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Timestamp: 2014-02-21 14:24:05 UTC


Hiya sistahs!  OMG I am so excited for today’s image too!  Another UPTOWNEEEEEEE…

And her name is MAYBELLINE loves MAIL.  Another fond memory and it still happens to this day.. I love going to the mailbox and hoping to get a package or an actual letter from a friend ! (rarely happens LOL)  Well it does happen and that will be for another blog post.

All I can tell you is that Maybelline is BEYOND excited to get a note from her bestie… Let’s keep the art of letter writing alive by sending a Maybelline to a friend .. P.S. you don’t know how difficult it is to come up with these names LOL.  I LOVE the name MAYBELLINEEEEEE.. (aside from the makeup factor)

Ok enough blabla

Here she is…


Have I mentioned how much I love Daffodils ?  Oh and poppies?

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do 🙂

Here’s Elaineabella’s card using her  ..


Let me know what you think of her!

If you want to win her, place a comment here for a chance!

I am also trying to respond to some of the comments (well trying to respond to all LOL).. your stories and memories you share are so nice and I so appreciate you sharing them with me!

Mwah to da sistahs who REMEMBER.




  1. Robin R says:

    I am loving ALL of the new releases!! LOVE the quote with this one!!

  2. jane shirley says:

    My Mom was the Queen of Snail Mail encouragement – this little girl will be my motivation to keep the tradition alive!! So wonderful to celebrate friendship and encouragement – thanks!!!

  3. She’s beautiful, Em! I can’t wait to get her!

  4. Mary C says:

    Absolutely love her! Who doesn’t love to get mail? Love the sneaky peeks. Keep up the great work…..

  5. Emily W. says:

    Oh, I remember how fun it was to find something in the mailbox with your name on it when you were a kid! (Now, most of what I find with my name on it is bills! LOL!) Such a pretty, happy stamp, though– and I wish I could color like Elaine!

  6. Tina Rucker says:

    Very cute stamp set and definitely a tradition that needs “stepped up” for sure.

  7. Gabriel L says:

    She’s adorable – that’s what my wife would say!!!

  8. Mayumi says:

    So lovely! The sweet hair, the entire girl and the words with it. I need to make room for a lot of new girls!

  9. Love the pretty garden setting for this stylish Uptown Girl!

  10. Shannon Hernadi says:

    I love a “just because” card and this one is beautiful.

  11. Yvonne says:

    Absolutely lovely. Will definitely have to get this stamp.

  12. Teri says:

    Another Girlie to love!!! And I am a mail lover too!!!! I am still writing to my friend who moved away over 20 years ago, it brings such happiness to my soul when I get a letter!!!!!! And my granddaughter who is 5 LOVES to send mail to her aunt!!! She’s always drawing and coloring sweet little messages and popping them in the mail box for her Aunt Jenny! Who loves getting them!!! Win, win situation!!!!! Love the card, too!!!!!

  13. Tammie White says:

    Oh I love this one too! So many stamps so little time!

  14. Laura says:

    Oohhhhhhhh I do LOVE her!! I still love writing and sending a card just to let my friends know I am thinking of them. So excited!!!!

  15. Montse says:

    I love her… Congratulations. She is so sweet…

  16. Suzi says:

    Love her! And the sentiment is perfect.

  17. Kathy says:

    Loving the new stamps… Thanks for the peeks!!! Can’t wait!

  18. Annette Moran says:

    Another beauty! Love that you are encouraging all to send cards, notes, letters….I love that and agree with you, so exciting to get one, very rare and special these days. Keep creating these beauties!

  19. Laila Bianca says:

    Wow Em….that’s me!!!
    I love to check my mailbox every single day…since I was little.
    This one must be mine!!!
    I love it!!!

  20. Heidi H says:

    Gorgeous cards – love all the detail. Looks like so much fun to color!

  21. Donna Ricard says:

    Wow!! Gorgeous stamp and job by Elaine!!

  22. Elaine Hollander says:

    Beautiful image, keep them coming.

  23. Marilyn S says:

    Of course I want her! I want them all!

  24. Linda Gibney says:

    Oh my I’m going to adding a lot of pages to my coloring book. Love these.

  25. Linda allen says:

    Love her. So sweet

  26. Oh how sweet and so true ….the internet has cut out the art of letter writing though hasn’t it.
    A beautiful stamps and gorgeous card xx

  27. This is so cute!!!

  28. my goodness, this is a most gorgeous stamp! I still get excited when the mail arrives…. isn’t that silly? I agree that we should make sure to send cards to the people we care about.

  29. mary says:

    They just keep getting better!!!

  30. Denise I says:

    Another beauty!! Can’t wait for the new release… Wanna c these girls in my mailbox soon!!! ????

  31. jacquie says:

    Just so lovely and well presented. Love them.

  32. Linda Carson says:

    Awe, that sentiment just warms the heart!

  33. Tammi says:

    Oh gosh another CUTE CUTE Uptown girl/card, just love these! This is perfect, I love sending happy mail and finding some in my mail also! ~hugs

  34. Vivi Casale says:

    oh this stamps is great!! cute and sentiment is just awesome! it is a must have in my collection! if I can win, even better!

  35. Nancy Tuttens says:

    Emily –
    Love Maybelline – she’s beautiful. Makes me think of spring !

  36. Crafty 2e says:

    Gorgeous! I cannot wait to get my inky fingers on the beauties from this release!

  37. Janet says:

    I have to have this one!!!!!

  38. Cindy says:

    I love this one!!! I always want to send a card just to make someone smile and I think she would be perfect for so many ~ thank you so much for all you do, your hard work is totally appreciated…

  39. Debbie says:

    Oh my! Maybelline is oh so cute. And the rest! Lovely.

  40. Risé says:

    I love this one … I am a queen of snail mail cards … I still love the old art of letter writing which is soon to become a very lost art. There is still nothing in the world like getting a card and or letter written by a beloved’s own hand … those things become remembered treasures, especially after they’ve passed on … its like being able to keep a piece of them.

  41. Bonnie says:

    If you have not already, find the song “maybelline” by Chuck Berry ( Rock and Roll Hall of Famer from the 50’s).

    This name is cooler than you think.

    Wonderful stamp!

  42. SuzanD says:

    Another hit. Wow getting something in the mail that’s not a bill. What a concept! Love the Uptown Girls.

  43. Ginger Z says:

    I LOVE getting mail too! My hubby (of 27 years tomorrow…Vday) is a Postal Worker and has been delivering the mail for almost 20 years and everytime I send a note or letter I feel good because I’m keeping him employed, and sending a note or letter is so much more personal…especially if it’s a card made with one of Stamping Bella’s awesome stamps!!!! Maybelline is adorable and the saying is too perfect!

  44. chandra says:

    love this one too…can’t wait to buy them all…or win one if i’m so lucky 😉

  45. Tanya says:

    Gorgeous! So pretty 😀

  46. Donna Kebel says:

    I absolutely adore the new stamps in the sneak peek! I can’t wait to use them!

  47. Denimo says:

    Great, great image!! Such a forgotten art, hand-writing a letter/note. Thanks for the reminder.

  48. Nadine White says:

    Loooove this!! Adorable can’t wait to get her!

  49. Bev says:

    Love,love,lover it! I was instantly sitting on that bench reading a letter from my Auntie from Ohio! What a wonderful memory!
    Thank you!

  50. sammy says:

    Must. Have. this. Stamp!!! I love it! And you’ve just reminded me it’s been FAR too long since I last sent a letter to anyone! x

  51. Phyllis says:

    Another GREAT! I am totally excited to have all of these stamps so far. Hmmmmm…… Could there be a “Super Deal” in the makings again? I love Sales!! LOL

  52. Cheri Burry says:

    I too love going to the mailbox and finding something there! Love this stamp

  53. Phyllis Zimmerman says:

    I love her! This new release is awesome.

  54. CinderellaBella says:

    dArLiNg! Love her and yes, happy mail is always wonderful…

  55. Janice Jerolymack says:

    She’s adorable…as are they all. Her name fits her well.

  56. Cathy Barbera says:

    I still love getting something in the mail that isn’t a bill. Maybe that’s why I’m so excited to see new Uptown stamps…I have an excuse to send myself something in the mail. More stamps! Is it time yet? The release date is too far away….lol

  57. Rachel whittaker says:

    Love this idea and stamp!

  58. Susan B says:

    I love, love, love this image and verse.

  59. janice weigand says:

    Love, love, love!!!

  60. Marilyn Cotter says:

    I like surprises in the mail. Great stamp.

  61. Patti says:

    I LOVE her! I love getting and sending mail too. I agree let’s not let the surprise of getting “snail mail” end!!

  62. Violet says:

    I love this one too. Everyone loves to get mail – real mail, not email – especially children. I like to make cards for no reason and pop them into the mail for my grandchildren. Even the older ones seem to like it. This image would be great to send to my oldest and only granddaughter.

  63. Kerri Boucher says:

    that saying is the best..I think I have a new fav!!!!!!

  64. Karen Motz says:

    Maybelline is absolutely delightful! Love her!

  65. Kim Mueller says:

    This is just so beautiful!!! Love them all so far.

  66. Cheryl Smithson says:

    This is the most heartfelt stamp I have ever
    seen! You are amazing!

  67. Tina M says:

    Wow, all these new releases are awesome! Today’s is no exception !
    I love her 🙂

  68. Carol W says:

    omg….these just keep getting better and better…I love this immie as well…oiyyyyy….what to get first…you just keep spoiling us with awesome stamps and sentiments. I am loving these new sneak peeks….wow…

  69. Marci C says:

    LOVE all the new images but this sentiment could not be more perfect!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  70. Carla says:

    I was literally looking for your email this morning to see the next new stamp! Again so cute!

  71. Sandra corkrey says:

    I can’t wait….I am going to be looking in the mailbox everyday!!!
    She is beautiful, would love to win all of them. You are the best!

  72. Laura E. Holt says:

    I LOVE Maybelline Loves Mail and REALLY love the realistic coloring of the image.

  73. Linda West says:

    Thanks for some really great ideas for these uptown girls!!!

  74. Kathleen says:

    I moved from Delaware to Ohio when I was 10, and my mother and best friends’ mother made us write letters to each other – no internet, email, phone (too expensive) – and now, 50 years later (how did THAT happen), we are still friends!! This stamp is perfect! thanks for helping bring memories to mind!

  75. Sue McKibben says:

    Another great uptown girl!

  76. Beverly Soo Hoo says:

    I’m with you…love receiving unexpected mail from friends. Would love sending some out with this image!

  77. Oh, so cute. She´s adorable! I want them all!

  78. Candy says:

    I do remember the days I used to get letters!!
    Unfortunately it doesn’t happen anymore :o(
    I still love to write them but I get an email response
    or a phone call. Sooo Sad.
    This beautiful stamp and saying would be a great way for me
    to still keep in touch and mean so much more.
    Hugs, Candy

  79. Great image!! I love these uptown girls. The images are super sweet and delicate. And yes, I need to start sending my cards again. Thanks for the inspiration ane the reminder.

    Hugs! Joan

  80. Nijah says:

    This is such a great sentiment to let someone know you care! I’m falling in love with all of the new uptown stamps!!! Way to go! I can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

  81. Donna Henderson says:

    I love this stamp so very much. It will be on my MUST list. It is perfect for the cards I make celebrating our museum Victorian Garden.

  82. Marilynne says:

    I have a dear friend that always sends letters..sometimes for no particular reason than to say I’m thinking of you! I will love sending her Madelline and she will love receiving her on her 81st birthday!

    Love love love working with all the girlfriend stamps..they’re my fav!

  83. Jenni King says:

    super cute!! and who doesn’t love getting mail that is not a bill??!!

  84. Irma van oirschot says:

    Snail mail for a card maker…nothing warms the heart like a letter or card in your mailbox! Luvvv Maybeline!

  85. Lynette B says:

    Pleeease! Send her my way!

  86. She is so cute, love her hairdo and those flowers in the garden are gorgeous. Love the sample card, I hope that gets sent to me. I would totally frame it!!!

  87. pinky uk says:

    This one could have so many occasions tied to it, love it.

  88. Nancy Carnes says:

    I love all of your stamp ladies (young and old). My 2 year old great- granddaughter was sooooo excited yesterday to receive a valentine’s card in the mail (from me, of course), and this stamp reminds me of what a thrill it is to receive a card and know someone is thinking of you, no matter how old you are!

  89. Rob Keogh says:

    Maybelline is gorgeous and I need her to come and live at my house. I really love to send cards to keep in touch with friends and family, it also gives me a good reason to be creative.

  90. Holly says:

    I absolutely love her. And you have so inspired me to actually take the time to hand write a note and send it to my ‘Martha Stewart’ auntie out on Vancouver island! But I need maybelline! She need a to meet my wonderful auntie!

  91. Judy says:

    Just luv the new releases! and DON’T ever stop the little stories. I get a kick out of all of them!

  92. Mary O says:

    Hooray for another Uptown Girl!! I love her…wishing I had someone who would send a card to me. Loving all the seek peeks:-)

  93. shannon pearson says:

    My sister is going to love her card make from this cute stamp!

  94. Helen Van Daalen says:

    I love getting mail too – not bills but real mail. It doesn’t happen very often but it sure can brighten your day. When I was growing up there was always a race to the mail box to get the mail.

  95. Casey Thrush says:

    I love the new additions! My favorite are the uptown girls!!

  96. SharonP says:

    Oh yes! Getting mail is always amazing, getting Maybelline in the mail well that my just draw tear to happy recipient’s eye 😀 btw love her name too…yeah hard enough to name kids naming these beauties, wow tough job

  97. diana says:

    Awww… thats pretty! I wish those good old days.. mailing actually letters rather than txt/ emails

  98. Mona says:

    I love Maybelline because I love sending notes to people. You’re absolutely right, mail is so much fun!

  99. arlene burke says:

    Love it. I love all the detail. It will be great to colour. Thanks Em.

  100. Kimberly C says:

    Lovin all the new releases! How to pick!

  101. Christiann says:

    This one is sooo me.

  102. Bity Callahan says:

    I LOVE all of them!!!! These are just presh!!! Keep up the great work. Y’all are sooooo talented.

  103. Valerie ErkenBrack says:

    I haven’t met a soul that does not like to receive a card! The image is beautiful and love all potential of coloring it!

  104. Jan Scholl says:

    I still write letters to the hubby. It’s far easier for me to curse him out in handwriting. 😛

  105. Cam says:

    This release just get’s better and better! Looking forward to tomorrows email : ) And loving this pretty image, MAYBELLINEEEEEE!

  106. Debbie B says:

    Very lovely image. You really have some great talent.

  107. Kimberley K. says:

    Maybelline is gorgeous. I love all of her flowers too!

  108. Maria h says:

    Oh those colors……love it

  109. Flo says:

    So cute. I love it. My pen pal was my grandma and I lost her 4 years ago. This stamp may get me writing again. Thanks.

  110. Sandi Redmann says:

    Super ADORABLE 🙂 I love your stamps

  111. Linda W. says:

    She’s wonderful! Just perfect for me – I love sending and receiving mail.

  112. Gloria says:

    Oh my how cute is Maybelline. I also love to get letters but it is a dying art. I hope this lovely stamp inspires I know it inspired me.

  113. Shirley Stark says:

    Love this stamp. Super cute.

  114. Melissa says:

    I just love this one, and the quote is so beautiful!!!

  115. Gigi says:

    Today’s stamp release is perfect for those of us who really enjoy sending cards and letters to family and friends. Although it’s not often that a letter or card is received on my end, I still love making someone smile with a handmade card; they’re always appreciated.

  116. Jodi K says:

    I love ALL of them. I have several uptown girls. Sooo stinkin cute. Can’t wait to place an order!!!!

  117. Tracy C. says:

    This is so cute! I’d love to have my mailbox in such a pretty setting!

  118. Dottie says:

    Wowie Zowie! This Uptown Girl Maybelline is absolutely delightful. But, then again they all are! I will be placing an order if I don’t win this one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  119. Tracy says:

    She is beautiful. Also going on my wish list! I agree with you, we need to keep the art of letter writing alive. I have an impossible time getting my daughters to write thank you notes, they say, why I thanked them in person. They just don’t understand how fun it is to get something in the mail besides bills!

  120. Dora says:

    Beautiful sentiment. I have never seen anything like this. I wish MAYBELLINE was available as a sculpture too, I would love her next to my mailbox. 🙂

  121. Michelle-a-bella says:

    She is beautiful and I LOVED writing and GETTING letters, still do, even nice long emails is fine by me!! LOL!

  122. Kathleen Brackett says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post! It’s marvelous. Wanna have it!

  123. Holly h says:

    Love love LOVE this!!! Sensational stamp!

  124. Tanya says:

    I love this stamp, the sentiment is so touching! It has certainly inspired me to write more to my loved ones!! X

  125. Karen says:

    I just love coming to your site and seeing what people do with all the new releases. Thank you for sharing them. ?

  126. Jenny says:

    She’s beautiful!

  127. Sabine says:

    Oh my she is just perfect!

  128. Beneta says:

    I love the sentiment and Mabelline and would love to see her in my mail

  129. Pat says:

    I love this one – oh and all the others! But especially this one because it promotes the handwritten! We need to do more of that even though I support e-mail a lot. Getting something in the mail just can’t be beat.

  130. Michelle R says:

    i LOVE the uptown girls. these are so cute.

  131. Laura Turcotte says:

    she is so amazing—loving them all!

  132. Laurie Alexander says:

    Love the Uptown Girls!!! I have them all…I must get this one too!

  133. Meaghan says:

    So detailed, just a beautiful image and sentiment…

  134. Kelli B. says:

    Super cute stamp! The bench with the flowers is perfect for spring!!!

  135. Julieann says:

    Oh I love her. She is just darling. I love all the flowers.

  136. LoriT. says:

    Beautiful! I miss getting real mail 🙁

  137. Lori T says:

    I think she’s AMAZING!!! I think I have to own a few of these UPTOWNIES 😉 They are so adorable!!

  138. F Bond says:

    Simply said “adore her”!!!

  139. suzie says:

    I love her, reminding old time with joy of receiving a letter

  140. Ascension Pardo says:

    So beautiful

  141. Patti V says:

    I’m in love!! I need to send more cards to others!! Love the saying and she is adorable.

  142. thank you so much for choosing me as the winner of this precious stamp! I’ve sent along an email! 🙂

    enjoy your weekend!

  143. Lynn-toomanycrayons says:

    what a pretty quote to go with that lovely image – would love to have that stamp !

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