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some WINNAHS! and the new THEME for Bellarific Friday

Hiya sistahs!  I hope that all of my Canadian sistahs had a great Thanksgiving.  We actually hibernated and cut and packaged and cut and packaged RUBBAH around the kitchen table… it was crazy!  We were all in our PJ’s on Saturday Sunday AND MONDAY.. when I emerged today, I actually had to BLINK like a BAT when I saw the sun..LOL.  We had QUITE a system going around my table.. I was cutting the RUBBAH, Ryan was packaging the RUBBAH, tyler was PRICING da RUBBAH and Jayden was putting them into big bags.. It was QUITE a SIGHT! LOL

Well, I am waiting for the new rubbah to arrive… so excited for this new release!!  We are releasing the rubbah at the show (keep fingers crossed) and then online on OCT 30th!  Hope you can join us!

Now for some WINNAHS



#11: MONIKA DAVIS!  please email me and you will receive a $20 BELLA BUCKS VOUCHER!


#6: LESLIE G!!! you are da WINNAH!  Please email me your deets and we will arrange your $10 in Bella buckeroonis!

MAKEUP DISASTAH blog candy winnah!  LOL.. I read them all and couldn’t decide who should win so I had to ask my handy RANDOM picker.. omg.. still thinking about them makes me chuckle (NEVER USE THAT WORD BUT SOUNDED SOOOO APPROPRIATE)

#7 BRENDA MARTIN!! You are da winnah!  lol on the deodorant *ahem*  hair spray story! here is Brenda’s funny makeup disaster story

This is not really about makeup but …… I was running late for work one morning and quickly showered and blew my hair dry then back to my bedroom to get dressed. Now this is back in the 80’s where aersol was product of choice and grabbed the can sitting on my dresser. Started spraying my underarms and OMG………..the burning pain was unbelievable. I looked at the can and seen that I accidently grabbed the hair spray. I run to the bathroom to wash and figure it should be fine. However, all day at work with body heat my underarms are burning. I get home and check to see and they were flaming red. Needless to say as the next few days passed I lost layers of skin, were extremely sensitive and could not even wear deodorent.

This is the type of antics that happen to me weekly that between my family, friends/co-workers they are now labelled Brenda…isms”. They assure me I would have a Number 1 Best Seller if I were to ever write a book on all the …ism’s I have.

Ok, all the colors are driving me MENTAL.. so here’s the challenge for NEXT FRIDAY ( a week from friday sistahs).. I have to skip a weel cuz of the show and there is a next one next weekend but i will TRY MY BESTEST TO POST!!

Next challenge is ANYTHING with NATURE— FLOWERS, any stamp you can interpret as having to do with “Nature” goes.. so use your imaginations and I expect a PHENOM turnout with even PHENOMALER (is that a word?) cards!!

Emailed image is due FRIDAY OCT 23d.. email to


p.s. had to sneak in more colors..LOL



  1. lindaH says:

    Way to go Brenda….love to see a local Chatham girl win!

  2. Wtg to all da winners. Good luck at the show Em!!! Can’t wait to see all the entries next week.
    Hugs xx

  3. Angie says:

    congrats to the winners.. I was at the creativfestival today and you were all awesome, I can’t wait to come to your store.. really soon! I have the perfect stamp for the next challenge.. I am finally going to play with you sistas…

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