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It’s been a bit cuh-RAZY around Bella HQ (lol– as if it is a headquarters..).. sistahs starting to discoVAH my little teeny tiny weeny winy boutique.. SO MUCH FUN!  Our store is always full.. always some coffee brewin (ok, well sometimes.. ok, well only when I am reminded gently).. our one conference table always has some sort of action.. that table means the world to me..  I know it sounds silly but it is THE place where we gather round, talk, shmoooze, create, gossip but most of all LAUGH… We try our hardest to make it the  warmest place on earth and me thinks we have succeeded! so thank you Nicky, Ryan, Dena, Hannah, Stephanie, Donna, Michelle, Irene, and of course our Shelley and Diane and Christine and Marjorea and Dia and Lana.. oh I can go on and on.  This is why I can’t wait to come in to work in the morning 🙂 .. My list can go on and on.  SO thank you sistahs for making my day so memorable.. every day.

Just to let da LOCAL sistahs know that I Will be open this Saturday from 10:00AM-2:00pm for a little shopping’ so come by and say hi!  I will even let you sit at DA TABLE…LOL!

I have also posted our 2 new classes for June so please call to sign up ASAP as the classes sell out very quickly…

This weekend we have our little Jayden’s 3d birthday party.. how CUTE IS THAT?  Now to battle the toilet training… Nothing works with her… I have now told her that when she has to “go”, she should tell us that  “PRINCESS POOPOO” (lol) has to go to the toilet and we will dress her as a princess as she sits on her “throne”.. she seemed remotely interested in that so I will keep you posted if it works..LOL (cuz my daughter’s toilet training interests you.. no?- LOL)..  Anyone want to share any toilet training stories??  I need all the help I can get!

 I have CONVINCED little Jayden that she absolutely needs this for her birthday.. I mean come on.. you know ME ahem I mean JAYDEN and her dollhouses.. I can’t wait to get my HANDS, ahem, I mean I can’t wait to play with her in this new house of mine, ahem I mean hers… LOL!  You get da drifty?

So I have snuck a few little things on my site… I have the new manly bag of inspiration.. the paypah is to DIE for and the little paper gear embellishments.. YUM!  the colours are phenom.. I hope the camera represented it.. I will be coming out with a few more inspiration bags in the next couple of days… they are now packaged in a BEAUTIFUL box.. YUMMA MUMMA! (do I really say these things out loud??).. I have also introduced a new bag of bordahs.. for scrapbooking and card making.. you can cut the borders in half for cards… MUMMA YUMMA! (yes, I am weird).. they will come in great colours! I will always try to mix the paypahs.. you will get some coredination paper, some prism and whatever other coordinating one.. trust me n’k? (famous last words).  I will also be posting some masculine stamps in the next coupla days tooooooooo.. I be SOOOOOO biZzy…

Mwah to da sistahs who don’t need to dress up like princesses to go potty



  1. Alanna says:

    Good luck with the potty training…it was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever had to do with my oldest son…

    I tried candy/toys/stickers/outings/etc….. as rewards without success. Our best luck was with the “potty time” game on the sesame street website where Elmo and friends exerted a bit of “peer pressure” on him! To this day, I can still hear Elmo saying “Stop whatever you are doing and go, or you might have an accident!”.

    And now I am starting all over with my second son…so far smarties are THE thing!! We’ll see…

  2. LOL You really DO talk like that really. But that’s why I loveeyyyyyyyyy you!!
    I don’t know how to potty train girls. Only boys. I can’t help ya.

  3. Oh I do remember a video…Bear and the Big Blue House. Something about a Super Dooper Pooper….he loved it!

  4. Maggismom says:

    My days wouldn’t be the same without you! It was definetly fate 🙂
    See you soon

  5. Addictabella Angela says:

    Words of Potty Wisdom…

    This is a game you won’t win. The Potty Princess holds the key! She has to want to do it. hmph!
    We finally got some cooperation from my son when we took him to Disneyland and told him they didn’t have diapers there only big boy potties. It worked wonders. So I say….take her to Disneyland! Ha Ha Ha.

    Love ya!

  6. Em you are the bestest! I can’t wait to see the next round of newbies! You spoil us rotten….and I LOVE it!!!!


  7. Rosybella says:

    You don’t know how bad I wish I lived around you so I could just go shopping all the time and not pay for SHIPPING!!!!! LOL 😀

  8. Jess Willison says:

    Em – You are definitely the bestest evah! I would totally come to the store to visit if I wasn’t visiting the parents!

    I have no potty training advice….I have a 17 month old, that I am going to start getting her used to the idea….so I’ll just check back here and steal your advice!


  9. Katie Skiff says:

    When you are done with Jayden, come potty train McKinley. LOL… ;oP

    I wish I could come sit at your table some day! I’ll keep dreamin’ Thanks for the manly bag!!

  10. Heather M says:

    My best advice???? Relax! No kid goes to kindergarten in diapers (though admitedly one of my twins pushed the limit) Seriously, the more you try to train, the worse it goes. She’ll figure it out and likely very quickly, once she decides to!

    I love your princess idea though, perhaps I’ll dig out my tiara and put it in the bathroom! 🙂

  11. Patti W says:

    Thanks for the laugh, u r too-funny-bella!

  12. Michelle says:

    Well, Em, is there something that Jayden absolutely adores? If there is, simply withhold that toy, trip…whatever…until she can use the potty. If this something is a privilege, then explain to her that with this privilege comes the responsibility of going potty in the potty and not in her diaper…she is a big girl now. Are you having a contest of wills over this issue? That was my daughter & me, and this is what worked for us. She definitely knew she had to go but simply refused. She was doing all of the classic signs…hiding while doing the dirty deed, coming to tell me when she needed changed, etc. YOU have GOT to be stronger than she is in this. When I put my foot down and told her she would not be able to do something that was important to her unless she used the potty, she was COMPLETELY trained in a day or 2 at the most. She was 2 months shy of her 3rd birthday.

    Also, if you are willing to put up with a little inconvenience you could also have her go without her diaper (or undies). She will not like that one bit once she feels something down her leg. Again, you have to be the stronger one and be willing to clean up a time or two.

    I won the potty game…had to…

  13. SaraFrawley says:

    Hey Em… about potty training a girl… some people have much success with it… I, however, have been working on pottytraining my little girl for over a year now. we have tried everything… stickers, prizes, withholding prizes, dressing up, reading while on the potty, candy, going commando, taking away the diapers, you name it… the only thing that has really worked is… we sat her down last week and had a heart to heart talk with her… my hubby & I were very stern with her and honest… we may have stretched a little white lie, but she’ll understand when she’s pottytraining her own child in due time. The three of us sat at the kitchen table and we asked why she kept going in her panties… did she like to smell like peepee and poop?… Did she like the way it felt in her panties?… Did she like having to stay at home all the time as opposed to playing at the playground with all the pottytrained boys & girls?… we let her talk to us… then we explained that if she kept going in her panties, she would not have any friends who would want to spend any time with her because she smelled so bad (this is where we stretched it). We also told her that if she kept not going in the potty, she would get really bad rashes on her privates and it would hurt really bad. She’ll be four years old in July… she’s been completely pottytrained 5 times… and each time, a big change has happened and she regressed (i.e. moving, starting pre-k, etc). I think this talk really did it for her… Now, everytime she goes potty, she reminds me that she doesn’t smell like stinky poop and that she doesn’t have a rash on her “tootie” because she went on the potty.
    You just have to work with your child… every child is different and different techniques work for different people. The “talk” worked for us… (I say, as I cross my fingers and hope it sticks). Keep us updated on how Princess PooPoo does in her endeavors! Can’t wait to see the new masculine stamps! Woo Hoo~!

  14. Chrystal says:

    My 2nd daughter was an absolute horror to train as well. I got frustrated one day and told her I wasn’t buying any more pull ups. When we threw away the last one of the pack she just looked at me and said “No more princess pull ups for me. I’ll go get my undies”.

    Just like that months of frustration, fighting and smelly clean-ups were done!

    It seems like eons ago, although it has only been a few months now. Its amazing how that I have yet to potty any 2 kids the same way. Good Luck!

  15. MsNia says:

    I ‘m loving your blog, gives me a smile when I read it. I have two kids a boy and a girk and this trick worked with both and I had them potty trained in a weekend.
    Give them all the drink they want and then some, get them used to feeling like they have to tinkle, which should be about every 20 to 30 minutes. After, going back and forth all day, making it fun of course, keep doing the princess thing, but the frequency of it and getting them familiar with the feeling so they know when they have to go works wonders. I did this over the weekend when we had nowhere to be, and it was water and juice and before you know it she will start telling you when she feels she has to go. Of course there will be accidents that’s what pull-ups are for at night and when you’re out running errands. My kids where two when I did this, if you can say “no”, or tell me what you want then you can say potty and by two they usually can.
    Give it a try, it can’t hurt.


  16. Shannon Roberts says:

    Manly, huh?? Can’t wait sistah!
    I so wish I was closer to you, but some how Arizona isn’t seeming to move any where but closer to the ocean! Ha ha !! JK!
    Have you heard that George Strait song??? “I got some Oceanfront Property in Arizona”………..blah, blah, blah!!!!
    OK anyways, so I just ordered this DVD (for FREE no less) from Huggies & thought maybe you would like to try it toooo???
    See link below! Luv ya & good luck & I am trying on this end to with my 2 yr old !! MWAH!!!

  17. Alexis Hilgert says:

    First of all – OMG – a Potty Princess STAMP would be sooooo funny!!!! Little Princess sitting on the potty with one of those big cone shaped princess hats sitting a little ascew on her head! Hahahaha!!

    And second…I didn’t know they even still made Calico Critters!! I used to have them when I was a little kid! I love them and I think you…I mean Jayden…really needs that!!

  18. pinky says:

    Sorry Em, I have no potty training advice to give you. But I wish you and Princess PeePee good luck!!

    I just wanted to pop a quick note to say how much I love the circus tent and the sentiment “sometimes life is a circus” – it is perfecto-magnifico!!
    I am queen of the tight-rope right now with all da crazy bridezillas – is it a full moon week???? They are makin’ me NUTSO.

    Have a wonderful LOOOOONG weekend. Take time for yourself, you deserve it. I miss you Muchooooo. When is Queen Bella comin to Pinky’s Palace??? I think you and Nicky need to make a road trip to the capital!

  19. Beth says:

    Just wanted to let you know that at our house, the Calico Kitties and their house and accessories (’cause you’ve got to have accessories) has had real staying power. My almost 11- year- old daughter will still play with it and her 4-year-old sister loves it too! As far as the potty training goes, my philosophy is pretty laid back. I didn’t “train” either of my girls, I just made sure they had all the “tools” they needed (books about it, potty seat) and when they were ready it happened- best of luck!

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