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to VLOG or not to VLOG.. THAT my sistahs is the question…

YOU can let me know… aside from a DESPERATE need to go to the hairdresser.. and a DESPERATE need to learn how to EDIT.. and a DESPERATE NEED to lose weight LOL (that will be another VLOG).. let me know if you like this format?  Of course I will write as well.. but this was kinda fun…

Oh and the mentioned PINEAPPLE? you can’t so much see it in the video…

ok and the CPS comment?  please pretend you never heard that..LOL.  and also please remember that da BELLA has no FILTAH so what you see is what you get.. and honestly? Jayden knows more than her name and Dena’s name..LOL

Oh and also?  This is new TRIAL  software I tried out so you see the watermark through the whole thing.

What a disaster.


mwah mwah mwah!


  1. MaryAnn says:

    Cute one Emily! and Happy Birthday to you.
    You have a lovely brillant daughter. (don’t worry they all act like that)

  2. MaryAnn says:

    Part 2….and obviously, I can’t spell either, double mwah !

  3. Helen says:

    Jayden, did you know that you are absolutely brilliant? LOL. Great idea, Emily. I hope to see one of the infamous basement that I hear so much about. And of course, Frankie and his ribbon fetish. 🙂

  4. Laura says:

    Jayden….you are BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it Em….see ya in 32 days (but who is counting)!

  5. JenHoover says:

    O.m.G! Jayden, good thing you kept introducing yourself – I have short term memory loss 😉 {totally BRILL Em} 😉 lol

    I *heart* you both!!!! so adorable – and glad to see that my thing 1 and thing 2 aren’t the only ones! 😉

  6. JoAnn Heinbuch says:

    LOVE the VLOG…so raw…so very brave… mine are almost 6 and almost 3 and if CPS ever got ahold of my home videos…she is very cute and talented and can’t wait to see more!

  7. Katie says:

    OMGosh, I seriously giggled the whole way through…mostly because you reminded me of my family- no filtah for us either 🙂 Now if only I was as brilliant as Jayden! I hope you had a fabulous birthday Em…Hugs, Katie

  8. LoriT. says:

    BAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAAAAAAA!!!! You are hilarious and Jayden is brilliant! 🙂

  9. Dena says:

    Jayden is beyond brilliant!
    An outstanding video documenting the “real” life of da bella.

  10. lindaH says:

    bwaaaaahahahahaaaaa! LOVE IT! and Jayden is totally brilliant! Da Bella, she is brilliant too!

  11. Karen Steen says:

    love it Emily …. your daughter is just as sweet as you. hope you have a wonderful birthday on Saturday!!

  12. What an adorable video Emily and Jayden! Hope you have a wonderful birthday on Saturday Emily!

  13. Ebru says:

    I LOVED IT Emily !!!! Jayden is so cute and brilliant just like Da Bella. I hope to see more Vlogs :o)

  14. Susan P says:

    Very cute. I can really see another Bella in the making. I too wait for the basement video. Have a great birthday Emily.

  15. anna w says:

    i absolutely love seeing you and your beautiful (and might i say brilliant) mini bella. Miss you!

  16. Annette A says:

    Well jayden is adorable…and happy belated birthday…

  17. Michelle G says:

    What a great B.d. Gift…now you get to share it with all of us! I say YES to VLOG/VBLOG! DO IT! Jayden you are a cutie, you remind me of my daughter, fun, fun! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  18. BarbW. says:

    Hi Em & Jayden. What a great vlog. You are both so funny – perhaps you both should do your own “reality show”. I can see it now – the trip to the mall, the trip to the doctor/dentist, the trip to the grandparents, the trip to the principals office, etc. etc. etc. Em, have a great birthday (maybe another vlog?)
    Take care, Barb.

  19. Tanya Atkisson says:

    Jayden…you are BRILLIANT! What fun!

  20. Karen says:

    I love it! I love that Bella HQ is just like home, except for there’s not enough room on top of our room for an invisible pineapple. Jayden is brilliant! And yes, I tell my kids all the time to stop fidgeting. Looking forward to more vlogs!

  21. Isa says:

    Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilliant!! both of you!!
    and i love pineapple too LOL.
    Keep ’em coming

  22. Gloria Sauve says:


    Don’t worry about editing…it’s more fun as is! You are your daughter seem to be free spirits…that’s wonderful. I think that’s necessary for creative souls!!

  23. maryg says:

    love this! jayden is super funny. i hate her too 😉 just kidding i love her. and you are so brave. you have to do this all the time. it,s wonderful. happy birthday ms em. you are brilliant too 🙂

  24. Rachel G says:

    SO funny! I was chuckling through the whole thing…

    Jayden, You are brilliant….but, you need to delete the “H” word
    from your vocabulary, especially when talking to your mama.

    Emily, Your video was lots of fun! Can’t wait for the next one…

  25. OMG – I am sooooo LOL-ing at this…. it’s just brilliant. Love it. 🙂

  26. Pinky says:

    Jayden + Emily + vlog = BRILLIANT
    See you soon!!!!! Love you much and have a wonderful birthday {{{HUGE HUG}}}

  27. Leslie W. says:

    Of course Jayden is brilliant!! Vlog please vlog!

  28. CraftyCath says:

    OMG Jayden you are brilliant! Love the Vlog. I sat here laughing my butt off with every “Hi, I’m Jayden”. Too funny and just like a kid…but Em you’re a big kid so it’s so natural and entertaining. Hope you had a great birthday celebration and have a wonderful year ahead!

  29. Maria H says:

    Cute! She would get along great with Gabby! LOL Happy Birthday. MWAH!

  30. Jayden is brilliant!!! I want one of her- want a cutie patootie!!!! And the CPS word gets thrown around my house too hee hee! As a joke obvi ;P

  31. Linda Seeley says:

    Why didn’t I watch this earlier in the week when I needed a good chuckle to get through my work day….too funny and yes….Jayden is Brilliant! Please more of these…maybe add Frankie in the mix as well…belated Happy Birthday Emily! Love it!

  32. Billie A says:

    Cute video, your daughter is so sweet, funny, loves to hug the camers, kids will be kids. I like the idea of the video. I do love reading your blog posts but think the video vlog will be great also. OH and happy birthday.. watch those tattoo can be addicting. One starts and then you want another and another. I KNOW 17 later …love them. ever try a white one? I have a couple on the inside of my wrist.

  33. OMGGGGGGG I just laffed so hard I cried…now I am EXHAUUUUUSTED…she cracks me up. Should I do a VLOG? Maybe I should. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!

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