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this week’s challenge

OH BOY SISTAHS.. I am sooo late and I apologize.. we will see what you can get done by thursday night.. if I don’t get too many responses, I know that you didn’t have time :).  It was a CUH-RAZY day in bellaland.. we had some Bellarific Babes in DA HOUSE!!! Danabella was there and Karenabella (she TOTALLY surprised us!!!) and Lesliebella and Michelle L. and Janet R.. we had a GREAT day!!!!

I will also note the winners of Friday’s challenge  tomorrow n’k?

The challenge this week was a combined effort by da sistahs in da store today… Leslie chose the colors and Janet chose what image I should use to show the challenge so here goes.. DONT LAFF AT US..

Leslie wanted the colors BROWN AND PINK (shhh.. me thinks she had a card done already in these colors..LOL) .. and I wanted an interesting picture and couldn’t find anything until Janetabella picked up my croppin cutie and said “what about this?” the croppin cutie is pink and the embroidered name is in chocolate brown!  PERFECT no??

So again same rules apply.  Only Stamping Bella stamps may be used, and the deadline is Thursday April 23d by 5:00pm EST.. Entries must be sent to me as a JPEG file.. please send to  There will be prizes announced on Friday for participants and we have TONS o’ Fun!!!

So please play with us k?

We had a GREAT time at Scrapfest on Saturday.. saw so many people and hosted a make and take at the Paper Pickle booth for an hour.. it was GREAT!! I also got to see MORE bellarific babes.. Lindabella was there and Paulabella!  HOW PHENOM has the last few days been?? OMG.. check out their blogs for THEEE MOST ATTRACTIVE PICTURES OF YOURS TRULY (NOT!!! grrrr.. linda, I’ll get you back…)

So here’s some Monday EYE CANDY.. you ready?

Nickabella gave the instructions on how to make her dozen roses card.. it’s STUNNING! check it out!

Paulabella made a PHENOM card using baby bella hanging bundle and sentiment.. OMG.. the sponging, the coloring, the layout?!  I LOVEY this card!!

Lindabella made a stunning card using Anise Ketto.. isn’t she DEEELISH??????

Danabella made an adorable card using MY BEARY BEST FRIEND!  I love monochromatic cards.. and her bows are AMAZING

Karenabella made a gorgeous card using eloise greengrass… she was our first fairy from CHICHI.. she started it alllll.. I am getting all nostalgic.  Great paper piecing and wonderful card Karen!!

Moniqueabella made a stunning card using GARDENIA GREENTHUMB.. I just love her!  and Monique is a COPIC QUEEN!  Gorgeous card Monique!

mwah to da sistahs who love eye candy.. Oh and pink and brown garbage cans 🙂



  1. Wahooooooooo!!!!!!!! I love me some pink and brown….

    HA! First again, Linda! 😉

  2. Karen Wilson says:

    Oh boy! I LOVE this color combo! I’ll play for sure!!! Looking fwd to all the new eye candy for this week!! I’m loving the eye candy so far! Great cards girls!!! I’m feeling inspired!

  3. Joanne B says:

    Pink and Brown. Oh you girls love me. Thats only my very most favorite color combination EVER. Off to dig around to see what I want to play with!

  4. Lisa M. says:

    Pink and brown! yay! I love those colors! Maybe, just maybe I can FINALLY submit a card in this week’s challenge.

  5. lindaH says:

    hey, i cropped that picture…you should be thanking me! besides, paula posted it too! it was sooooo nice to see you. it’s been way too long. soon, sistah, soon! so pink and brown eh! i can do it! i might have to use some artistic license on the pink cause that one may be just a bit too bright for me! LOL!

  6. Shannon Roberts says:

    I am luvin it!! And so sorry you are having a horrible time!

  7. Janine says:

    I had fun with the last challenge… Looking forward to this one!

  8. Monika Reeck says:

    Dear Emily..wooow fun PINK and Brown…will try to join this challenge..

    Dear Emily..may I ask you..what is the NAME for every email with my card to join the challenge should I write the NAME Example…..”BELLARIFIC FRIDAY APRIL 16th” or can it be another Name?

    I am so sorry I am asking too much
    and thanks so much…. that my card is on your Blog 🙂

    but dear Emily….my name is Monika Reeck ( put please one C after double E please Emily) 🙂

    I love your stamp and always try to join the challenge and hope one day I win your prize 🙂 hugs…

  9. Leslie says:

    Well, well, well – it seems like my pink and brown choice is a popular one! And to think you weren’t sure Em 🙂

  10. Tara says:

    that photo certainly makes for an interesting challenge! Just wanted to go ‘on the record’ to say that I LOVED having TWO weeks to complete the challenge last time and it’d be just fine be me if you did these every other week 😉

    Here’s hoping I can create something pink brown and container-ish in time for Thursday…

  11. Janet R says:

    Awwwwwwwww glad i could be there to give ya the garbage can idea 😉 hee hee off to make a card:)

  12. Carol says:

    I love pink and brown. I think it is time to make some mother’s day cards too! Can you say 2 birds?? lol!! I think Em is going crazy in Bella land getting ready to show us the new releases!!

  13. Colleen W says:

    Hi there! This is my first time doing the Bellariffic Friday challenge! How fun! I’ve been participating in the Bella Sketches and Color Combos on SCS.
    So what girl/Bella Sistah doesn’t LOVE pink and brown??!!??! That color combo ROCKS!

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