it’s CRAZY TOOSDAY sistahs– and that means CRAZY PRICES!

It’s Crazy Tuesday sistahs.. and you know what that means?  It means 3 hand picked images at 3 hand picked CRAZY prices!  Why do we host this wonderful event once a month?  To THANK YOU.. our faithful sistahs for your loyalty and for your business.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to feel the magic of stamping.  Yes STAMPING IS magical.  Inking up the stamp, carefully pressing it on to chosen material, gently lifting that stamp up and seeing the impression?  NO. BETTAH. FEELING.  You really feel like an artist.. and that is one helluva feeling.  Trust me.  So if you have a friend teetering on the edge.. wanting to stamp but unsure, SHOW HER or HIM this newsletter… give a little push.  Tell him/her to try.. and I PROMISE.. BELLA PROMISE that they will never turn back.  I haven’t 😉  and I get bored easily.  This has been 11 years and counting and I just keep getting more and more excited.  I hope you do too.  Please share the love of stamping with your friends and family.. let them see why we are as “crazy” as we are.. it just takes once to get hooked 🙂

Here are our offerings for today!


This offer lasts until MIDNIGHT tonight and then POOF it’s gone!

also remember that MISTER POSTIE SIGNS OF SPRING has a corresponding “CUT IT OUT” die which is available too!

Enjoy sistahs!



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