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we SURVIVED LOL and something very special to me and DA SKETCH

Hiya sistahs,

First I would like to present you with this weeks sketch again created by MEAHNIBELLA!  What a great, simple and elegant sketch it is.. I hope you likey!

please ensure that your entry is emailed to me by latest Friday Morning.. preferably by Thursday night :).. please state BELLARIFIC FRIDAY AUG 28 in the subject line and don’t forget, if you contribute, you are eligible to win $20 in Bellarific BUCKS!  So start working sistahs!  Last weeks were PHENOM and I will be announcing some winnahs tomorrow.

This weekend felt like a whirlwind!  Bellaland was SO PACKED all weekend!  We had so much fun with Paula and Linda and I do have pics to share that I will try to post tomorrow morning with some anecdotes of the weekend.. All I can say is that this weekend proved how loved and appreciated both LINDABELLA and PAULABELLA are.  Their classes were absolutely PHENOMENAL and a chock full of information (is it spelled CHOCK? LOL).  Just watching these artists work bring sheer joy to those around them.. and their patience and senses of humor? ALL I can say.  You will have to experience both Paula and Linda to really know what I mean.  AND GUESS WHAT?  they are returning for our weekend of events for WORLD CARDMAKING DAY on Oct. 3d!  We will keep you posted.. promise.  That weekend will be full of prizes, make and takes, classes.. you name it, it’s gonna HAPPEN in Bellaland! so stay tooooned and reserve da WEEKEND.

ANOTHER event that STAMPING BELLA will participate in is the CREATIV FESTIVAL!  WE are going to have a booth there and have make and takes and bring our product in to sell.. should be a blast!  We know that people travel from all over to come to this festival so we hope to see you there! (the event takes place on Oct. 16-18.  And THEN we will be at the NATIONAL WOMEN”S SHOW in Toronto.. that is a GREAT show to come with your girlfriends to! Show takes place Oct 23d, 24th, and 25th.  Read up on the shows and see if this is something you would like to come to! It’s so much fun!

Now for a moment that i will cherish forever.  What a few words can really do to a person.  Lindabella emailed me last week to go check out my dear friend Nichole Heady’s blog.  I asked her what it was and she told me “JUST READ IT”.  SO i did.  AND I CRIED..  I am not even going to try to put it into my own words.  so here it is.. she celebrated her 30th birthday last week and talked about the 30 most influential people /events/things in her life.  And this was what Linda referred me to.  You will find it in this post if you scroll down you will see lil ole me and the big #8 (I asked her why I wasn’t #1..LOL)

Nichole, I know I emailed you personally but I wanted to tribute this post to you because your words meant more than you will evah know.. my sistah, my friend 🙂

Hope you enjoy Nichole’s blog

Mwah to all da sistahs who only have nice things to say 🙂



  1. What a fantastic day we had on Monday. I’m reserving my spot now for October 3rd! Congratulations on your number 8 spot, Nichole said it perfectly!

  2. lindaH says:

    I’ve got to thank Emily for having me and to everyone who was so very paitient waiting for me to answer their questions. I had SUCH FUN! And remember…shade with greys and love those dark copics!

    Looking forward to October 3rd!

  3. Regan says:

    I had a freaking blast..even blogged about it…

  4. Meahni says:

    I don’t want to know, I can’t be there – LOL!!!

  5. sarabeth says:

    What a great sketch! What a great blog you shared with us 🙂

    Have a great night!!!


  6. Regan says:

    ack…with my brain exploding with knowledge…how could I NOT do this sketch

  7. Karenb says:

    Fabulous sketch! I had a blast using it for inspiration on my card!

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