1. V Reed says:

    I’m supposed to be working…which should help me be all patient, right?

    Sooooooo not helping! πŸ™‚

  2. Hope says:

    Free shipping makes me dance in my office! Love ya’, Em!!

  3. Tiddlyinks says:

    Welcome Elena! πŸ™‚ I love the turtles…unlike Em, though, I don’t fancy low-fat turtle soup. LOL They are too cute to eat. πŸ™‚

  4. Arianne says:

    What a cute turtle!

    Is free shipping also for us on the other side of the pond?

  5. Em, I’m on the phone with Penny now hitting refresh over and over – can’t wait to see more!!!!

  6. Penny says:

    Where are the bellas, I’m going through withdrawl……LOL

  7. Mae Wisor says:

    Congrats Shannon!!! Love all the new goodies. Super cute.

  8. V Reed says:

    oooo! The turtles are too stinkin’ cute!!! Man, my wallet is going to be Hurtin tonight!

    Welcome, welcome Elena!!

  9. Jacquie S. says:

    What?? Free shipping, a maxi release, and new bellas. Em, you are the bestest evah. I am waiting anxiously for the rest to go up.

  10. Gabriela says:

    Totally cute!!! I want them all. Thank you so much Em for bringing talented artists to the stamping world. These turtles will be a wonderful addition to my home.


  11. Shannon Roberts says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with those turtles! I love turtles and have collected them since I was really young! And the new BELLAS! OMGOSH!!!! I must have both & I am speechless!
    Thank you Emily!

  12. Alexandra says:

    a mermaid Bella is the BEST!!!!!

  13. Christine says:

    LOVE BELLA is it free shipping to Australia too Please say a prayer for us as we have devasrating fires here at the moment 40 killed over the weekend xx Chris Victoria Australia

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