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SOOOO BiZzY in Bellaland

Sistahs.. I promise I will have a funny story or two in the next coupla days… just have to find my muse again.  Have you found my MUSE????

It’s been so busy around here preparing, cutting, packaging etc. If you plan to come and visit us for some retail therapy.. please beware….don’t say I didn’t warn you… no really.. I am warning you…

cuz THIS COULD BE YOU in the picture below…

Yup!  These are my amazing customers sitting and helping package..LOL..  Hi Susan, Sylvia, Leslie, Mairi and Liam!!!  We actually had a great time chatting, gossiping.. you know what happens when you put women togethah! LOL

So this is a heartfelt thank you to all da sistahs who are here in body and spirit!

So when are you coming? LOL

mwah to da sistahs I love



  1. Leslie W. says:

    Soooo much fun Em! We had a great time!

  2. Rhian Lowe says:

    Seriously, I’ll come help package!!!!!

  3. Stampingbella says:

    Rhian… Come on down to the partay!!!

  4. Laura Evans says:

    July. Sometime the week of July 18.

  5. Christine L says:

    Looking up the flight time-tables from UK………….. right NOW!
    Christine x

  6. Susan P says:

    It was fun and a laugh as always. See you again today

  7. Sylvia D says:

    It was a fun time and got to meet some really nice people. I’ll see you later Emily.

  8. paula says:

    look at all the HELP!!! I will be there tomorrow with my ‘helper’ too! wooHOO

  9. paula says:

    …just informed Jim of his task…he laughed. {i think he thinks i’m kidding?}

  10. Sandi says:

    Looks like it was a blast!! I will be in Toronto in a couple of weeks but I’m not sure time will allow me to get to the store (very very sad).

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