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A typical Sunday at da Bella home lol

So it’s Sunday and Ryan is working and I am home with da kidlets. I like them to play “independently” at times (aka give mommy some alonnne time lol) so Tyler asked me if he can put on some face paint (devil theme) and I said yes and Jayden joined him upstairs.. Things were very quiet…. And down comes this MESS of a child I didn’t even recognize. He decided that ADDING water on top of the makeup would make things even NICER lol. This is what came downstairs
And then his sister posed proudly with him
Then we decided to go out for lunch and Jayden decided to dress herself ( she usually nevah matches). This one instance, because she matched albeit not really appropriate for 34 degree weather I allowed her to wear that out lol (legwarmers)
Just wanted to share how glamorous my life is lol.. I must say that we had fun.. Arts and crafts, backgammon.. You name it.
Hope you had as much fun
Mwah to da sistahs’ who can blog from their iPhone ( pardon the blurry iphone pictures)


  1. Alexis says:

    Too cute. Way to let them express themselves. It’s all harmless fun! Happy Sunday.

  2. Sandra says:

    That is too funny! It is great that you let them get messy and I have to say I love the leg warmers!! We had a messy day with kids too – painting the fence. Let’s just say that when you see my 4 year old son from the back, he looks like he is going gray… in one spot. It is latex paint, but it doesn’t wash out that easily!!!

  3. paula says:

    I am having Flashdance flashbacks…. OMG, holy 1980’s! Ya know, your balcony is the perfect height for a good stretch, just sayin’.

  4. maryg says:

    your kids are too cute. and funny. what a combo!

  5. Darsana says:

    Love, love, love the outfit. Wish I could look so good in something like that. My only pair of legwarmers ever were white and purple striped. The were so ugly and I wore them with everything because I was too cool for school (fashion school apparently). How nice for a sunday.

  6. lindaH says:

    Bwahahaha….I’m gonna teach her some stretches next time! But that balcony rail may be just a bit high for her! but this gives me some great ideas for the next surprise activity! Bettah get yourself some yoga gear…just sayin’

  7. Ok, I think what your daughter has on is adorable!!! I remember leg warmers, we thought we were so hot in them!

  8. Oh-EM-GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! how stinkin’ awesome are they?!?!

    uh, who told Jayden she was allowed to get so grown up?!?! :O

    {sigh} I totally live your life in another city 😉 ain’t it great?!


  9. ROFL Your kids are freaking adorable, love it. Mine used to do stuff like that, too. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying it like I did. hee hee

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