Stamping Bella HOLIDAY SNEAK PEEK day 2! And a CHANCE TO WIN!


For all the winners below, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL  and in the subject line, put the stamp and die  you won along with your snail mail address and we will ship it next week!

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Hiya sistahs!  Welcome to DAY 2 of our RELEASE-A-PALOOZA! at Stamping Bella. Clearly this word has stuck 🙂

Our release date is SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD where all of the images and their corresponding “CUT IT OUT” DIES.. will be available for purchase and ready to ship!  We gots HALLOWEEN.. we gots CHRISTMAS… we gots FALL… and we gots WINTER themed images.  I am SURE you will not be disappointed!

All of our web images were hand Copic coloured by our ELAINEABELLA aka. MARKERGEEK, and all of our amazing samples were made by our talented Design Team.  Don’t forget, when you purchase an image, you get a FREE COLORMAP made by Elaineabella which shows you the Copic  colours she used and where she used them.  If you don’t use Copics, you will still get amazing FREE inspiration on her colour palette used and you can use any medium to colour up the images!  PLUS she has also created colouring videos for each of the images, which you will find in the post below or on her YouTube channel (subscribe over there for regular Stamping Bella videos)! Thank you Elaineabella!

Today I have 4 more AMAZING images to share… READY?

Get a kleenex ready to capture the drool.. don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Stamping Bella 2016 Holiday Release Sneak Peeks Day 2


This is a great image to colour.. lots of spots.. lots of colours.. her Pilgrim hat? her BOUNTY? her SHOESIES?  I can’t.  And the sentiment of course.  My heart pours into these images and matching sentiments as you can see 🙂  I hope you love them as much as I do!


Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Card Making Inspiration:

Here’s Faye-WJ-abella’s card using Casey and her corresponding “CUT IT OUT” die!.. sigh…


Here’s Elaineabella‘s card


and here’s PAULABELLA’s card


what would a holiday release be without a BELLA 2.0?  HMMMM?

Meet CHRISTMASGIFTABELLA.. so graceful.. so pretty!  She is amazing for all your handmade Christmas tags and cards!  and of course she comes with her own “CUT IT OUT DIE” 😉


Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Card Making Inspiration:

Here’s Stephabella’s card using CHRISTMASGIFTabella and her “Cut it out Die”


here’s Paulineabella’s card

and here’s KERRIbella’s card using ChristmasGIFTabella.. look at that fluffy tulle at the bottom of her skirt!


and here’s PAULABELLA’s card


Next we have our ANNOYING chicks again LOL.. GINGERBREAD CHICKS!  They are VERY busy helping each other make gingerbread cookies.. One is a bit lazy just licking his lollipop.. the other one is eating the fruit of their efforts.. it actually seems like ONLY ONE CHICK is hard at work with the icing bag LOL.. This is a set of 4 stamps and 4 “CUT IT OUT” dies so you can use them individually or create a scene ! (the chicks LOVE creating a scene LOL)


Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Card Making Inspiration:

Meet our NEWEST addition to our BABEROONI team!  Jenny from Owl be Crafty was a guest on our WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS WITH posts and now she is a Bella Babe!  Welcome Jenny to the team.. what a perfect time to showcase her talents!

Jenny used our GINGERBREAD chicks in this fun card!  this just shows that you can use these chicks for any occasion!  Christmas, birthday.. what a versatile set!


Here’s Sandiebella’s card using GINGERBREAD CHICKS.. WOWZA


and DANABELLA’s card


and of course.. what good are Gingerbread Chicks without a GINGERBREAD HOUSE??  look how whimsy this stamps is.. so cozy.. I kinda wanna move in there.. do you?


Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Card Making Inspiration:

Check out this gorgeous card by Stephabella!  I love the sentiment in the word bubble!


Here’s Sandiebella’s card using GINGERBREAD HOUSE.. LOVE!


SOOOOO???? are you loving the sneak peeks so far???   Would love to hear!

Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win one of these stamps and CUT IT OUT BUNDLES!

Release date is SEPTEMBER 3rd where you will be able to purchase!  Until then.. it’s you and me and a little bit of torture.  This is purely selfish on my part.. I wanna have you ALL TO MYSELF.. without any disturbances LOL.. at least for a week.. then I will let you all go…..  until next release 😉

Over To You!

Remember, you can get in touch in all the following ways:

  • On our Facebook page – tag us, post your Stamping Bella creations on the page.
  • In our Facebook Group Stamping Bella Sistahood – share your creations, chat with other sistahs!
  • On Instagram – tag @stampingbella and view our feed HERE.
  • Here on the blog – share your thoughts and links to your Stamping Bella creations down in the comments section!

Mwah to da sistahs who love our RELEASE-A-PALOOZA











  1. Jane says:

    Wow, more fab inspiration, loving the little chicks! Thanks for the chance, love Jane x

  2. Tara M says:

    I can hardly wait for these new stamp and die sets…always the Best!

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    What a great way to start the morning. I love the stamps and enjoyed watching Elaine color. My list is growing.

  4. Amanda says:

    I’ve been away for a long time. So excited to be making it back in time for the holidays. Love the house! The sentiment is perfect for so many things.

  5. Nicole Wright says:

    Oohh how exciting! I cannot wait.

  6. Jenn Joncas says:

    More fabulous images!!! I think a card made with a combo of the chicks and the gingerbread house would be amazing!!!

  7. gloria west says:

    OMG these are the cutest stamps, could not pick a favorite, love them all

  8. Inma Bf says:

    Wowwww! !!! I want all these stamp.
    There are so beautiful.

  9. Debbie says:

    I am loving this new release! Can’t wait!

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    Hi Em, So excited to see a gingerbread house!! I agree with your followers that said it would look so cute with the chickies around it!

  11. Celine says:

    Wow another fanstaic release day.
    Thanks for the chance

  12. Dot Freel says:

    Wow! Love all of these new images and the videos were awesome. I want to color like that. I absolutely adore the first fall Bella! Beautiful.

  13. Elaine says:

    Really cute , sorry I have my Christmas cards done for this year but know I have ideas for next year

  14. Petra L says:

    What a beautiful images and thank you for the chance to win one.

    Petra L

  15. Olivia, says:

    Oh these are fantastic…especially the 2.0 and the Autumn one. Great job by the DT on these ones.

  16. Isabelle says:

    Another great post ! And watching the video with the music gives me the feeling Christmas is there !
    The Gingerbread Chicks are so…. yummy ! An addition to my wish list….

  17. Debbie S says:

    Each time new stamps come out, I love each one better than the first. Just love, love, love them all.

  18. Always excited to see new stamps! Can’t wait for the release!

  19. Tanya OD says:

    These images are all amazing! I love Christmas Giftabella! She’s right up my street 🙂 The DT inspiration is all so perfect, as always! Love all the colouring videos too, great feature.

    Tanya xx

  20. Diane says:

    Amazing coloring on these cards, I’m LOVING the fall and Christmas stamps!!! Thanks for the videos!

  21. Woendi Levitt says:

    OM Goodness. I’m gonna have so many presents to myself under the tree-LOL. All of these are super cute and I’m excited to see me.

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    Very cute, would love to win one.

  28. Love the new stamps. I really appreciate the videos that go with it. I am inspired.

  29. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Love it all! You constantly amaze me with you ability to produce new products that I must have, as opposed to just want!

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  33. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love everything! I’ve never had a Thanksgiving one like yours. I only have 2 stamps for that holiday and one sentiment that I love. Change is hard for me with 2 elderly parents so even though I love fall, I think of will they be around in the fall this year or next? I do like what it says though.
    Love those chicks! I’ve never made Gingerbread cookies but I have made cut out butter cookies and its fun. They look like they are having fun too! We have to get together and have some fun!
    I love the gingerbread house but I can’t use the sentiment. When I send cards, it’s just from me to someone else, not me and my parents. Can I change it from our to my? LOL
    Christmasgiftabella is so pretty! Most of the gifts I give are to my sisters and niece and nephew so again, the sentiment won’t work but I love it anyway. I love coloring all of your stamps and I love how everyone who made their cards made them as colorful as possible. Great job everyone!
    To the person who said they had all their Christmas cards already done, can I smack them? LOL I only wish I had all my Christmas cards done! Where does the time go, anyway? It seems like summer was just starting a minute a go and now were thinking about Christmas! I have to get to work on my cards!

  34. Kristie says:

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these adorable new stamps. Can’t wait to see the rest of the release.

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    Oh MY! Gingerbread Chicks….too cute! Can’t wait!

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    the Christmas girl will be useful all year long –
    just change her outfit like you did.
    the wonky gingerbread house is darling.
    Great release.
    thanks for sharing.

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    The Tiny Townie w/Cornucopia is sooo sweet, and those chicks always make me smile.

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    WOW thanks for the sneak peek these new stamps are fabulous and the DT inspirational cards are beautiful… Thanks for the chance to win a stamp and die set… someone is going to be thrilled to bits to win this… have got my fingers crossed :o)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Crafty Hugs, Diane Louise xx

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  177. Martha Kempf says:

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    “C R A Z Y”

  178. SabineVDK says:

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    Those cute gingerbread chicks make me giggle!!

  181. Angela W says:

    I love the sentiment that comes with Tiny Townie Casey has a Cornucopia. I truly love it! It truly reminds us that change is good even though it can knock us out of our comfort zone! Of course, all of the other releases today are just wonderful. That sentiment just touched my heart today!

  182. Oh my….even more that I am going to have to have! Ugh! (LOL!) That was a happy “Ugh”! These are just to cute! 🙂

  183. Carol says:

    Christmasgiftabella is my favorite, but I LOVE the Autumn/Thanksgiving selection and I’m really liking the gingerbread house!!

  184. Mar N says:

    Nice cards !!!
    thanks for a chance to win

  185. Monica says:

    The darling chicks sure know how to party! Can’t resist them!!

  186. Can never find a good Thanksgiving stamp – she is adorable! Can’t wait!

  187. Diana Sowers says:

    Gorgeous!! The chicks are hilarious, as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Cheri Burry says:

    Love Casey!! Can’t wait to get my hands on her. Those chicks would be great for many different occasions! Thanks for a wonderful sneak peak and your DT inspiration.

  189. Moira says:

    Fantastic stamps again. I would love to bake with the chick as it looks like it would be a complete hoot.

    CHRISTMASGIFTABELLA is so devine and I aspire to be like her, elegant, chic and sophisticated. Totally adorable.

  190. Jordi px says:

    Thanks for the new releases
    Tt and xmasgiftabella are lovely

  191. treebug says:

    They are all so cute!

  192. treebug says:

    They are all so cute, fantastic inspirations!

  193. Carla P says:

    Thanks for a chance to win!!
    I would love to have xmagiftabella!! Amazing!!

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