Card Samples

ya wanna see a JUMBO

lilypad in action?  Please refrain from laughing at my constant change of my watermark.. IF YOU WANNA CALL IT THAT.. I am having ISSUES… *giggles*

 [photopress image=”nickyjumbolilypad.jpg”]

 I love this card and it fits da bellas in it too.. it’s such a great shadow.. I LOOOOOVE IT (in all three sizes… oh and the golf bag and sentiment are mine too in case you were wondering…..)  I will try to post a sample of the medium lilypad too.


Let me know if you ladies like them.. I really do!  (ya, AS IF you will write a comment “Em, Nicky, this card SUCKS”).. can you IMAGINE???? OMG…… 

Please refrain from all comments

yours truly




  1. Thanh says:

    Yes, you two suck. LOL

    I had to be the one that said that. No one else will! With seeing all these samples, Im beginning to really regret not taking any of Nicky’s classes while I was out in Ontario. Boooooo.

  2. CMCAnne says:

    Very cute card … I’d love to see the jumbo lilypad with some bellas! Give this poor not-a-creative-bone-in-her-body gal a little help! 🙂

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