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I KNEW I would get your attention.. I JUST KNEW-I-T.  LOL.  Ok so there is this Ek SUCCESS SMASH CUH-RAZE going on… if you don’t know what a SMASH book is, I recommend you watch this video.  I am in LOVE with this video.  I want to MARRY this video.  hmph.  I have watched it about 10,465 time, have made my friends watch it (friends who are not even INTERESTED in knowing what a SMASH is.. now want “a SMASH”.. or to get SMASHED as I say it 🙂 ).. My kids have watched this video..  Frankie has watched this video.. well you get the idea.  Not only is it ADORABLE and CUTE and YUMMY and has a GREAT song, I admire this video for it’s marketing value.  It hooks you right in at “hello”… kinda like me, no?

Ok take a looky if you have 2 minutes to spare.. and sing out loud.. n’k?

Basically what a “smash” journal does is it removes the ANGST that comes along with the “fear of the blank page”.  These are kind of a hybrid book between an art journal and a scrapbook and a daily “log book”.  It is a PHENOMENON.  NOT ONLY is it a BOOK but it has tons of embellishments, clips, bookmarks, stickies, pockets.. OMG.. it’s SMASH HEAVEN.   Bellaland had 45 books and they all sold in 2 days.. so basically this post is a TEASE.  and I am sorry but I MUST educate you before my NEXT shipment comes in 🙂 LOL.

If you would like to see great samples of what people do with their SMASH journals.. take a looky here

The smash book comes with a handy dandy pen on one side and glue stick on another for those emergency moments where you just HAVE to glue something in your journal.. so if you collect a business card, a receipt etc.. you can just glue it in right away.  The pages in the book (I believe there are about 6 different styles) are SO adorably (is that even a word?) decorated.. and it is just so much fun to fill in.. ( just ask my friend/customer COREY.. she just pulled an all nighter with her daughter filling it in and had a BLAST doing it!)  so whether you would like it themed (summer holidays).. or just an everyday is truly an amazing thing. 

This book is basically meant for pen and ink.. so what I do is, I keep my messy art journal on it’s  own for learning new techniques and expressing myself artistically (will do another post on this).. and the Smash journal is more for writing and memorabilia.. I truly believe that these journals that I keep will be a legacy for my kids.. either they will appreciate how crazy I am, or they will really doubt that I was even human.. (OMG JUST GIGGLED OUT LOUD..)..

Here is a 2 pager that I did in my PINK smash book… I Have this obssession with doors and windows.. (among other things *ahem*).. so I decided to download some images from PINTEREST that really expressed what I was feeling at that moment, printed them out and SMASHED (oh that felt so good) them in… I stamped, and wrote as well..

take a lookie.. here’s my pink SMASH book :).. still in it’s pristine plastic (which I didn’t know I should remove..LOL)

Here is my double paged spread.. pictures of the doors :).. the SMASH TAPE, the smash CLIP

Here it is closeup 🙂

Here is my journaling page.. I USED JULIE’S JOURNALING LABELS and JULIE’S WORDS to LIVE BY which I just love :).. I also doodled with a black permanent marker

 I GOTS to tell ya.. I had SUCH a good time with this.. have already continued working on it.. and will DEFINITELY KEEP YOU POSTED!!

Now for a WINNAH of the LOVE COLLAGE stamp 🙂

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Here are your random numbers:

13-CATHY P! you win the stamp!  please email me and I will send you the stamp!

Timestamp: 2011-07-12 20:08:02 UTC

So what do you think of the smash?  you lovey?

Mwah to da sistahs who wanna get smashed.. cuz I do 🙂



  1. So, I freakin’ love it, and have THREE smashbooks so do you want to start an art journaling challenge instead of the forum challenge or (gasp) do both?!?!? Email or text me! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pages!

  2. paula says:

    LOVE THE DOOR STUFF in you book! You r my Jewish twin. TAKE THE PLASTIC OFF. I even did THAT! gesh, ya scared to get it dirty????

  3. Gabriela says:

    Don’t tease us with the smash books… I want one so badly. I love what you did! Great job with your pages.

  4. Linda S says:

    FABULOUS!….you mean I could actually have a place for all my bits and pieces I have kept….what a concept!

  5. LOVE your Smash book – and I too am in love with doors, knobs, etc! If the house is the RIGHT house, I would paint it pink LOL!

    And I WON! 🙂 FABULOUS. *doing the happy dance*

  6. Maria H says:

    what a smashing book you have created….can’t wait to watch the video…from home 🙂

  7. Melissa says:

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!!! I LOVE the smash book you have no idea how much space you gave me back in my home, I can now recycle the magazines I have collected cuz i didn’t want to rip out pages and lose the pictures i wanted to keep. You have given me back my “craft room”. Thank you soooooo much!

  8. Ebru says:

    Ohhh Em, I want one !!! You did an awesome double page, I especially love the doors !!

  9. Carmen L says:

    Can’t wait to get my Smash folio! Ordered the orange one and of course they are back ordered, last colour in production. So jealous you get to smash away already:)

  10. Rhian Lowe says:

    Enough teasing already! When does the next shipment come in!?

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