Thursday’s RECAP

Hiya sistahs!

Just wanted to do a little review of what I have posted on social media this week 🙂  I know that some of you refuse to dive into the GIANT RABBIT HOLE of instagram and FB and Pinterest and I really don’t blame you sometimes LOL.. but sometimes I do.. I mean don’t you know what you’re missing? LOL.. just kidding.. you’re probably MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE than I certainly am!

First I wanted to show you an amazing card I found on instagram yesterday.. I mean I flipped.. first because it’s one of my favorite stamp sets because it’s SO ME.. and second of all, it’s just a wonderful, simple and beautiful card.  Sometimes we don’t need to be fancy.  I quickly hijacked Jenny’s IG post and DEMANDED.. ahem asked nicely if I could share her card and she said yes!  You can find all of Jenny’s work on her BLOG

I am ALWAYS looking for cards.. so if you are on instagram, simply tag me @stampingbella or use #stampingbella in your post and I will look for you!

Such a sweetheart!

Here’s Jenny’s card using one of the CHICKS WHO COULDN’T EVEN .. Why do I relate to these chicks so much.. something’s wrong with this picture 🙂


Thank you Jenny for making such a gorgeous card!!

I also posted a STUNNING card by Faye Wynn Jones..

Her work is OUT OF THIS WORLD and not that I’m giving away anything.. but you MAY just see more of her in the near future.. read it as you will 🙂

Here is her card using our CLOSEUPS- CLINK.  I LOVE our closeups!  The intention of these stamps was to just zone in on a moment on our lives.. a closeup of a moment, if you will.  And that’s what I love so much about them.  This card can be used for almost any occasion!  Birthday, retirement, promotion…. you name it 🙂  Someone mentioned that they used it for a divorce card.. hmmmmm. LOL.

Faye brought this card to life in my opinion.  GORGEOUS!

And to see more of our CLOSEUPS.. you can look HERE


From our BELLA VAULT, I also posted a gorgeous card by Sandiebella used UPTOWN GIRL SUNNY is Stylish


So that’s our Thursday recap 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it and are RUNNING to your craft spot to make a card.. stamp.. scribble.. SOMETHING! LOL.

Bellarific Friday is tomorrow and it is not too late to create a card using this week’s sketch!


you can email me your card or you can simply add it to our INLINKZ spread at the bottom of this post




  1. Faye says:

    I think some drool just spilled onto my keyboard… xx

  2. Love all the inspiration. Faye’s comment above also made me giggle!!!

  3. I agree, love chicks and who hasn’t felt like this chick against a brick wall! So empathize!! Good pick!

  4. linda says:

    i am one who refuses to dive into social media and i welcome the opportunity to raise awareness that as a person with a disability, i have to balance rest with activity. there are only so many hours in one day and when i have enough energy to be active, i’d rather spend time creating than looking at what everyone else is doing.

  5. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Both cards are amazing! That one with the brick building and the chick is so right on. Not for right now in my life but for times when I feel just exactly like that. My sister would love that one as she says she is always hitting her head up against a wall when she has to do other people’s jobs for them when they won’t. She says she wants to get paid when she has to do that! LOL Wow!
    Did you get the cards I sent in? They weren’t for a challenge but I did use your stamps. I hope you liked them.

  6. Such cute cards! Love those chicks!!!!

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