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Where is it??? have you seen it?

my mojo.. my muse.. my writing skills!! where has it all gone? LOL

Sistahs.. I don’t know where it’s been but I feel like it is coming back!  I do know that my older posts have been quite amusing and self deprecating..LOL to say the least and I feel it coming back.. so bear with me (or is it BARE with me.. that would mean getting naked, no?) . So this is it… aside from my other KAJILLIONS of new years resolutions which will be discussed next week.  I, SISTAH EMMY, PROMISE TO FEED YOU FUNNY STORIES, SHARE LOTS OF PRODUCTS (not only stamping related cuz i really LOOOOVE ALL product.. HMPH), discuss every day nonsense.. talk about my children (cuz I KNOW you all wanna hear DAT..LOL).. take funny pictures, have contests.. etc. and do this on a regular basis.

I am sitting in my office at home.. Tyler is watching the hockey game (WHEN DID HE GET SO OLD?), Jayden is in Lalaland (shleeeping)  and I am in the dark and have a cozy little tiffany- esque light on at the corner of my desk.  I am sipping my instant (blech) decaf coffee and I finally feel the groove coming back.  I finally feel like I WANNA write.  hmmmm… this room is REALLY inspiring!! Perhaps I should WEIGH myself in this room since it is making me so happy? (IX-NAY on the EIGH-ING WAY)

So sistahs,  I thank you for bearing with me.. (or is it BARING.. oh ya, that’s the NAKED bare).. you won’t be disappointed.  Of course I still have to discuss BIDNISS..

Speaking of BIDNISS.. you should check out da bella store.. brand new BASIC GREY SUGAR RUSH is in DA HOUSSSSSSEEEE!!  LOVEY it!

Mwah to da sistahs who helped me find my MO-JO.



  1. The day you lose your mojo, the world will end….well, probably not….maybe just tilt. LOL But it is doubtful that such a thing could happen…I haven’t noticed any weird tilt. 🙂
    You are a brilliant and funny lady…keep on, keeping on. 🙂

  2. lindaH says:

    here is my advice! deep yoga breaths….in thru the nose….deep into the belly….breathe in until you can’t get one more ounce of air in….then out thru the mouth…it will release all the bad muse toxins and let the good ones in! You’ll fell bettah in about a half an hour!

  3. lindaH says:

    OH….you may feel a little light headed….but that will quickly pass! LOL!

  4. Joanne B says:

    Oh Em, I think we all are feeling a little rough around the edges this week getting back into the swing of things after the craze of the holidays! You’re amazing, and you always crack me up when I come by!

    And, I can’t WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!

  5. Vicki Burns says:

    Perhaps your mojo and my mojo are vacationing together in the Caribbean! Of course, they are both fabulously fit and sunning themselves in their bikinis. Since that’s the only way that any part of me will EVER be in a bikini, maybe I should leave my mojo where it is! LOL

  6. Jennifer R. says:

    Holidays change everything up! It’s hard to turn it around sometimes. The kids still have their new x-mas gifts all over the place and it’s January 8th!
    It will come when your ready! And it sounds like it’s coming . . .

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