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Hiya sistahs!  Hope you are all set for this week long journey with DA BELLA!  Today is my 45th Birthday (OMG)  and I figured what better way to celebrate than to begin our SNEAKPEEKAPALOOZA with my sistahs!

Today we are featuring new characters and new concepts.. Honestly when I first saw these little characters I think I fainted a little.  Then gasped.  Or maybe gasped then fainted?  Well I think I did both not sure the order. LOL.  So this is a warning.  when you see these cuties, you may faint a little.  or gasp a little.. or both a little 🙂

As you know, a lot of our stamps are based on my childhood and other memories.  A little piece of me is in every single stamp.  Our artist Chrystal just “gets” me…. not many people do LOL.  So when we talk about a line, I tell her about my memories.. and she brings them to life.  It’s actually a bit crazy!

Today we are introducing our new characters, THE LITTLES.  you will soon see why I named them that :).  When I was a kit I  LOVED  COLORFORMS.. do you remember that toy?  Where there were little pieces of vinyl shaped  in characters asw well as a laminated background that you can stick the little vinyl pieces to to create scenes and stories?  Let me show you an example of a little piece of my playful past.. colorforms.  Here is a little blurb about the history of COLORFORMS

here is the popular LOGO for colorforms.. I can’t explain the comfort it gives me… that familiar logo. LOVE.

and here is a sample of the set.. I think I may have even had this one.. featuring the smurfs.. see the background smurf house and all the peel and stick characters you can use to create your very own stories?  SIGH. Why can’t I be 5 again LOL.

Ok so now you get where I am going right?

Without further blabla, please meet our LITTLES for today!

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

You still with me?  HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE?  That pig in the one piece? the little LITTLE girl in her little suit.. CANNOT.  each of the glasses can be die cut and popped on the characters..make a scene.. use them alone.. the WORLD is your OYSTAH..

There is also a coordinating “CUT IT OUT” die set for this set.. mmhmm.. my head is spinning.

These will BOTH be available in our June 30th release individually or as a bundle (where you save 15% when purchased together)

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

but WAIT.. there’s more!

What’s a “colorform” set without it’s background?  FEAR NOT my sistahs!  We are also introducing our BACKDROPS stamps today!

Our backdrop stamps are “scene creators”.. nuances to set a theme for your cards.. or simply a place to  stamp and “stick” your images to to TELL YOUR STORY.  These are very simple backgrounds.. intended to spark your creativity and allow you to play!

Here is our BEACH BACKDROP.  Simple right?

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Copic Colouring Video:

NOTE: Elaineabella has filmed the colouring process for all of the new release, but this time will be uploading one or two videos per day to her Marker Geek YouTube channel until they are all uploaded, if you don’t want to miss any, make sure you subscribe to her channel!

we are also introducing a new SUMMER SENTIMENTS set.. I just love all of these sentiments and fonts .. they were so much fun to create and I know they will be so much fun to use!

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Check out this card by Jennybella using our BEACH backdrop , our LITTLES ice cream and LEMONADE set and a sentiment from our brand new SUMMER SENTIMENTS set.. You will see that little shell she tucked in the sand in another LITTLES set! Our SANDCASTLE SET (see below)  All of these sets are interchangeable and can be put all together.. buy one, collect them all. They are THAT. MUCH. FUN.  Bella’s Honour.

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

This card is by Sandiebella using different elements from the set.. gorgeous!

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Here’s another card by Sandiebella.. Here our little LITTLE is blowing bubbles. That WAND?  the BUBBBBLESSSS?   HAVE YOU EVER?  I haven’t and will not EVER.. That’s how cute it is LOL.

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Next we have our LITTLES PALM TREE SET.

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

I mean COME. ON.

There is also a coordinating “CUT IT OUT” die set for this set..

These will BOTH be available in our June 30th release individually or as a bundle (where you save 15% when purchased together)

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

and here are some samples 🙂

This card was made by Elaineabella using our BEACH BACKDROP, the PALM TREE from our PALM TREE SET ,  you will meet our LITTLES girl tomorrow 🙂 and the BIKINI Piglet and the bikini clad kitty.. ALL tomorrow.  But look at the backdrop.. look at that palm tree… see what I mean about the whole “COLORFORM” principle?  LOVE!

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Here’s Shelabella’s card using our LITTLES PALM TREE SET and SUMMER SENTIMENTS set.  CANNOT.

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Here’s ALICEWERTZabella’S card.. you will meet the crab tomorrow (see how interchangeabela all these sets are?)   THAT TURTLE (cannot) and the coconut drink are from this set.  Sentiment is from our new SUMMER SENTIMENTS SET

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

and Sandiebella’s card… SIGH

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Last set for today is our LITTLES SANDCASTLE set

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

There is also a coordinating “CUT IT OUT” die set for this set..

These will BOTH be available in our June 30th release individually or as a bundle (where you save 15% when purchased together)

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

and some samples? OUI OUI?

Here’s Jennybella’s card using our BEACH BACKDROP, Our SUMMER SENTIMENTS set and our LITTLES SANDCASTLE SET.. I love the ducky balancing on the shell while holding the shovel.. SEE WHY THESE ARE SO MUCH FUN??
Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

Here’s Elaineabella’s card using our LITTLES Sandcastle set and SUMMER SENTIMENT set AND of COURSE our beach backdrop!

Stamping Bella SNEAK PEEK JUNE 2017-

I really hope you love the BACKDROP idea and the LITTLES as much as I do!

All these images will be available on JUNE 30th but will only be shipped starting on July 5th due to the holidays!  The sooner you will get your order in the higher up on the shipping list you will be 🙂

Leave a comment for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate to our shop and let me know what you think!  I love getting comments from da sistahood.  I read each and every one!

See you tomorrow for more amazing goodness!



  1. Hazel parr says:

    In the UK we had fuzzy felts. Same idea just a different twist. Love these little cutie pies. You’re not helping with my SB addiction. I’ve already had to go from 2 to 3 drawers full of your stamps!!
    Crafty hugs
    Hazel xxx

  2. Heidi says:

    I just love these cuties, they are so adorable and tiny, AND perfect for summer!

  3. Melanie Hampton says:

    OMG, cuteness overload!!!! Love love love them all. ???

  4. Mary Jo says:

    I love these! Endless possibilities…the wheels are turrning…

  5. Sue says:

    Happy Birthday Emily!

    Oh my – these are gorgeous, Day 1 of the peeks and I have already started my list! Better get a bigger piece of paper!
    Have a super day,
    love from

  6. SarahC says:

    Neat! Love the sentiments. So many ideas and cute as can be.

  7. Jennifer Dix says:

    Happy Birthday to you hoping you got Amazingly Spoilt and got lots of yummy cake too! Thankyou for sharing this new and Awesome collection with us looking forward to July 5th shopping day!

  8. Nicole Wright says:

    These are so cute and fun.

  9. Cindie C says:

    OMG…. I remember the color forms. Brings back sooo many memories. These new stamps are darling. Endless possibilities.

  10. cindy says:

    Ok now you’ve done it – you made something even cuter than you chicks!!!

  11. Michele B says:

    Such fun summertime stamps!

  12. Terri Sandoval says:

    I remember those, brilliant idea…so cute! Love the simplicity of the beach and design. LOVE Stamping Bella!

  13. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    What a way to start a release. I have so many of your sets already, I really don’t need more, but I so want them. So I guess I will have to have them.

  14. Gail Tassey says:

    Palm Tree!! Palm Tree!! Sand hills, and of course the littles , right now on my wishlist. These are awesome! and the Sentiments… must have!
    thanks for making my stamping adventures so much fun.

  15. Gina Harding says:

    These are the cutest! Makes you want to sit in the sun on the beach (and stamp of course!!)

  16. Brenda Rutherford says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Emily. It’s my birthday tomorrow but I’m just a little older than you ( whispering 61 ) lol. I had what we called fuzzy felts as a child which was similar concept to your vinyl scenes and I remember playing with them for hours. I loved them so am really looking forward to making scenes with your new little cuties. Hope you had a fantastic day xx

  17. Joie says:

    Too cute! Can wait to see more ?

  18. Linda says:

    How cute! Love the beach scenes.
    I just bought a set of Colorforms. I was going to use them for my grandson’s scrapbook, but he saw them and had to have them. They’re a set of “Peppa Pig” characters. The set is quite small (maybe I just remember the originals as being bigger). It brought back such fun memories and then I saw this post!

  19. Teri says:

    Loved those sets as a kid! Can’t wait to see everything else as I’m loving these too!

  20. Angie Brown says:

    These summer stamps are super fun!

  21. Bonnie Brang says:

    June 30 is too long to wait!

  22. Karin says:

    Wow!!! How perfect for summer!!! I can’t wait to see more of the background stamps!!!

    Happy birthday, Elaine!!!

  23. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday to you! It’s my birthday also on the 27th and I would be 40 years old … oufff !! These new boards of stamps are extraordinary, I adore them all!

  24. Karin says:

    Loops! Sorry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!

  25. Sara says:

    Omg! These sets are so cute!!!! I love the blondie and her little duck!!

  26. Jodi C says:

    So amazing?!! Love everything……. the perfect summer release, can’t remember when I have loved a “sentiment” stamp so much. Art is GORGEOUS ?, Thanks.

  27. Heather Clay says:

    I love making scene cards, and these are perfect for that. So exciting!

  28. Candace says:

    Cute beyond words! I soooo loved Colorforms as a kid.

  29. Heather says:

    These are adorable.

  30. Rochelle Jackson says:

    ??? Sooo creative!

  31. Linda Cole says:

    I love the concept and just love the littles!!

  32. BunnyD says:

    That cat doing the vogue pose slays me! What a fun concept! Way to go guys!

  33. Debbie says:

    I love these! And Colorforms bring back so many good memories!

  34. Lilibet says:

    Ooo love them all. They all mix and match – surely you can’t have one set without the others &a the sentiments are fab. I love making sunny bright cards xx

  35. April Lopez says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! Those stamps are absolutely adorable. Love the idea of the prepared backdrop. So awesome.

  36. Marilyn Scheller says:

    Happy Birthday!
    These are super cute and I love the pig from The Littles. The backdrop is such a good idea and these sets definitely compliment one another. Perfect!

  37. Cynthia Cole says:

    Happy Birthday! The Littles are just too darn cute.

  38. Lillian Djurfelter says:

    Absolutely super cute sets and I can predict a new large hole in the wallet in the near feature. I love every single one of these and can’t wait for next sneek peek ?.

  39. Dot J Freel says:

    Loving the littles! Love the scenes! Great cards by the designers.

  40. Niki Jorgensen says:

    Great cards, they really show off the new stamps well! Love the palm tree, and the sayings…will be hard to wait!

  41. Lillian K says:

    Totally love those Littles! They will be great for un summery cards. Now I´m really excited to see the rest of this release!

    • Lillian K says:

      Totally love those Littles! They will be great for fun summery cards. Now I´m really excited to see the rest of this release!

  42. Laura P. says:

    Hi Em, and a very Happy Birthday to YOU!!

    Yes, I loved Colorforms, too! Even brought them on car trips when my kidlets were small, before the age of dvds in cars! Now I have Stickees, which are like Colorforms and I use them on my windows and mirrors for all the big holidays!

    The new release is just adorable! All of the characters are so sweet, and I think the greetings hint at more to come. The backgrounds are genius! Wouldn’t it be fun to die cut these images on magnet sheets (safer than magnets) and have an interactive play set?! Wheels are turning!

    Enjoy your special day…eat (or drink) something yummy!

  43. Carole says:

    Just stunning those DT makes are fabulous wish I was on that beach !! Love and hugs Carole x

  44. Rachel D says:

    I love these littles!!! They are wonderful and take me back in time. These stamps are so quick and easy to color if you are short on time to make a card! Thank you!

  45. Andrea Shell says:

    Oh my WORD! I want ALL the Littles!!!

  46. Casey Thrush says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!! These are all sooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Camille C says:

    So cute and fun for summer!

  48. Kerys says:

    Happy birthday!!
    We had fuzzy felts in the UK when I was growing up – same thing but using felt. I loved them!
    Super excited to be seeing these in stamp form – I love all these sets. I’m not sure my bank balance or my hubby will be as keen, just need to find a good hiding place! lol! My box of SB stamps is beginning to burst at the seams – you are seriously enabling my addiction ‘ lol!
    Can’t wait to see more – my head is spinning with ideas. Thanks x

  49. Tracy Gentry says:

    Oh my gosh, colorforms, you take me back, I loved those!!! This sneak peak looks awesome, as always, my wallet is in trouble when there is a new Stampingbella release!

  50. Caron says:

    Absolutely adorable…I can’t wait…the littles are amazing!

  51. Linda M says:

    Adorable little cuties! Can’t wait to see more!

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    Oh my goodness!! These are the cutest!!!! I can’t wait til the 30th!

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    These are too cute!! I remember playing with Colorforms when I was a kiddo-I had the smurf one! Love these new stamps!

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    These are really cute! Endless possibilities to use them!

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    oh gawsh!!! How cute, CUTE!! are they?!? Cannot believe it –I am in love with these!

  56. Debbie says:

    Yes! I remember Colorforms! My daughter loved them! Another awesome newbie for Stamping Bella!

  57. Jane Crisci says:

    These newbies are adorable!

  58. Amanda Dellamano says:

    These Littles are so stinkin’ cute! I love the backgrounds also. I’m always struggling with what to do but these will help!

  59. Julie bock says:

    Omg these are super adorable!!!!

  60. Denise Bryant says:

    Such a fun set! I remember the Colorforms too and I had some… I think mine were Yogi Bear!

  61. Mary Mary says:

    Summer time fun! Makes me want to go the beach and enjoy the fun too. Simply adorable.

  62. Claudia G says:

    Omgosh! These are just fantastic! Friday please hurry and get here!!!

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    Oh my goodness! How sweet are these! Squee!

  64. Roxy Jones says:

    Too darling for words – such creative people you are.

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    OMG! I need all of these!

  66. Francine says:

    colorforms! what a jaunt down memory lane. I loved them then and I sure do think I’m luvin’ the littles now. Can’t wait for this release!

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    I have no idea which set(s) I absolutely have to have first ?! They’re all so much fun especially the little characters in each set. I want them all!

  68. Carole says:

    OMG!!! These are too cute! I cannot…..

  69. Donna B says:

    Love the summer cards. I watched the beach background video. Fabulous! Learned a lot. Thank you!

  70. Jeanne K says:

    Happy birthday Emily! I hope you have a great day and your family treats you like a queen! My birthday is Tuesday and now I know what to tell the kiddos I want for my birthday – more stamps! These are so cute. And the Colorforms reference really takes me back; they were some of my favorite toys too, along with crayons and coloring books. I guess that’s why I love stamping! Can’t wait to see the rest of the release.

  71. Debra J says:

    First…Happy birthday to Emily! May you have lots of cake with zero calories! 🙂
    Second…I’d like to say STOP with the cuteness!, but where is the fun in that? Love the idea. I can already tell my list will be long! Thank you for the cuteness overload.

  72. Barbara C says:

    Colorforms! What a wonderful memory! And these new stamps are wonderful too…can’t wait to see the rest of the release! Adorable!
    Happy Day!

  73. Linda C says:

    Happy Birthday Emily! Hope you have a wonderful day! I adore these beachy scenes and especially how you made it easy with the backgrounds! Fabulous!

  74. JosyS says:

    Love the Littles and the backdrop idea is great!

  75. Janet D. says:

    The Littles are adorable! So much summer fun! Great story about Colorforms, and it is a great memory!

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    Love, love, love!!!

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    Why? Why do you always make me wait for these new releases? Do you not understand that I just can’t wait?

    I want them ALL NOW!

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    Always loved colorforms growing up! Such a great idea ….love the back drop and such cute beachy stuff! Going to b a great release!

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    You have a wonderful. Birthday?
    The backdrops are the greatest idea ever. All the stamps are so cute
    Thank you

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    These are so cute! What a fun set to create a summer scene! Happy Day!

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    Aww these are sooo cute and fun! I love the sentiments too!
    Lucy x

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    I love those sentiments and the cards are stinkin’ cute!!!!

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    Happy Birthday #45! What a sweet way to celebrate with these adorable characters! Great backdrops as well. What I love the most are the wonderful sentiments. Keep ’em coming!

  87. Nancy T says:

    How versatile. Happy 45th. Looking forward to the next sneak peeks.

  88. Queen Mary says:

    How cute are these bits and pieces for scene making!!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! this is awesome love in case I did not say that Awesome job DT team!!!

  90. Dixie says:

    Like you, I loved those Colorforms and spent hours playing with the sets I had! That I can “play” as an adult with these just simply makes my childish heart happy! The possibilities of these are endless and having some for each season would be amazing! Can’t wait for more sneak peeks!!!

  91. Nancee Purdum says:

    First of all, Happy Birthday Em! Second, what cuties are these! I see some hopping in my shopping cart already! LOL! 🙂

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    Sooooo cute!!!

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    OMG! These could not be any cuter…my pocketbook is screaming! I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these.

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    Happy Birthday! Adorable new release. I can’t wait to see the rest.

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    Oh how adorable!!! I love how cute they are!

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    I love summer stamps and these are fantastic! Just when I think you can’t release anything cuter, you come up with a whole new level of cuteness! I’m swooning!!

  97. Katrina says:

    So many fun beach elements! All gorgeous!

  98. Lori Morency says:

    First, Happy Birthday to you today and me Tuesday! What fabulous birthday gifts your creating! I especially dig the sad castle and beach backdrop! And all the Littles are far cuter than any of the Color Forms of my childhood, and like you, I LOVED those things. Can’t wait to see the rest of your sneak peaks, but so far, my b’day wish list is off to a good start.

  99. Amy Young says:

    First off, happy birthday! I feel like we are the ones getting a gift though with these SUPER adorable new stamps! I love these Littles and can already envision so many different scenes with them… too fun. And I totally remember Colorforms and had my fair share of them growing up. I can remember playing with them until all the little images lost their stick and eventually went missing. Still great fun though, LOL!

  100. Jane says:

    Wow, super cute and so many variations, great team work. Love Jane x

  101. Birgit Norton says:

    So much cuteness already and it’s just day one. I love the color forms background idea! I remember wanting those as a child. So, so cute!!

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    What a cute set and yes I remember playing with color forms growing up

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    I remember the Colorforms!! These stamps are so cute and the background – Super! Great coloring!

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    Awwww what an adorable release! These stamps would make for really cute projects of all kinds! Also, happy belated birthday!

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    They really do remind me of colorforms.

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  132. Diane Rasmussen says:

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    If I happen to have Primadolls is because of swaps. No chance to get them in my country! Would L O V E to get this cuties!

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  138. Allison says:

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  140. Shelli says:

    If I had these stamps, I would have made you a birthday card. Sorry.
    But have a Great Birthday!

  141. Bonnie L says:

    Aww, super cute! Love the tinies and all their stuff! heehee

  142. Debbie says:

    I so fondly remember colorforms and playing with them when I was a child. What a great way to bring them to life. I can “play” but bring joy to others by bringing them to life in cards. Thank you!!

  143. Lisa Trickett says:

    So much fun! So many things o can create with just one bundle.

  144. Holly Hughes says:

    What a great stamp set!! Love all the pieces to it! Like you, I definitely remember the colorforms. I may still have some in my attic! LOL! This would be the cutest set to kind of make your own. they might not cling, but how cute would they be to make a scene with!! Thanks!!

  145. Teresa says:

    I love the backdrop idea! I need to start saving for this release ?

  146. Carisa says:

    Wow…I feel transported back to my childhood. I totally had and played with those! I see the inspiration and love the new collection. So fun!

  147. Anika Mercier says:

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  148. D.Ann C says:

    What fun summer sentiments and adorable playful scenes! I can see printing these on vinyl to play with like Colorforms, too!

  149. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    There are 3 girls in my family. Guess who had sets of Colorforms? All of us! Oh yeah, and that Logo brings back plenty of memories and I turned 63 this year so I totally had a bunch. The one I remember had a kitchen and all the cooking stuff and you could cook in it. I wasn’t 3 or 4 when I was allowed to cook with my grandmother like the kids on Chopped on Food Network so this was my pretend kitchen. Hey, I even had an Easy Bake Oven and a Drive-In Grill and both used a light bulb to cook!
    You are right, these do look like Colorforms, a lot like Colorforms. I love the cuties in the bathing suits and that duck! I love them all but then again, if I was a Kardashian, I would want one of each please. Kim probably wouldn’t say please and I would already have one of each of all of your stamps.
    Did you know you can buy some vinyl on Amazon to use on cards that you could cut that would be like Colorforms? I have 2 kitchen drinking glasses that someone made for me with circles and flowers on them from this vinyl stuff. They did it somehow in the microwave because I saw them putting one in when I was buying from them because they are stuck to the glass and I have put them in the dishwasher & washed them by hand. It feels like that Colorforms stuff. Just putting that out there for those who would like to try that.
    Loving the new releases, I just wish I had the money to buy some.

  150. Gloria says:

    Great stamps!

  151. Donna says:

    Girls just wanna have sun and beach happy! Does that say it all with this adorable beach set. I can’t wait. Adorable images, great coloring and just fun, fun, fun … in the sun!

  152. Cindy G. says:

    I love anything flip flops! I start wearing mine even before the last freeze hits the area! LOL

  153. Susan Pezza says:

    Love the Beach Backdrop, it can be used for so many things to create so many scenes with so many stamps!! I’m in love! Thanks for sharing!

  154. Wendy Nicola Jackson says:

    Love the DT creations! A really fun release! Hugs, Wends xoxo

  155. Aileen says:

    So mant cute littles and just love the backgrounds and all t sentiments and bits and pieces pulling it all together to make such wonderful cards. Well done on an amazing release.

  156. Sabrina Radican says:

    My grandchildren are absolutely going to love receiving cards from this release!!

  157. Katrina says:

    Just love the pig in the swimsuit, unbelievably cute :o) Fabulous samples from the team xx

  158. Deborah says:

    Lol that pig in a swimsuit!!! Super cute!!

  159. Jill Rauenhorst says:

    Tiny pigs…so cute!

  160. Teresa MacKenzie says:

    OhMyGravy I remember Colorforms. A blast from my past. So adorable I can’t wait for the remainder of these sneak peaks.

  161. Der Her says:

    Loving it!!

  162. Tanya says:

    These are the business, so cute 🙂

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