Release Day!


I am sitting at my desk trying not to hyperventilate LOL.. I have lit my Palo Santo stick and am repeating positive thoughts/chants hoping for a quick resolution.  I have many people on the case!  So please bear with us and I will let you know when everything is working smoothly!  I believe we had a LOT of volume.. more than usual on our website.. hence the issue.

FEAR NOT my sistahs..  our 15% code (sbsummerfun2017)  will work until WEDNESDAY . I gotCHA covered.


and thank you so much for your patience





  1. cheryl mercadante says:

    I bet the website blew up because your products are so awesome and everyone is pouncing to get their orders in!!!

    Can’t wait for the site to be back up.

  2. Laura P. says:

    Yup, what Cheryl said!! I have items in my cart but since we have until Weds, I will give the site a rest while you work things out! Don’t worry, we’re with you!

  3. Debbi Berg says:

    I was so on the ball for this one…I placed my order very veeeeery early this morning. The only trouble I had was trying to decide between stamps and the great deal on the dies, especially the squidgy ones, that were on sale-lol! Hope it gets fixed for you really soon so you can go back to relaxin!

  4. SarahC says:

    Hang in there – life has a way of happpening in spite of all our plans, but it all works out eventually. You have an awesome product so we’ll hang around. Try not to sweat it.

  5. Frederica Bond says:

    I am not surprised! What a fabulous release! I placed an order early this morning. But I want more-so much more! I have things in my cart for a second order. MMmmm maybe I can sell something in the garage…LOL

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