Release Day!

there’s a NEW girl in town…. and a RELEASE and a GIFTY AND A LONNNG POST

Hiya sistahs!  ARE YOU READY FOR TODAY??? I mean REHEALLY ready?? I have been waiting for this moment for a LONNNNNG time …LOL  I am hoping you love this release as much as I do… there are 29 IMAGES!!!

With this release comes a GIFT WITH PURCHASE of FREE stampies 🙂 of our choice sooo- THIS GIFT WITH PURCHASE APPLIES TO ONLINE ORDERS ONLY.

with orders from $35-$49.99- you receive one FREE stamp of our choice

with orders from $50.00- $74.99- you receive 2 FREE stamps of our choice

and with orders from $75.00 +- you receive 3 FREE stamps of our choice

But first, I need to be annoying and REALLY show how old I am.  When I put the title “there’s a new girl in town”.. I IMMEDIATELY thought of this show. I just LOVED alice.. watched it weekly.. it really brings back great memories..

K.. now back to your regularly scheduled program.LOL.

So our VERY OWN PAULABELLA decided to draw.. UMMM.. one doesn’t just DECIDE TO DRAW do they??  Well SHE DID.. and OMG, her line is outstanding!! I wanted her to call her line “perspectives” because each and every frame has a different perspective on the object.. SHE POO POO’D me.. but I love the name she came up with EVEN MORE.. “ARTIST @ HEART”.. I love love LOVE that name..  You will really enjoy Paula’s stamps… they are FRAMED but you don’t have to cut them perfectly.. they are meant to be wonky so you can hand cut it easily or use a 2″ punch!.. they are a PHENOM focal for a CLEAN and ELEGANT card.. I LOVE THEM and hope to see MANY MANY MORE from Paulabella 🙂  And if you love them too, you gotta tell her on her blog. k?


Here’s a sample of PAULABELLA’s POPPY card from the collection above

Here is Paula’s SUMMER DAYS collection

Are these AMAZINK or what?

So you haven’t seen EVERYTHING yet.. have you? oh YA.. you haven’t *insert bratty teasing smile here*

Meet BETH… and her company called 3 SISTERS.. when I saw these leggies on PINTEREST, I knew I had to find their “source”.. so OFF I went on a HUNT.. and it wasn’t easy, I might add. But I DID IT because I never let up..LOL until I get my way.  Beth and I HIT IT OFF instantly and I think her whimsical yet POWERFUL (there is a message there)  art with a vintage-Y feel will fill a void that we had.. She is ADORABLE and HILARIOUS.. you HAVE to read some of her blog posts HERE.You will definitely see why I love her so! Here are some pictures and a little bio 🙂

Beth and her sisters.. hence the name of the company.. how cute are they?

Here Beth is thinking of her next designs for us! LOL Right Beth?

and here’s her bio

Beth Fuller is a busy artist, mother and teacher who lives in a little town in Virginia. She’s been happily drawing since her second grade teacher, Mrs. Hess, LOVED her Dental Health Week poster full of dancing  feather boa-ed women partnered with life-size toothbrushes. Alas, her creative button was pushed and off she went. Beth did actually get a degree in Studio Art at James Madison University in Virginia but has learned since that sheer repetitive behavior is the best way to learn anything. So she makes a lot of art.
Right before her daughter was born three years ago she had a cathartic moment. She was only making art for the magazine, Brain,Child (the magazine for thinking mothers) and not much else. She realized that she was slowly waving goodbye to a huge part of herself. And consequently, the pictures and images she wanted to draw were just piling up in her head quite like the laundry. These ideas didn’t leave much room for the everyday things she needed to remember, like, “Where’s my child? and “Was that my exit?”….so out of sheer necessity and pleasure she began to work and work and work freeing up some precious brain space. And she is enjoying every minute of it.

She came up with the name Three Sisters because of her growing up with two sisters who are her best friends and advisors-good and bad, solicited and not! She thinks that the term “sisters” can be applied to not only biological sisters but the ones we make along the way. She hopes with this new endeavor to be able to share her art with many, many new sisters (advice optional).
Beth’s work has appeared in many publications, online and in galleries. She’s probably making art and PB&J’s as you read this, concentrating very hard in order to spread the peanut butter on the bread and paint on the page.

so you are probably wondering what her images are? hmmmm?

Here is the image that started it all.. felt empowering and again a little goofy ;).. I LOVE this image

here’s FRIENDS UNITED (including the sentiment)

I made a canvas board with this image and framed it.. and I love it.. the only thing is that my CHILDREN DECIDED TO TOUCH THE GLASS and I didn’t realize it..LOL so don’t pay ANY attention to the fingermarks N’K?


Here’s a closeup so you can see the texture and sheen..

bootsies and shoesies coloured with COPIC-sies

Another one of Beth’s images is a vintage GUMBALL machine.. I FELL IN LOVE the second I saw it.. and I put the sentiment, you are one in a million.. just so you can colour only ONE of the gumballs.. smart, no?  Please note that on Paula’s project below, it is NOT the font that comes with the image… check the image on the website for the proper font.

and if you wanna WIN THE FRAMED IMAGE BELOW.. SIGNED AND LOVED BY PAULABELLA, you bettah RUN and place a comment on her post so you have a chance to win it!!  it’s PRICELESS, I SAY!  Contest closes THURSDAY at 6pm


Beth’s THIRD image is a HIWHEEL bicycle.. I LOVE this.. I can’t wait to stamp it in my journal or send it to an old friend who shares lots of memories with me 🙂

Are these not GREAT images? OMG.. I LOVE BETH!

Now let’s take a lookie at ELLIA’s images from GREENBEAN BABY!

Anastasia– doesn’t she look like me? LOL

and here is DANABELLA’S CARD

Here’s AMY

And here is EBRUBELLA’S card

Here is PAYTON

and here is EBRUBELLA’S CARD

Jamie (the tomboy)




Sewing peep— how CUTE is da PEEP threading her bobbin!  You should see MY face when I have to do that.. not so happy

Fishing peep

You ready for some MO’S????  Ok! HERE WE GOOOOO!

Lindabella coloured up “SPIT HAPPENS”

Cathabella used ON THE POT- GIRL.. get it?  on the POT?  you go girl?? I kill me… LOL.

But of course there is an ON THE POT BOY!

Irma and VIENO by Mo

Noelle Bearing Gifts by Mo

here is JESSABELLA’s card

Big girl PANTIES- When Mo sent me this image I was in love.  You know.. you sometimes just wanna support someone with a little bit of humor.. and this is a GOOD one! (p.s. those look like the SIZE of my PANTIES.. *hmph* hence I guess I am ALWAYS wearing my big girl panties..LOL)

and here is Tammybella’s card!

LOVE YA–  yaya my most favorite quote in the world

What’s Cookin’


and ROBINABELLA’s card

Lulu’s SET OF FRUITS– again so gorgeous for a simple card.. LOVE these!

and now for da UPTOWN girl again!  but you haven’t seen this one…. LOL

Uptown Girls CLARISSA and CAMILLE with a CAFE


and Lindabella’s card



Uptown girl POSH has a PRESENT





and LINDABELLA’s card

SOOO??? did I promise you a GREAT release or what?  I am in LOVE… with a release! LOL

I would LOVE to hear from you and what you think of the images!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVEY da release!

****p.s. ART JOURNALING MONDAY will be posted on TOOSDAY***



  1. Oh my heck Em!!! What a fabulous release!!! Love the Uptown Girls! The Peeps are just too cute…the Greenbean Baby’s are adorable. Paula’s collection is fabulous, Mo’s images are great! And the new designer….goodness!!! Amazing release…now the hard part…deciding what to get!

  2. Karlene says:

    LOVE all these….BUT had to refrain from one of everything!! Can’t wait to get my order!

  3. Dena says:

    Best release EVAH!!!!

  4. Mette says:

    OH MY -I love them all, they are just so fabulous. Decisions, decisions – ah where was Bill Gates when I was looking for a husband lol.
    Best release of the year in all of stamp-land :).


  5. wauwwwww fabulous!!! compliments to the designers!!!!
    xx petra

  6. wauwwwww fabulous!!! compliments to the designers!!!!
    xx petra

  7. wauwwwww fabulous!!! compliments to the designers!!!!
    xx petra

  8. wauwwwww fabulous!!! compliments to the designers!!!!
    xx petra

  9. wauwwwww fabulous!!! compliments to the designers!!!!
    xx petra

  10. Angela P. says:

    Okay…I have been waiting for these! Here I am, up in the middle of the night and checking out the goodies…. LOVE THEM!!! Wonderful stamps, cards, and stuff! Will be placing my order….

  11. Linda S says:

    LOVVVVVE Them… way to decide MUST have them ALL!

  12. Leslie W. says:

    Wow Em….you have outdone yourself again!!! I LOVE this release. Love Beth’s and Paula’s new images! Truly outstanding sistah!

  13. Susan P says:

    What an amazing assortment Emily. There is really something for everyone in this release.

  14. OK – no fair, no fair, no fair – as I stamp my feet! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!! ROFL You outdid yourselves with this release, it really is awesome. I’m going to have to make a top 10 list… hee hee 🙂

  15. Robb_eeie says:

    Emily —- Holly Cow what a huge release! Love the 3 Sisters and your beautiful framed concept of their image — it`s so beyond stunning 🙂

  16. Regan says:

    mmmmmmmkay…you are killing me…wow Paula, wow everything!!!

  17. Wow….the creative juices are going to be flowing now! Absolutely awesome release Emily!

  18. Leslie G. says:

    The best release evah!!!!!!

  19. MaryAnn says:

    WOW…you are killin’ my wallet. ROFL
    Love ya, Spit happens, on the Pot, boy and girl, Uptown girls
    Jamie, Payton, Anatasia …what could be bettah?
    Wonderful release, great blog…You made my day!

  20. Michelle G says:

    Absolutley amazing….loved the framed images… of the best release I must say!

  21. JoAnn Heinbuch says:

    Going through the potty training now…just gave me some inspiration…tons of new stamps to decide…stockin up while you still have them…bellariffic release!!!

  22. Angie Blom says:

    wow.. these are all so amazing.. it is hard to pick I love them all.

  23. Corey Robert says:

    OMG! I’ll be in shortly! Love the stamps, Emily, you’ve done it again and outdid yourself

  24. DawnBeery says:

    all the new stamps !!!! Cant wait to order!

  25. carisa says:

    wow wow wow!!! your dt is fabulous and i love all the new characters. some whimsical, some cute, some funny. i know that mo big girl panty image is jumping to get in my cart – i can’t wait to color it!!!

  26. paula says:

    Emily, KISS my GRITS!!! We watched that show every week!!! waaaah, I feel so old. I wanna go back to my childhood days and lay on the floor and color. Oh wai, I still do that, just at a desk. lol

  27. Margo S. says:

    Those Uptown Gals are the best – Love ’em all!!!

  28. Robin McK says:

    Em, this release in UNBEARABLE. My fave for sure….in the history of ever.

  29. Lindsy says:

    WOW WHEE!!!! What a completely awesome release!!!!!

  30. Susan W says:

    I LoVe Everything!! My FaV’s are the UpToWn GiRls!!

  31. Linda Carson says:

    Such a fun, sassy & classy release!! Your design team did an amazing job bring these images to life! Love it all!!

  32. Jules says:

    luv luvie luv-a-do all the newbies! omg – did you hear that *klunk*?
    that’s my checkbook, going broke (b/c I want them all!)!

  33. LoriT. says:

    Love the awesome variety of stamps ya got here!! they’re amazing! 🙂

  34. Cath Groden says:

    This release knocks your socks off Em! There’s a little of everything and something for everyone. I mean seriously, 29 stamps are you for real? Can’t wait for the UPS truck to get here!

  35. Jessica says:

    Amazing release!! I love them all!

  36. Kelly Braund says:

    LOVE that gumball machine! The framed image is sooo cute!

  37. maryg says:

    terrifico release-o! awesome…badaba… i LOVED Alice too 😉

  38. Laura evans says:

    I Love them ALL!!!

  39. Sandi says:

    I’m going to have to give up being a stay at home mom and get a paying job so that I can buy them all!!!

  40. Olga says:

    Oh, I’m soooooo in love with Paula’s stamps! Got to have them all! it looks like my wish list of stamps just doubled with this release! Love them all!!!! Thank you, Emily, for brining the best and the funkiest artists to us!

  41. Cindy Major says:

    Wow, you shared some fabulous new stuff today, Emily! And yes, I do agree that Anastasia looks like you with the glasses and curly hair!

    I’m totally in love with the Uptown Girl series. Fun and full of spunk. The sushi one is my favorite! Sushi stop after a long day of shopping = heaven!

  42. Janis Reid says:

    Looking at the stamped images and the great cards just makes me happy. I really should get off the computer and get out the ink right now.

  43. omg omg omg…I can’t take it! I freakin’ love them so much in real life I used the actual eff word!! gasp gasp drool drool! xo

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