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Pretty Flowers


As you all know I am an American Idol Junkie.  I am constantly in awe of the fresh talent portrayed on this show.  I am quite disappointed with the results last night, but that is another entry 🙂

For now, if you didn’t watch it and just want to have a HAPPY DAY.. a FEEL GOOD DAY.. A YUMMY and INSPIRATIONAL day, here is a highlight of my favorite happy moments of the show.  I was on the phone with my BFF Mel as the show went on blablabla’ing when all of a sudden we were both quiet.  That’s weird.  I mean REALLY quiet.  This was when Steve Martin came on playing the banjo and having one of his ballads sung by Megan Joy and Michael Sarver

This song was OUTSTANDING.  Mel has an obssession with knowing the words to songs so she can sing to her hearts content.  This was the email I received this morning

Pretty Flowers

If I gave you pretty flowers

If I took you out to dinner

If we walked on by the river

would you invite me in

If I sat down on the sofa

If I told you funny stories

If I moved a little closed

Would you put your hand in mine

If I told you, you were lovely

If I put my arm around you

If I touched you on the shoulder

Would you rest your head on mine

If I took you out to dinner

If I moved a little closer

And I touched you on the shoulder, 

would you make love to me.

Oh my darling, I have loved you

since you took me out to dinner

Since we walked down by the river

Over 30 years ago

When you told me that you loved me 

I hadn’t felt so lovely

Since the day I decided that I would marry you

Well I took you out to dinner

And I told you funny stories

And I moved a little closer

And you made love to me

If I gave you pretty flowers

If I took you out to dinner

If we walked down by the river


Pretty Flowers

Me so happy.   I just feel 19 again and in love.  Hope you are in love too 🙂  

Happy Thursday Sistahs



  1. sydney says:

    i love this song!

  2. Emily says:

    How can you be disappointed with the results. A wonderful person won, one of two very talented people one. Somebody who did not strut around for the last 4 weeks thinking he would win won. Finally, somebody to show our children what it is to be grateful instead of cockey. 🙁

  3. Jessica says:

    I loved this moment on the show as well. Thanks for adding the words as I am now singing them at work–LOL

  4. Pinky says:

    Hi Em – I too was disappointed with the AI results. Adam, not being tied to an AI contract, will soar in his career.

    I am also a lyric junkie and Pretty Flowers is outstanding. It does give that warm and fuzzy feeling doesn’t it?

    Have a warm and fuzzy day hon. Mwah, Pinky

  5. Vicki Burns says:

    Such moving lyrics! Who wouldn’t want to have someone sing that to them? Rick and I are high school sweethearts, friends since the 9th grade. We got engaged at 18, married at 20, first baby at 21. Still married, four kids and one grand-child~and in love like the song~almost 26 years later! TFS

  6. Lindsy says:

    I was really hoping Steve Martin would win AI too ~ LOL 😛
    Thanks for posting the lyrics to the song :O)

  7. Karen Wilson says:

    I have to say I think this was THE BEST American Idol! Last night’s performances were amazing, the whole show was awesome. I love the duets and I LOVED what Kara did!! LOL! That bikini chick irritates! As for the winner, I have to be honest here and say I am very happy Kris won. Kris started out this really quiet kid and he kept getting better and better…when he did Heartbreaker and Appologize, HOLY COW! He blew me away! I was all for Danny before he got voted off. Adam can sing anything and I think he’ll do better on his own, same as what Daughtry did. Adam has amazing talent and he’ll go far regardless.

    Hats off to an amazing season of Idol!!

    Thanks Emily for the lyrics to that song! I LOVED it and they sound so good together!!

  8. Sheena B says:

    Don’t you just love the lyrics to that song? My dearly beloved plays guitar and I so want him to find the sheet music for this so he can play and sing it for me.

    And I jumped up and cheered when Kris won. The judges fawning over Adam turned me off and I had not watched for a few weeks.

    that being said, both finalists will likely do well with their album sales in the coming months.

  9. Karen Wilson says:

    Sheena – Wow, that be so sweet! Hmm, thinking that would be the PERFECT anniversary gift. How sweet would that be?

    I read online that Adam is really happy with Kris and that he feels he deserves the win. I think bc Adam will go far anyway and he knows that. He gushed about playing with Queen and KISS as well…I loved that the idols were able to sing with some really huge artists! I mean, can you even imagine?? Wow…what an experience.

    Hope everyone’s having a great day!

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