bellarific friday

It’s Bellarific Friday!

Hiya sistahs!

Hope you are having a great week!  Well, things have taken a downwards turn over here.  hmph.  My father was in tremendous pain in his leg/hip area and after being x-rayed and ct-scanned,  they realized that the hardware that they put in him was defective/deteriorated and is rubbing against the bone. SO back to square one.  He is back in the hospital awaiting SURGERY #2 to replace the hardware with a new “system”.  It’s AWFUL sistahs.. first of all that I cannot be there until next week.. and second that he has to go through this whole Shlemazel all over again.  Oh well.. it could be worse, right?  We have to keep a positive attitude and keep strong.

Now for this week’s bellarific Friday our theme was to use your FAVORITE embellishment.. I can’t even count how many favorite embellishments I have .. If I could only show you a snippet of my basement and all my collections.. (#tooembarassed)

We have a GUEST DESIGNER for our Bellarific Fridays for June.. we have CARLA MURPHY! aka CARLABELLA.. remember her?  We all loved Carlabella so much.. then she decided to take a break.. hmph.  But now she’s back.. YIPPEE!!  You can take a looky at her blog HERE

Our baberoonis not only have the embellishment challenge but they also have to mix it with our STAMP OF THE MONTH which is I’LL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK STUFFIES.. one of my favorite stamps EVAH.  Every first Bellarific Friday of the month, our babes work to inspire you on how to use our stamp of the month.. brilliant no?  me thinks yes!

Ok enough blabla

Here we go!

Here’s Carlabella’s card


AliceWERTZabella’s card


Danabella’s card


Faye-W-J-abella’s card


Kerribella’s card


Lesliebella’s card


and da INSIDE!


Sandiebella’s card


Shelabella’s card


Stephabella’s card


Tracybella’s card


TracyMACabella’s card


Tell me this doesn’t make you wanna RUN.. i say RUN to get this stamp.. colour it 35000 times and stare at it.. LOL .  I Can’t.

And NOW for our amazing Sistahood using their favorite embellishments

Click on THIS post and scroll to the bottom to see this week’s INLINKZ contributions!

and now for our emailed contributions


Margo used Senior-ita GLADYS the superhero




Now for next week’s theme?

A MOJObella sketchypoo! (all of our MOJOBELLA sketches are created by the amazing Julee from VERVE stamps)

mojoBella 12

Happy creating!!



  1. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Thank you for including my card! I knew I should have sent it earlier but life got in the way. I love all the cards! It’s amazing how many different cards you can get out of one stamp! You go girls!
    You and your dad are both in my prayers. I can just imagine how it stinks what he is having to go through. We just had to take my dad to the VA hospital which is a 1 hour drive from our house or maybe even a little more depending on traffic and he was not looking forward to it. They are trying to increase his VA benefits but not until he gets a check up from them. It seems he goes to a lot of doctors but they are in our town, not out of town. I hope you can sue them for that defective thing they put in him. He should not have to go through more surgery! Keep us updated, please.

  2. Stunning work ladies, LOVE the variety. I wish your Dad a speedy recovery. Em, you know you have all your minions support and thoughts with you. As we say in OZ ‘She’ll be right mate’ & hug 🙂

  3. Andressa says:

    Speedy recovery for your dad!

  4. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Hopefully this time things will go right! Love seeing all the great creations! 🙂

  5. Kathy Andrews says:

    I’m so so sorry to hear about your father – nobody should have to go through that surgery twice, but yes, we’ll be positive and know that this is the solution and everything from here on will be GREAT. You have such a positive outlook that it can’t go any other direction but up. 🙂
    You are both in my Prayers.

    Love the elephants… they might have to come into my collection.

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