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wanna roomie?

My dearest most wonderful “tapping and knocking” sistahs. 

 I have missed you like CRAZY and have wanted to blab but haven’t had a chance.. I have been swamped.. creating new FABULOSIOUS (just spelled that a little crazy but it means the MOST FAB) creations.. you will FREAKY right out!  am in love and will post a little som’n som’n very soon.. PLOMISE (as my young little Jayden says).  So what do I feel like talking about tonight?  I don’t have much of a muse I tell ya. 

First things first

I have had quite a few requests for room mates for the cruise.. lots of sistahs who want to share rooms with otha sistahs so I thought I would do a little bit of matchmaking..

So if you are interested in the cruise and would like to meet a sistah and share a room (where you will NEVAH BE I promise) then email me or post a comment if you wish and I can try to hook you up!  I don’t think anyone should miss out on this EVENT with Gina, Nichole and I.  Whatever, me, you could do without, no? LOL

So that’s the scoop.. I am STOKED about this cruise thing.. you have no idea.. and having united with Miss Gina and Miss Nichole has been SUCH an honour.. I mean lil’ ole’ me?  really… craziness!

 Oh.. I wanted to tell you also that i met SUCH a sistah last week!! Her name is Kristie L.. and she owns a store in Campbell River BC.. she is DA BOMB baby.. a TRUE BELLA.. We have been speaking on the phone for a while now and we just instantly bonded and to actually MEET her??? YIKES.. it was AWESOME.  We had dinner together with her hubby and Nicky (my date).. and had a BLAST while sporting our Bella Identifiahs.. we looked HOT I tell ya :).. I think she took a pic (I HATE TAKING PICS) and I am just waiting for her to post it SOMEWHERE..LOL!  Yes, yo’ ORDAH LEFT TODAY KRISTIE, I SWEAR!

What else can we talk about… hmmmm… renovations at the store are coming along and I realized I have no windows so I advised my ladieZZZ Dena, Nicky and Hannah that I will have to buy them matching pink mining hats with the light in the front when they work… HOW FUNNY IS DAT?  We were on the floor just imagining ourselves feeling our way through the dark… but it should be fine.. gonna put me some funky fixtures in there.. have lots of visions but to get them done, well that is a different story…

I feel like giving something away.. hmm…  Let’s have a contest…  something interesting… something where we can learn a little bit about each other and our ‘relationship with our stamps’ (of course you must remember that this is a STAMPERS blog..LOL)….  SO, put a comment in regarding a funny experience in this craft and we will pull a winner and advise by monday next week!

you thinky this is a good idea????

 Me thinky so.

love to DA SISTAHS!



  1. Jennifer Bradley says:

    I don’t know if this will come out funny when I type it – but here it goes…. I have a stamping group that gets together once a month and we each bring a project for everyone to make – so when you leave you have 6 or 7 different cards/scrapbook pages – depending on who shows up. Well, my project had a ribbon attached to it and I brought some glue to help keep the nkot stuck to the paper. I also brought clothes pins to help keep pressure on the knot as it was drying. So it is the end of our event and I go to clean my stuff up and I pick up my sister in law’s card to remove the clothes pin and I’m sure you have already guessed it…….the clothes pin is stuck to the card. It will not come off and of course at this point we are all slap happy that we think it is about the most funny thing we have ever seen. 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Great idea……Did you know that the h and the y on the happy stamp in stampin ups happy everthing…..look the same upside down. I learnt this the hard way…in front of everyone at the demo’s group. I wonder how!!!

  3. Tanya says:

    I got my girlfriend into cardmaking. She was a scrapbooker at heart. We always got together at my house to craft…I had all the stamps, inks, goodies etc. This time she had me over. She was called at work to pick up her sick child from daycare. So, me being the non working overseas military spouse that I was at the time, I packed up my stuff and headed over to spend the day making Christmas cards. I was impressed, she had made lunch for us, had yummy smelling candles all over…it was so nice for me to get away and get spoiled for a change. So, we’re cutting and stamping away and I kept asking if she smelt something burning…yah, duh, candles. No, something burning, like not smelling good…just as she starts to get up to check the oven…we see smoke going up from the table! She had a votive candle on the table and had set her paper cutter on top of it!!! It melted the little side handle thing right off…I said…um…that’s your paper cutter now! lol….ah…I still get a giggle thinking about it!
    I wish I were going on that cruise Em! I think I need to start playing the lotto!
    If ya’ll find pink hard hats…you know you gotta take a picture for all of us to see! If you were closer you know all of us would be there helping you with demo and interior decoration!
    Good to know you’re still alive!

  4. Mary says:

    Yeah for me!!! A possiblity to win a present…I just love presents. Oh, I guess I am not suppose to go on and on about how much I love presents and love to receive presents. Did I mention that you need to PICK ME! Ok enough funny stuff…

    I have a funny story about my sweet cousin Sabrina. (Sabrina if you read this, REMEMBER you have GOTTA love me, cuz we blood and this was funny…LOL)
    Sabrina and her husband Critter came over to make Thanksgiving day cards/postcards for our Youth group and their friends etc. We used a stamp that had a Turkey holding a sign that said “Eat Ham” Ok so my cousin was starting to get into stamping and Critter (his real name Chris) is supportive and artsy and well was stamping and designing right along with us,(GO CRITTER!).
    We put the 3 leaves in my dining room table. They had one side of the table and I had the other. They brought a some paper and stuff to make the cards and all is well, until we get to our paper cutters. I prefer my cutter bug I think that’s what it’s called. I love it anyway. It has the prefect grids and extending ruller etc. Critter almost cut himself on the paper cutter becuase they had an older version of the fiskers brand with the little diamond shape blade. (We all use to own one when we started out.)(This really is random info, it’s free, so enjoy.)
    Ok back to the story, I did mention that we were getting together to make cards, they would make theirs and I’d make mine and we’d all have some awesome family quality time and be productive at the same time….Oh, I forgot to mention that my 2 boys, yes boys, that are full of life and energy every moment of the day were of coase at our home…I mean duh! the live there and my cousin’s daughter Ahnika who would have been around 2 years old and she is adorable and full of energy to. They were running around like chickens with their heads cut off, being normal kids, being load, touching everything they are not suppose to….and then they were Yelling at us every 2 nano seconds…”Watch me”, “Looky what I can do” “He touched me”, “He pushed me”, “NO, I didn’t don’t be a tattle tale”,”I want that toy”, “I don’t want to share”, “That’s not fair”… I mean my kids were on their best behavior that day, because we had company.
    (**DISCLAIMER*** My boys really are very good boys, they listen, get along for the most part, and are kind***I don’t want you to get the wrong picture here. =))
    Oh yeah, I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, open concept style and my dining room table fully extended that took up my dining room and most of the living room. Are you getting a picture in your head. Remember good quailty family time where we are all working on our own stamping projects and they are begginers.
    Well needless to say…they ended up entertaining the kids and watching me and helping here and there with finishing up the cards.
    Then a few day later they still had a few postcards left and Critter finally got the sign that Turkey was holding…remember “Eat Ham” He was laughing so hard, he made all of us laugh.
    So that is one of my funny stamping stories that gives you a small glimps into my beautemous (yes, that is a word, because I just made it up.) yet slightly crazy family. We love each other dearly!
    And remember Em….as Dory would say PICK ME! PICK ME! OOHH OHH PICK ME! (I wonder where my boys get that?!!??!)
    Thanks for letting me share.

  5. Brenda says:

    Hi EmilyBella, I’m in Campbell River and am so lucky to have Kristie and her store just a few blocks from my house. I am actually the person that told her about the Bellas. Anyhoo, she is in BIG trouble, I’ve talked to her a couple times since your little get together, and she did not breath a word about meeting you. She is one bad Bella! (Only kidding, can’t wait to hear more about it and see that picture)

  6. Brenda says:

    Oops, so excited a made an error in my email on the last comment. Mwah!

  7. Rosybella says:

    Funny story ha?
    how a bout
    True story
    by Rosy Craig.

    So For my birthday i begged my Dear husband(Zach)
    to buy me some stamps. And he did.
    LIke usual I would stalk the mail man again.
    because i get so anxious and excited.

    Well that same week it was my brother in laws birthday
    On the weekend all the family went to TEXAS ROAD HOUSE to get together before my sis-in-law moved to Utah.

    Before we ordered Zach(my husband) had to leave… because he wasn’t feeling good. He had been throwing up all day.. so he didn’t want to be there while we were eating.

    I ordered a 12oz Steak, a potatoe with cheese, bacon, sour cream, and a cup of chilli.

    I ate my potatoe, and most of my chilli.
    So with in only 2 or 3 bites of my steak i was full.
    my brother in law (BEN) saw me struguling with my food.
    So he dare me to eat all my steak.
    I said no way
    no how.
    He said… if you do it I’ll buy you two stamps.
    (He knows i like stamps

  8. Rosybella says:

    … Sorry accidentally hit the submit comment button.

    So he tells me …
    I’ll buy you three!!
    I’m thinking.
    sO I SAY…… mhhh
    and look at my plate.
    Now, I know i couldn’t eat that much.
    I knew it was going to hurt!
    I said no covered my eyes and my ears… so he said
    “6 stamps!! YOU GET TO CHOOSE!”
    SO my head is already spinnin’!!!
    I’m like “HECK YES!!”
    People is looking at me like
    Don’t do it! =0

    So i’m like
    bEN sAID “i promise”
    and here i go
    trying to fit it in there… chewing as much as i could..
    i was getting hot….
    people was staring….
    closing my eyes…
    my stomach says…
    Don’t want anymore!
    but i keep chewing…
    I want my stamps … and you better buy them tonight.
    So i painfully swallowed bite after bite…
    i felt like giving up…. but then i started thinking about wich stamps to choose.

    So here ago…. people was like… don’t throw up.
    don’t throw up.

    they were like wow
    she freaking takes his scrapbooking seriously dude.
    so we get out of the restaurant. i can bearly move. I come to find out that my husband trew up in the parking lot. and he wants to show me..
    so you can picture my face

  9. Rosybella says:

    so you can picture my face

  10. Rosybella says:

    We all go home my dear hubby and me were sick for a week!
    we couldn’t take care of each other.
    i coudn’t see stake for a month. and felt like crap..
    Was it Worth it??!!!!
    they asked me over and over.

    tan ta ra ran
    that’s my story.
    here are a few back ups..
    go to my brother in laws blog.
    This is under the title

    this is what he has to say about it and has a picture of everyone staring at me..
    Love you

    vote for me
    vote for me
    woo hooa
    vote for me!!
    ciao ciao.

  11. Kimberlee says:

    Alright, so it might not be funny, but it has to do with stamping. My DH is not a fan of the amout of money I spend on stamping, so I’ll go out and buy one of those pre-paid Visa cards when I want to spend a lot at a store, so he can’t tell what I spent the money on. I can make up what I needed at the convenience store and it never gets traced back to my addiction. 🙂

  12. Karen says:

    Kimberlee’s post reminded me of a funny one! You know how we all hide the shopping bags in the trunk and sneak them out when hubby isn’t looking? Or how we PRAY that the UPS guy doesn’t come when he is home? Well I used to get away with it until my 6 year old daughter caught on to my game. One day she was being a bit fresh to her little brother and of course I used the “Wait until I tell your father” threat. Do you know what she said back to me? Well she said “Oh yeah. Wait until I tell him you have Michael’s bags in the trunk and that you bought more stamps with stick arms (that is what she calls the bellas and fellas!!)” . YIKES!!!!

  13. Suestamps says:

    My stamping group took a break at our local stamping convention and went to a nice restaurant for a relaxing lunch where we could share our purchases and give one another the “scoop” on vendors/demos we had to visit. My fried Carol was so excited about a spring-loaded punch she purchased to make holes anywhere for eyelets and such. Carol pulls the item out of her bag and says “Let me demonstrate how well this works”. Well, she took out a piece of paper and layed it on the table – on top of her folded cloth napkin. She proceeds to demonstrate and then in surprise notices that she has not only punched through the paper – but all layers of the fabric napkin. She holds up the napkin opened up with all the holes in it and we just howled! She was correct – it does work really well!

    Anyway, we like to tease her about it everytime we get together.

  14. amanda van pelt says:

    I’ll tell you a funny story, but at the time, I didn’t find it funny…not one little bit. This event took place 5 years ago when my daughter was not quite 2. I had a TON of mounted rubber stamps that I treasured! She would often stamp with me just for fun and to keep her occupied, so I could do my thing. She would always try to peel the rubber off the wood block…(not sure why???) I would gently persuade her to just stamp and to leave the rubber on the wood. I was pregnant at the time and had HORRIBLE morning sickeness, the kind where you get sick every fifteen minutes. My doctor prescribed Phenergren (sp??) that made me sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. I was soooo sick one day and took the medicine and of course it zonked me out. I tried so hard to stay awake, but I couldn’t and I fell asleep. When I woke up my darling Eva had remove EVERY SINGLE rubber stamp from the wood mount and stuck the rubber to the wall. That was after she stamped the wall with MANY of the stamps. I cried. Seriously. I was so sick and so tired and my precious stamps were stuck to the wall. I eventually got them back onto the correct block and all was well. Fast forward 5 years and I have unmounted my stamps and I store them in cd jewel cases. Eva must have known…

  15. Jenn Jones says:

    It isn’t as funny as others but I’ll share. 🙂 I was at a stamp camp and we were making these little boxes that had some dazzling diamonds on them. The demo keeps her stock of glitter in a big square plastic tupperware thingy and just uses a little spoon to get it out. Well, I was reaching across the table to get something and my arm hit the handle of the spoon which flipped everything in the bowl of the spoon up in the air and all over the stranger sitting next to me. She was dazzling from head to toe!

  16. Lori says:

    I don’t have any funny stories but I found this on myprecious’ blog, you have to check it out, it is HILARIOUS!!!!! My hub didn’t find it as funny as I did, I cried it is so funny, he barely snickered.

  17. Stamping Bella says:


  18. Okay so I don’t know HOW or WHY I would even type anything… Rosybella has a pretty gosh darn story here, and she has her friend’s blog that backs it up and is exactly the way she discribes it. LOVE IT!

    But Oh well, thought I would throw my hat into the pile and see if FOR ONCE in my life I win…. ha ha ha

    Okay so I am a demonstrator (like most of us) and I had this hostess party with a bunch of older ladies. I get like “totally” dressed up for these things… (at least for me being a stay at home mom, this is an opportunity to put on some clothes that aren’t just jeans and T.) So anyway I get all dressed up, and go to this workshop. Now, I am really trying to look and be way professional… Not just some lady that comes over and gets crafty with these ladies but I wanted them to get that this was my business…

    So on with the story! I get to this woman’s house (this was the first time I had done a show with any of these women) and there are crosses EVERYWHERE! Like major religious woman so I am really pressured to stay on my very best behavior, make sure I don’t blurt out any foul language and everything. Best behavior Laura is what I keep thinking.

    So the party starts… and the hostess pours red wine for those who want it… I of course don’t accept cause I get mouthy when I drink and didn’t want to push my limits…

    So I start my demo… and as I get into it it’s time to ink up some stamps… so I tell the ladies “OKAY SO YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR THINGY REALLY WET” (talking about the stamp pad) and then you take your stamp and get it “ALL JUICY”. “JUST SMOOOOSH IT AROUND ON THE PAD AND GET IT GOOD AND COVERED.”
    by this time the ladies are red in the face laughing so hard at me… I am thinking what in the heck did I miss….????

    So then I said and then you gently tap this down … Now remember you don’t have to press hard to make it work good. In fact as long as it is good an juicy it works better.

    Oh my gosh laughing is just pouring out of these ladies! I looked at the one woman next to me and said “What did I miss?” and she said you sound like you are instructing us on how to have SEX or something… “Get it all Wet and Juicy, and Tap here Gently!” Oh my gosh, my face must have gone pale white, cause the woman accross from me at the table spit out her wine all over me, my project and my “nice” clothes…

    I was sooooo UTTERLY EMBARASSED that I couldn’t stand it.

    To top things off, the next month I went to the party again, and when I got there the one older lady said ‘Our Sex Coach Is Here!”… Oh man I was much more careful with my choice of words this time but I still said a few things that made them laugh … the difference was this time I was laughing along with them. =D

    Thanks for reading…
    Good luck to all the ladies that play along with the game here!

  19. Queeniebella says:

    I think the roomie thing is an excellent idea, I’ll be adding my name to the list I hope — depends on whether my DD goes to Ireland next semester for school.

  20. MayritaBonita says:

    Ok, so this was very funny to us when it happened, not sure it’ll translate well to the blog, but here it goes…
    My BFF and I had a demo party at her house, she had just become a demonstrator, so she really wanted to have a “trainning” session; our demonstrator who got us into all this told us how they could form their own group and how they’d benifit out of their sales, blah blah blah (sorry Ali, I really don’t remember much about what she said there; to technical for me!! LOL)
    So we start looking thru the catalog at the end of the party, and we were looking at these Spanish sets that are on there… Ali used to live in Mexico like I do, and we always speak to eachother in Spanish and stuff, so we were looking at this stamp set that has a stamp that says “Ay Caramba!” and started commenting on how that really doesn’t translate to what it’s meant to, and how it’s not really an expression that we use in Mexico (sorry to all those sistahs that own the set, but it’s the truth)… The best way that Ali and I could translate it was “Holy Cow”… Long story short, we started making “YEEEJA” noises and calling each other partner and said that they’d have to name their group “Cowgirls”… I guess it’s really one of those cases where you just had to be there, but we laughed so hard for such a long time that night, that my face was literally sore afterwards.
    It’s great to read about how we all have a lot of fun stamping and spending time together; in my experience, I stamp with my best friend, but I think about all those sistahs who have become best friends with the people they stamp with…
    MWAH to all the stamping crazy sistahs!!! 😉

  21. abi says:

    Laura… if you demo for those ladies again… be careful with what you call your bone tool!!! (My aunt calls it a boner). Awesome story!

  22. Tanya says:

    Oh my gawsh ladies…my hubby just told me to hold it down in there…hehe, I am laughing so hard at your stories!!! Poor Amanda! I feel for you!!! That man making the card was so funny… Oh and Jenn Jones…remind me not to sit next to you at a stamping event…hehe…I never laughed so hard in my life!!! Laura the sex coach…lol…thanks for all the laughs ladies!!!

  23. Well, as soon as I knew I was going to be a grandma, I bought the Stampin’ Up Tatoo Kit. The babies were born in June and July 2006, respectively. When everybody got to my house for a reunion of sorts up here in Thunder Bay, I hauled out the tatoo kit to go to work on my grandbabies. Both sets of parents cried out, in unison, no way, Mom. I asked whyever not, they wash off. Because, replies they, they’re only 5 WEEKS and 12 WEEKS old. Well, okay, sez I, this time, but when they can walk, I’m stampin’ these babies! I don’t call myself GrammaStamper for nuthin’, ya know!

  24. Anjabella says:

    Okay, not really funny, but SO sweet. My precious lil baby girl turned 5 today. I can’t believe it! 5!! What is it about that big number that takes all 5 fingers that makes me feel like she isn’t a baby anymore?
    Anyway…Everytime I make a bella card she wants it for herself, so I’ve been stocking up and made her a bella shopping tote (see Amy R’s tutorial) filled with bella cards and images for her to color. She’s in her room now coloring away. She said “Mommy, can you hurry up and write on all these cards (I thought she wanted to write on them herself and send them to others, but really she wanted me to write notes to her on them) so I can take these (images) to my room and color and have SO MUCH FUN?!”
    Is she a lil bellaholic, or what?! 🙂 So fun to share the passion with my lil girl!

  25. Brenda says:

    So I’m down in the basement stamping and making cards galore. I look at my foot thinking I’d dropped something on it – looked like a small black scrap of paper. I hadn’t been using black paper, so looked a bit more closely – it was a black widow on top of my shoe (and I RARELY wear shoes in the house). In the process of flinging my leg back behind my head – to get rid of the spider, I dropped the hot pink inkpad on my white shorts, and the rubber stamp dropped on the other leg and proceeded to bounce down my leg. I ran upstairs to be greeted by my husband and several of his friends who found it funny that I was inked up like my 5 year old. My husband isn’t laughing anymore – now that I’ve moved all of my inks, stamps, paper,etc. etc. etc. upstairs and into a less spider friendly environment – his office (and the lighting is so much better!)

  26. Taniabella says:

    I don’t know if you’ll find this funny, because I certainly didn’t laugh at the time. It’s only now that I can…

    I too, am a consultant and had a party booked. It was my biggest one to date at that time, with 12 ladies! The hostess, who I’ll refer to as E, was honest with me, telling me that most of the ladies who were attending, make cards and stamp all the time, so I was prepared to WOW them with some great techniques. The ladies start to arrive and gather around the table. The one sitting on my left is somebody Em knows really well….her names rhymes with “Ricky”. I had no clue who she was. But the other ladies start showing off cards they made with her. When I saw these cards, I broke out in a sweat. How was I supposed to teach them anything with card creations like that????! I told myself to breathe and it would be okay. I started my presentation and we did the techniques and “Ricky” was kind and even helped me out a bit, which I thought was SO nice for somebody who had never been to a party like mine before…little did I know!

    Anyway, party’s over, all the ladies told me they had a great time, I got orders and was even told I taught them a thing or two. I was on cloud nine. I go home, and think about those cards they had (not the ones I made with them, the other ones) and think – wow, I should find out where they make those cards…I should take a class. I spoke to E, updating her on her party and she told me that I did a great job. She said “but I made a mistake with something I said about stamping”. I did??? She said, yes, “Ricky” told her afterwards, but she didn’t want to correct me in front of everyone. Well, I wanted to die! I was so embarrassed…and confused. Who was this “Ricky” lady?????

    Fast forward a year or so…and I visit a great scrapbooking store in Thornhill and purchase a DVD with a scrapbooker and a card maker/stamper and I nearly fell off the couch when I started watching it!!! “Ricky” was in it! “Ricky” was the teacher! “Ricky” is a professional!!! It all comes back to me now…of course she knew if I said something wrong about a stamping technique – because if anyone would know, she would!

    Needless to say, she’s lovely person!!! And still remembers me to this day, when I see her at the Creative Festival or at the store. I never did ask her what I did wrong….but I have taken a few of her classes! 😉

  27. Rachel says:

    Something funny? I love making cards that are a little naughty. 😉

    My daughter Kait got hurt on her middle finger one day so we took a picture of her showing us her wound. I took the picture and made a card with some stamping. The card said, ‘Have a nice day’ with a picture of Kait flipping the bird on the cover. I sent it my mom in the mail and she laughed her head off. It is still on her fridge. 😉

  28. Jeanne says:

    Great idea!! I’d love to win!!!!!! 🙂
    whenevaaa I think of crafting I think of my nephew … When he was little I’d drag him with me to the craft store….only he couldn’t say craFT store–he’s always call it the craP store.
    He’d often say “Can we please go to the crap store??I wanna go look at craps?”
    So, I find when I get over whelmed with all the crap, um I mean stuff, um…I mean supplies in my craft room…I can’t help but think of him many years ago. ( can I blame the plethora of *supplies* in my room on him?)

    Since then since you can buy EVEN MORE crap, um ….I mean craft stuff online…………I. gotta. lot. of crap.

    BUT must have more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now, off to stuff more um, stuff into even more Iris carts for the craFT room 🙂

  29. mcbetty says:

    Like Brenda I dropped my ink pad — this time on my toes.
    It was dark purple Staz-On and looked like a bruise for a week.

  30. Jenn Moody says:

    I wish I had posted back then. I could use a present today. Oh well!

  31. Gay Ferland says:

    CONTESTS? i LOVE THEM!! Oh I had so much to say about my stamping addiction…my goal is to own all the bellas!! Now I can’t enter this contest after I just stumble onto it and I missed out on the sale too…oh bella!

  32. Connie says:

    dude! send Brenda TWO prizes! a BLACK WIDOW?!

  33. OMGoodness I have just read all these stories, and some of them are absolutely hilarious, I just nearly cried with laughter, thanks for an entertaining 10 minutes xx

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