wonderful and amazing opportunity! I am so grateful to Brooke for being so patient with me LOL.. I think I drove her a little nuts!

So without further ado…  and with LOTS of thanks to her team for wanting to work with our stamps.. HERE WE GO!

Here is the full list of sistahs participating in the blog hop.  So you should have arrived from TracyMACABELLA’s blog

Here is a list of all the participants.. and seriously?  I always get lost in these blog hops, that’s why I am giving you the master list so you can investigate at your leisure 🙂


Angela Thomas-

Chitra Nair-

Elaine Hughes-

Gini Williams Cagle-

Stephanie Hill-

Jennie Harper-

Michelle Boyer-

Mendi Yoshikawa-

Tracy Valure-

Stacy Morgan-

Tracy Macdonald-


for this post I decided to use one of our BIG WORDS.. 

and this one is PERFECT to share with da sistahs arriving at my blog…. tell me if you agree :).. you can find MONEY CANT BUY HAPPINESS HERE

I also used THIS mojo monday sketch.. I LOVE SKETCHES!!!!


So if you have made your way to my blog, WELCOME!!!  and if you want a chance at winning a prize, leave a comment below!  Tell me what your favorite stamps is.. or why you love stamping so much.. heck (who says HECK?).. tell me anything ya want and you are entered into a draw to win a $25 gift certificate from MOI to YOI (couldn’t find anything to rhyme with MOI.. Ok I coulda said TOI.. but it was too logical and too French LOL).

so here’s something else that rhymes with MOI… and that’s…..




P.S. Bellarific Friday will be on Saturday so we can fully enjoy the HOPPypoo



  1. Mirella says:

    Great news on the hop and a fab creation! Totally agree with this stamp! 🙂 off I go hopping so!

  2. Michele says:

    Now this is an exciting hop—I adore your images. And that sentiment is TRUE!!! Great artists, great design work with great images!!

  3. Angie Brown says:

    This was fun! I just don’t know how to pick a favorite stamp, there are so many that I just love. Young Love is definitely one of my favorites so I’ll go with that one. ?

  4. Amy Young says:

    Fab card, love the layout and mix of prints that you put together… so pretty!

    It’s too hard to choose a favorite stamp but my current favorite SB stamp is probably Sally Rides her Snail, I adore that image!

  5. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    I love all the bellas. I haven’t seen one I don’t need to own. I am slowly getting them all.

  6. Jane Crisci says:

    Hi Em! One of my favorite stamps is Buddy and Jolly.
    The boys are just so adorable!

  7. Robyn says:

    I love all StampingBella but especially I enjoy the color maps. I might change some colors but seeing how it was made originally is great fun!

  8. Barbara Ray says:

    Congrats you are certainly getting out there…I forward to you what I can. I love to stamp because it is not only relaxing but I am able to give to others.

  9. Heather C. says:

    Oooohhh…How exciting!

  10. D.Ann C says:

    Sweet! Love that the card combines with your happiness making prize! : )
    That’s a lot better than the cold soup vichyssoise … Just HAD to add the only thing I could think of that rhymed. : )
    Ok.. Tah-tah

  11. Cathy P. says:

    Congrats to you on this big news, Emily! Your question is unfair – who can pick just one as a favorite. i don’t think I could even pick 1 character or artist! Cathy P.

  12. SUSAN JACOBS says:

    What a beautiful hop. All the cards were beautiful but I liked
    Uptown Girl Fiona loves flowers the best. Thanks for a chance to win some of your lovely work.

  13. TinaS says:

    Hi Emily,
    I agree with Cathy P. – it’s not fair to choose only one favorite 😉 My favorites are the Uptown Girls and the new Tiny Townies…also Petunia and friends and Christine Grove’s images are cool, too…*sigh*
    AND I am one who says HECK (a lot) and I’m German…*giggle*
    I love stamping and coloring because it let me come down and forget the busy and not so fun daily things…it’s like a therapy most of the time…and a bonus if it’s good enough (in my eyes) to give it to someone who needs some color in life, too…;)
    Thanks for your all time funny blog posts 🙂
    Hugs from Germany,

  14. Emily D. says:

    What a wonderful hop.
    Great and inspiring.
    Um – I could not leave a comment on Stephanie Hill’s Post. Not sure if anyone else had the problem.
    I will try again.

  15. Linda Gorman says:

    I love all of your stamps. I just made 40 invitations to my daughter in law’s baby shower using “It’s Girl Time”. They turned out amazing!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Denise gebalski says:

    My fav is uptown girl bubbles……the girl in the tub! Thanks for a chance to win.

  17. steph says:

    Great hop. Love the projects. Love the Tiny Townies – so cute! and your Big Words card – it’s just perfect!

  18. Sue McW says:

    I love “the Bella’s”!! Great blog hop! Seeing the beautiful coloring always inspires me.

  19. Maria Alder says:

    Fabulous cards, I love them all ! Great sentence, so true.
    Love doing blog hop’s 🙂

  20. Emily says:

    Hi Em,
    Great hop. Oh My Goodness… the talent of them all.
    Love your big words card.
    I say HECK, because we aren’t supposed to say H E double hockey sticks. LOL


  21. Ayesha says:

    I’m new to bellas and am oh so obsessed with uptown girls atm …. Why I love them? Coz they make me nostalgic I see myself and my friends in them they’re just lovely… I’ll probably own most at some point but I’m dying for Beatrice and Barbara for now ??….
    Congrats for your hop! (Don’t have a clue what’s it about though eek!!! Sounds good lol) oh and am dying to participate in your weekly craft challenges .love love your blog too your hilarious comments always bring a smile …last but not the least thanks for the generous giveaway
    Best regards ?

  22. Lesliediana says:

    My mind exploded when you asked me to pick a fav cause I couldn’t. So my fav for right now is TT Amanda. She handles her awesomeness so well.

  23. Janet D. says:

    The blog hop was wonderful, lots of great inspiration! Love Milton!!

  24. Lucy Woods says:

    Oh I looove this card! Perfect sentiment and such a gorgeous design! I love the tiny townies and all the uptownies! Can’t get enough of them! 🙂
    Lucy x

  25. Carla Hundley says:

    Love blog hops and
    seeing all the creations!
    My fave stamp is a personal
    one I had made to use on my
    projects. Have been using it
    for 25 or more years!
    Carla from Utah

  26. Judy Rozema says:

    I love the stamp you in this card!! Your card is awesome!

  27. Jennise Knight says:

    Love the Bella stamps! Today reminded me why I love being crafty, because it’s quality time spent stamping with my dear friend!! Thank you for sharing….and where do I get this fabulous stamp??? 😀

  28. Darci Powers says:

    Oh yaw on the hop….awesome! I love all of your stamps, but especially the uptown girls, I will never rest until I own every one! AND I say heck all the time, no clue why????

  29. Denise I says:

    My favorites are definitely the uptown girls…never get enough of them!

  30. kate says:

    Totally love uptown girls but love your coloring guides alot! Thanks for all the ideas.

  31. Mendi Yoshikawa says:

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome hop! Love stamping for all the fun techniques and the opportunity to color like I’m five years old again. 🙂

  32. Denise Bryant says:

    Love this fun sentiment on your pretty card, along with the fun mix of patterns and colors!!
    Loved the hop, but could not seem to leave a comment on Stephanie’s blog! So many delightful creations to see on each stop of the hop!
    Name a favorite stamp? Couldn’t possibly narrow it down to only one!

  33. Kathi says:

    Uptown Girls RULE!

  34. Jeannean M says:

    Ohhh! You’re actually my first stop on the hop! I am new to Stamping Bella and in love with many stamps!! How fun is this hop going to be!!! Yay!

  35. Lynette N says:

    I love how all your stamps seem to have a story/character of its own, and not standalone figures that we see in most stamps. Your cards are awesome too!

  36. I love all the Bella Stamps, but my favorite are the Uptown Girls!

  37. Amanda Fluri says:

    The hope is incredible. Some true talent on this design team. They do your stamps total justice! Thanks for the amazing inspiration! I cannot wait to get my hands on some of your new stamps!

  38. marylouh says:

    Very appropriate sentiment.
    Love the layering.
    thanks for sharing a great card.

  39. Maja says:

    I can totally agree with your stamp 🙂
    I couldn’t pick just one favourite stamp, but I can say that I love every stamp from Uptown girls and from Tiny townies.
    Hugs from Slovenia 🙂

  40. Brooke says:

    The color palette on this card is so pretty! Thanks for joining us for a hop and no, you did not drive me nuts! 🙂

  41. sherry butcher says:

    who can pick just one as a favorite? Love the very appropriate sentiment. Thanks for the blog hop, lots of great ideas.

  42. Oh my, my favorite stamp?????? All of them! I love to just sit back and relax and color! Thanks so much for sharing such great stamps!! LOl!

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