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Hiya sistahs,

Welcome to our first day of our “RELEASE-A-PALOOZA” at Stamping Bella.

Every release I get sick ‘kicks’ by torturing my SISTAHS with BEEYOOTIFUL images that no one can buy….. YET!  lol.  I know I am a very mean Bella.

Our release date is SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 3RD where all of the images and their corresponding “CUT IT OUT” DIES.. will be available for purchase and ready to ship!  We gots HALLOWEEN, we gots CHRISTMAS, we gots FALL, and we gots WINTER themed images.  I am SURE you will not be disappointed!

All of our web images were hand Copic coloured by our ELAINEABELLA aka. MARKERGEEK, and all of our amazing samples were made by our talented Design Team.  Don’t forget, when you purchase an image, you get a FREE COLORMAP made by Elaineabella which shows you the Copic  colours she used and where she used them.  If you don’t use Copics, you will still get amazing FREE inspiration on her colour palette used and you can use any medium to colour up the images!  PLUS she has also created colouring videos for each of the images, which you will find in the post below or on her YouTube channel (subscribe over there for regular Stamping Bella videos)! Thank you Elaineabella!

Ok without further ADOOOOO….  let’s begin!

Stamping Bella 2016 Holiday Release Sneak Peeks Day 1

MEET Tiny Townie AUTUMN loves AUTUMN (yes it DOES take me hours to think up names LOL.  it actually really does.. hmph).. look at her dress… OMG you can do so many things with the leaves!  This excites me 🙂 and her hair… and her little shoesies…


Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Card Making Inspiration:

Here is Sandiebella’s TAG/CARD using Autumn


Here’s Shelabella’s card using Autumn… SIGH


and Paulabella’s card


Meet CHICKADEER. these chicks are so0000000 naughty.  He doesn’t think we realize that he’s dressed up.  I am CONVINCED he sees himself as a reindeer LOL. I LOVE our chicks! To see our other CHICKS and their personalities you can get to know them all HERE



Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Card Making Inspiration:

Here are some cards to inspire you !

Here’s Elaineabella’s card


Here’s Stephabella’s card


and Danabella’s card


BUT WAIT, there’s MORE!

Meet our very own CHRISTMAS BUG. I just love this image gives me the warm and fuzzies 🙂  and of course I think of HERBIE the amazing BUG don’t you??



Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

Card Making Inspiration:

Here’s Sandiebella’s card using our CHRISTMAS BUG


And Stephabella’s card


Aren’t these amazing?  Do we NOT have THE BEST DT EVAH?  Yup we sure do 🙂

Now for our last sneaky peeky!

Meet RUDOLPH, THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and the CHICKS.  Rudolph is a new character this season.. and you will be seeing a few more of him 🙂  He is so calm, so docile, so sweet.  you just wanna NUZZLE HIM, and then there are… the CHICKS! LOL. Again up to their usual shenanigans; trying to decorate his antlers, getting tangled, and of course irritating him.  But Rudolph says nothing.. he keeps calm and lets them do their thing LOL :).. and YES, my stamps ARE HUMAN. LOL

This is a 3 stamp/3 “CUT IT OUT” die set. The tangled chicklet you see on the left is his own stamp and die 🙂



Colouring Video:

Watch this image being coloured in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.


Card Making Inspiration:

here’s PAULABELLA’s card


Here’s a card using Rudolph by our KERRIBELLA


See you tomorrow 🙂

RELEASE DAY is SEPTEMBER 3rd and all of the images will be available for purchase on that day 🙂

Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win one of these stamps and CUT IT OUT BUNDLES!

Over to You!

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s SNEAK PEEKS!

Don’t forget, you can get in touch with us in all the following ways:

  • On our Facebook page – tag us, post your Stamping Bella creations on the page.
  • In our Facebook Group Stamping Bella Sistahood – share your creations, chat with other sistahs!
  • On Instagram – tag @stampingbella and view our feed HERE.
  • Here on the blog – share your thoughts and links to your Stamping Bella creations down in the comments section!

Happy Stamping!









  1. Andrea Shell says:

    Love these images, especially the VW bug because my brother used to have one. Fabulous projects, too!


    GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! (I use words on this blog that I NEVER use anywhere else! Anywhooo, ADORABELLA!!! truth!

  3. Angela W says:

    Oh my goodness! I love a cute little reindeer chick delivering Christmas presents from a sled!! Love it with all my heart!!! It’s gonna be a great release!!! I can feel it already!

  4. Celine says:

    They are all so pretty, i’m vw bug fan so i have a little preference for this image but a little only 😉

  5. Gabriella says:

    I like all the stamps, I would love to color anyone of them. Though the Christmas tree in the truck gave me the biggest smile.

  6. I love it when there is a new release and look forward to every new day of the peeks.
    These are great, each and every one of them. The silly reindeer is my absolute favourite!

  7. TinaS says:

    How exciting to see new adventures of the cool chicks…?…love the tangled Rudolph…?

  8. Gloria says:

    Love the new stamps! The autumn girl, WOW she says it all it’s fall. The VW Bug with tree soo stinkin cute. Add to my wish list. Can’t wait to see more. WOW.

  9. Jo says:

    Love ALL things Autumn – red, orange, golden and brown leaves, mushrooms peeping through the musty earth and that feeling of evenings drawing in and needing to light a fire. Cozy!

  10. Yay! I look forward to the Christmas/autumn release every year. These images are lovely, especially little Rudolph and the Christmas bug. I’d love that car!
    Can’t wait to see the rest.

  11. Absolutely adorable releases and fabulous cards!

  12. gloria west says:

    OMG every thing is so cute. love them all.

  13. Flo says:

    Love the girl with the leaf dress and the reindeer with the chicks. Cute.

  14. Mary Jo says:

    I absolutely love summer and never want it to end, but these stamps are making me look soooo forward to the Christmas season! Love, love, love the Christmas Bug!

  15. Heather Clay says:

    I can tell this release is going to be as fabulous as the previous ones!

  16. Linda Cole says:

    Oh, I love all of these. Really like the reindeer with the chicks! Love the imagination on them.

  17. Rita says:

    So adorable -I want all of them!

  18. Woendi Levitt says:

    OMG…..I didnt think there could be anymore cuter than cute images from Stampingbella. WRONG!!!! I would love to have them all but if I were to HAVE TO pick one it’s the VW bug with tree. This is soooo generational for me and I could send this to so many. TY for sharing and I can’t wait for the release. (saving all my coin now-hee hee)
    PS. As usual “markergeek” did a GREAT job coloring

  19. Jackie says:

    My favourite is the VW bug. When I first got married (eons ago) our first car was a bug.
    Also the reindeer is so stinking cute!

    Stampin’ hugs

  20. Laura P. says:

    Love them all but especially Rudolph and the chicks! I can’t wait to see all the new release sets!

  21. Sharon Brand says:

    WOW! This release is fabulous and the colouring is AWESOME!

  22. Love them all !! Fall is my FAVORITE season, Halloween my favorite Holiday, Love, Love the VW Bug, so ADORBS. I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection, you guys always “knock it out of the park ” Start saving my money, lol.

  23. Deb Kaste says:

    Oh my gosh, Em! LoVe this new release! Especially the Christmas bug as years ago I actually owned a Bug!!! Had so much fun with it and it brings back sooooo many great memories of my friends and I cruising around in ALL kinds of weather in Wisconsin! Thanks for creating great stamps & dies for us crafty chicks!

  24. Squeeeeeeeee! Chick magnets: They suck the money right out if my wallet!!! Can hardly wait to see the rest of the release… ?

  25. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Love the chicks, who would have thought they could make such wonderful Christmas images. Great release.

  26. Claudine G says:

    They are all so cute but that Autumn love Autumn is just the cutest thing EVER!!!

  27. Nikki Mudge says:

    Once again you have done a lovely job. I want all of these 🙂

  28. Claudia Gassett says:

    Oh my! Love all of these! Just adorable!

  29. Diane says:

    No doubt you have the cutest stamps I’ve ever seen!!! Loving each and every one of these adorable stamps and fabulous samples!!!

  30. Debbie says:

    These stamps are adorable and can’t wait to get my hands on them! The coloring is spectacular!

  31. Andrea D. says:

    I just love your designs. They are so adorable. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  32. Gilda McCain says:

    Love everything. That little bug with the tree is adorable.

  33. Margo D. says:

    Holy moly what an adorable release!!! LOVE them all! Always enjoy your releases and this one for the holidays is no exception! If I had to pick one fav., I’d say Rudolph with the tangled Christmas lights,and chicks! 🙂 Great names too ( Chickadeer made me smile!) Great coloring and samples shown too!

  34. Gabi says:

    All stamps are great, but the bug is my favorite – maybe because it was my first car. Love it!

  35. Elaine says:

    Sooo adorable! Can’t wait to add them to my collection!

  36. Monica =) says:

    Ohhh, I totally fell in love with the christmasy and sooo cute little birds! <3

  37. I love them all! The VW bug is soooo cute, I used to have a green one!

  38. Sandra L. says:

    Oh my…..they are all adorable and I want them all. I must have scrolled up and down five times trying to find a favorite but I can’t decide. That must mean I have to have them all.

  39. Michele B says:

    I love all of these but Rudolph and the VW bug are my favorites.

  40. Donna West says:

    eeeeeeeeek! I’m loving the new release!!! Thank you for a chance to win one of these beautiful new images! I really love the Mushroom Bella!!!

  41. Always love those chicks! These are sooo cute – can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  42. Carol S says:

    I love these! They are all adorable, but the Bug is speaking to me as I expect to be moving !

  43. Dawn Beery says:

    So cute! The reindeer is adorable!

  44. Elaine’s coloring videos are amazing. I learn so much from watching. I REALLY love the Christmas Bug stamp as I once owned a little VW Bug myself.

  45. Olivia says:

    What adorable images. Love the Christmas Bug and Autumn especially

  46. These are all so stinking cute!!! LOVE LOVE Tiny Townie AUTUMN loves AUTUMN!! Great cards by the design team!

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    What fun stamps! Am in love with the rich colors of the mushroom girl. The chicks are darling, but my favorite is the Christmas Bug. Can’t wait ’til next week!

  50. Denise I says:

    Yeah! Love the start of the new release! Great stamps! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!!

  51. cheryl says:

    Beautiful – I have always loved your stamps and have learned so much from the way your artists color … can’t wait to order for Fall and Christmas!

  52. Cindy F says:

    Omg, I’m in love… I’m so excited to see this first peak… I love your stamps and my collection and usage is growing by leaps and bounds!!!

  53. Kandi Wehking says:

    love love the reindeer and chicks

  54. Cathy P in AZ says:

    Loving the new release! The crazy chicks are my absolute favorite but the Tiny Townie Autumn is fabulous and the Christmas Bug really takes me back (age shown here LOL). LOVE!!!

  55. Shari M says:

    Saving money for these cuties!!

  56. Susan G says:

    You have succeeded!!! I can’t wait for the release. An entire week? I want them (all of them) NOW. (remember willy wonky). Seriously, I love each one of these. That sweet little reindeer…so patient. The Autumn outfit is just too adorable. And the Chicks…they are pure inspiration. Perfect. hurry up September. Thank you for your wonderful stamps.

  57. Cyndi M says:

    HOLA!! omg these are a-do-ra-ble I am so excited to see more images from you…

  58. Angie Brown says:

    I am in love…with Rudolph! All of these sneak peeks are awesome, but I really like reindeer and he is just perfect!

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    Oh my gosh these are all sooo adorable!! Love them all!

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    Can’t wait….!!! The VW reminds me of ‘us’ getting our Christmas tree with my daughters (when they were small). Thanks for the memory again!! Lovely!!

  63. cindy says:

    Rudolph & chicks tangled in Christmas lights- I. ..can’t. . Even!! There’s my card for this Year – LOVE IT!!!

  64. The bug and the reindeer are my absolute favorites. I have added them to my wish list.

  65. Mary Holshouser says:

    Darling release.
    Poor Rudolph got into a tangled mess.
    Love the car with the tree on it
    Who am I kidding – I love them all and
    want them all.

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    In love with these. They’re so adorable!

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    I am hanging on to the remaining days of summer, so don’t want to think about Fall, but oddly enough am okay with thinking about Christmas. Rudolph and his chickie friends are just TOO adorable!

  68. Lucy Woods says:

    Aww release picks already!!! So exciting!! Love these and would soooo love to win this bundle!! Especially love Autumn!!!! Fab name 😉
    Lucy x

  69. My gosh…one is cuter than the next and then I return to the first one which is cuter than the last and then…..holy cow….I’m dizzy!!!

  70. Teri says:

    OMGoodness! I’m in love with these!

  71. Sylvana Collins says:

    Love, love, love these new images, especially “Autumn loves Autumn”. Tiny Townies have my heart and are the cutest little ones ever! Can’t wait to see what else is coming!

  72. Linda M says:

    Adorable stamps and the cards are amazing! I especially love the VW–so cute!

  73. Exciting! New holiday stamps look wonderful!

  74. Tami French says:

    So am I the only one that can feel autumn knocking on the door?

    Love the girl with the mushroom Oh so cute and Love the bettle with the giant tree. Love them all but those are my faves!! Great job DT

  75. Angie says:

    I love these! So cute!

  76. I just LOVE Rudolph and the naughty chicks! They are adorable! Excited to see what else Em-abella has up her sleeve! 🙂

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    WOWZER I am Loving them all. Especially Rudolph all wrapped in lights. 🙂 What great Christmas cards these will make.

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    EEEEEE!!!!!! I am LOVING these sneaks!!!! They are SO FREAKING CUTE??!!!! Your Bella Babes are OUT OF THIS WORLD TALENTED

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    I love!!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

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    I’m in love with them all especially Rudolph and Autumn. I’ll be having a mighty big wish list to work through with this release I can tell. Amazing videos and I love the cards everyone made.

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    They look super fun to color too!
    Judy K

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    great. My favorite is the little chicks and reindeer.

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    Squeal! I LOVE Tiny Townie Autumn loves Autumn because well, Amy loves Autumn too, LOL!

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    Totally love the tiny townie! Her little leaf skirt is the cutest!

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    HOLY BATMAN; these are amazing and Marker Geek is just brilliant creating all these videos. SWOON!!!

  93. Jeanette says:

    Eeeep! They’re ALL adorbs! But I really, really, really like the bug! I already have so many ideas on how to use it. ? Will these (or some) be available as Digistamps too?

  94. Pam says:

    I don’t celebrate the holidays but I absolutely love your “Autumn loves Autumn” stamp . . . it can be used for all kinds of thinking of you cards. Lovely samples to inspire as well!

  95. Jane Crisci says:

    I am so excited about more of the cool chick designs. Hoping to get them all!

  96. Denise Bryant says:

    *Love* the autumn and holiday designs peeked here! Can’t wait to get some new stamps and dies for fall and holiday cardmaking!

  97. Niki Louwsma says:

    Love this release! The bug is my absolute favorite. All the sample cards are beautiful!

  98. Kim Voicey says:


  99. Kim Voicey says:

    Love them

  100. Jane says:

    On my what can I say, I looove them all, can’t wait for the release. Fingers crossed love. Jane x

  101. Jessica says:

    Oh i´m in love . What a great release !!!!

  102. Alyce says:

    Looking forward to September 3rd!!! Yay!!!

  103. Tanya OD says:

    These are all so gorgeous, can’t wait to see the rest 😀 I’ll love Christmas Bug, such a cute image 🙂

    Tanya xx

  104. Beth Gowling says:

    Love, love, love all the new releases. Can’t decide which ones
    I want. Really want them all.

  105. Linda says:

    WOW, Love your new release!! Awesome, fun and supercute stamps, yaaay!! thanks for a chance to win, hugs and smiles, Linda

  106. Debbie says:

    OMG!!! I wait for this release each year! And, again, you never disappoint. LOVE, gotta have the Christmas Bug! Does it have a matching die?
    Also, love Autumn loves Autumn. That’s the problem, I always want them all! Thanks for another awesome release.

  107. Isabelle says:

    Wow, this is an awesome release. I love Rudolph, he’s so cute and… patient ! And Chickadeer, of course, is also lovely. I know I’ll have to get them, one way or another ! Can’t wait to see the next messages ;-))

  108. Susan B says:

    So in love with the new images. Autumn loves Autumn is a stunner! Cant wait to see more.

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    Oh wow these are so amazing. The christmas bug is my favourite with Townie Love Autumn Loves Autumn as a really really close second. Who am I kidding I need to get them all !!!!! Another brilliant release. 🙂

  111. Mary López says:

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!! The problem is I will have to make more room for more stamps for sure. I like Autumn is adorable but Xmas bug is great for me. Just as my little car.

  112. Patricia Molnar says:

    Awwww!! They are all so cute!!! I love the chicks they are so fun, so is the Christmas Bug and Autumn Loves Autumn is so sweet! Can’t wait to get these and see the rest of the release!!

  113. Sharon h says:

    Ooooh you’re spoiling us again.
    Love the beetle, its fab!

  114. Kristie says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the new images.

  115. Charmaine says:

    The images and projects are so cute. I can’t wait until September 3rd to order. I just have to have the VW with the tree.

  116. Candy says:

    Oh My!!! All the new images are so wonderful!!
    I have a list started a already :o)
    If I could only have one though, it would be the Volkswagen as I learned to drive in a red stick shift one!!!!!!

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    Seriously, my heart is bursting with joy! Tiny Townie is adorable with the leaf skirt. Love all the peeks today. Thank you!!!

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  127. Mary F says:

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    Absolutely adorable. It is hard to pick a favorite but I guess the VW would be first – but they all are so sweet.

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    More great stamps just in time for the upcoming holidays – Love the Autumn one as that is my granddaughter’s name.

  134. Oh they are all gorgeous. Though I do get an additional giggle, we are heading into Spring and then Summer. The stamps make me wish for a white Christmas at least one… xo

  135. Rabbit says:

    The chicks get my vote for most likely to hide packages where they can’t remember where they put them or tying up the reindeer and forgetting to feed him! What a hoot!

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    Another fun release! Always love the Tiny Townies, and adore that VW bug with the tree–we drove one of these when we were first married–eons ago!! : )

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    I’ve loved Stampabella for years but haven’t purchased any in a very long time! My daughter died eight years ago and I just lost my desire to stamp or do much of any crafting because we often did it together! Recently my husband offered to redo my craft room and make it any way I wanted. So, needless to say I got excited about he possibilities and am now feeling crafty all over again! I know my daughter, Joana, would love all the ne Bella’s. So,you can bet that I will be placing an order for some of these holiday ones as soon as they can be purchased! Thanks for listening!

  146. These new images are so darn cute, I want them all!!! Love, love, love the Autumn loves Autumn and the chick!!

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    Ooooooh! LOVE them all, especially the sweet little reindeer! Can’t wait to see what other treats you have in store with this release 🙂

  151. Norma says:

    OMG, love love love these new release images. They’re all adorable, but Autumn is my fave out of this batch. Can’t wait to see the rest.

  152. Lilibet says:

    Arghhhh they are all fab! I will be so poor by the new purchases!! X

  153. Ann says:

    super selection of newbies. i hope my bank balance can take the hit when i add some more to my bella haul. ; )

  154. gosh, it’s a good thing my household is still sleeping, because they would all think me nuts for squealing in delight at all of these ADORABLE stamps you have in this release!!! each one is pure delight! love the leaf dress on the first one, the VW bug, and of course the Christmas cuties. 🙂

  155. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh, did you have to come out with more new ones? I didn’t have quite enough as it is! LOL I love the tree in the car because you can use so many different colors with it. No one in our family ever had a Volkswagen because my 2 sisters were to busy moving to CA and back to CT so they needed a car with some room in it! LOL It is adorable though.
    Fall is a fave for me and last year I bought the Tiny Townies fall stamp. I love this one too! I don’t know what kind of fall we are going to have this year as CT is in a drought. It’s not as bad as CA but there is no rain in the forecast this week either and we still have the heat and some humidity. Other years we have had way to much rain in the fall and late Aug. What is going on with the weather I want to know?
    Those chicks are my favorite color and they are so cute! They can just do whatever they want and it’s okay with me. The ones with the lights and Rudolph is just to, to, cute! To bad we really can’t have some just like that to live in our house with us and have fun with.
    I wanted to buy from the last new bunch and now you came out with this bunch. I need more money! LOL

  156. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh, did you have to come out with more new ones? I didn’t have quite enough as it is! LOL I love the tree in the car because you can use so many different colors with it. No one in our family ever had a Volkswagen because my 2 sisters were to busy moving to CA and back to CT so they needed a car with some room in it! LOL It is adorable though.
    Fall is a fave for me and last year I bought the Tiny Townies fall stamp. I love this one too! I don’t know what kind of fall we are going to have this year as CT is in a drought. It’s not as bad as CA but there is no rain in the forecast this week either and we still have the heat and some humidity.Other years we have had way to much rain in the fall and late Aug. What is going on with the weather I want to know?
    Those chicks are my favorite color and they are so cute! They can just do whatever they want and it’s okay with me. The ones with the lights and Rudolph is just to, to, cute! To bad we really can’t have some just like that to live in our house with us and have fun with.
    I wanted to buy from the last new bunch and now you came out with this bunch. I need more money! LOL

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    I would love to win something because it would make my broken foot feel a whole lot better! LOL

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  221. Mar N says:


  222. Mar N says:


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