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WHY does something like GLUE make me HAPPY?

Here we go with the INANIMATE object stuff.. and how much I LOVEY IT!  Wait til I show you THIS!!

It allllllllllllllllllllllll started when I decided to take an online class with Kelly Kilmer on Art Journaling (one of the many classes I have been taking).  The class I am taking is called A LIFE MADE BY HAND.  It is so wonderful.  As I always say about art journaling is that the process means more to me than the end result.  Kelly mentions wonderful art supplies she uses which I will update you on here unless you take the class which I really recommend.

The first supply she mentioned was the COCCOINA GLUE STICK. Then I investigated further and found the COCCOINA GLUE PASTE (YUMMALISH) and the LIQUID GLUE.  The amazing thing about these glue sticks and paste and liquid is that they are ALL NATURAL, made with ALMOND OIL, have amazing “stickability”, are acid free and smell like a FRESHHHHHH MARZIPAN.  AND… There are NO CALORIES!  LOL.  Kelly uses these gluesticks with GUSTO.  I just tried them and am in LOOOOVE!! Oh and they are made in Italy… YUM.  They should smell like Pizza, no? lol

da GLUE sticks

da GLUE sticks

da ROLLER liquid glue

da ROLLER liquid glue

da PASTE.. has a little well in the middle and has a little brush

da PASTE.. has a little well in the middle and has a little brush

I will also be carrying some gift journals just cuz I could NOT resist and wanted to share with da sistahs! so stay tooonedddddd in the what’s new section!

Ok couldn’t wait.. had to SHARE the SMILE JOURNALS.. are they not SOOO ME? All handmade leather in Italy, 5″*7″ and is refillable.  Amazing to keep with you or to gift 🙂

do you LOVEY da GLOOOOOOO????????

Also got some new 7 GYPSIES GOODIES!!!! and will be receiving MOST OF EVERY PIECE OF NEW AMERICAN CRAFTS!!! (having them overnight it so I will receive on FRIDAY!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!)  See some of the perks of NOT going to CHA?  I get the stuff BEFORE da peeps get back! LOL.

So excited so tomorrow will be a POSTING NEW STUFF DAY!

Also, DON”T FORGET this week’s BELLARIFIC friday theme is BIRTHDAY.. and you can send to me by Thursday evening

Mwah to da sistahs who love GLOO and nice new goodies



  1. paula says:

    love…LOVE pizza, but would rather smell the glue in a fresh clean scent…NOT like Pizza Hut! hehe will we have some for me to sniff in a few weeks????

  2. Leslie W. says:

    OMG! How i love the smile journals and the gloo too! Does this mean that you will have the dear lizzy paper this weekend???

  3. Angela P says:

    I LOVE glue sticks! I used to use Ross brand, and now can’t find them anymore…. Makes me sad! I would like to try these!

  4. Lorie H says:

    okay leslie just told me about the smile journals….love them!!! so strange i had the yummy smelling glue years ago.

  5. Jamie M says:

    Em I LOVE the glue, can’t wait to try it out and those journals are fabby.

  6. Karen says:

    Cool glue! I remember seeing Martha Herself use that little pot of glue and it looked like such a neat thing. Very old fashioned but very hip too. Here’s hoping it will be available in Bellaland!

  7. Leslie G. says:

    Nice smelling glue? Fab! LOVE the journals too!

  8. Tricia T says:

    Hmmm, I might have to try the gloo. Does it stay stuck for a long time, or is it like the elmer’s stuff that peels off in a month??

    Oh – and those journals are gorjuss!!! My dd would love those!!

  9. Helene says:

    OMG, that must smell amazing! Love the journals too.

  10. lindaH says:

    Lindabella needs a smile journal….lime green please! so just set one of those babies aside for me when i come IN A MONTH!!! OMG! CANNOT WAIT!

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