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so I says to myself

Self?  Am I spoiling my sistahs? NAHHHH , I say, can never spoil them.. They are the BEST in the world and it is payback.. so I made a little teensy weensy card showing off my bella scalloped frame.. is it not phenom?  It fits MOST of the bellas not all but you can mask and play around and the great thing is.. you can color the scallops in.. I LOVE IT.. but then again, what don’t I love?  This is why I created this line.. because I love at least 99% of the images.. that may be good or not so good.. I know I should try to satisfy everyone’s taste but I SO can’t.. If I no likey, I cannot ‘selley’ or create for that matter.. so what you see is who I am.. really..

[photopress image=”scallopframe.jpg”]

 please excuse the mess in the background including the pink copic marker dangling in the middle.. I swear.. when I take pics.. I don’t create ‘ambience’.. LOL.. I slap it on my son’s bookshelf..on my daughter’s changing table, in my underwear drawer.. (haven’t gotten there yet.. note to self.. clean underwear drawer).  So here you have it.. surpriseabella with hat and my NEW FAVE Basic Grey “Phoebe”… I think you will see a portion of it on every single one of my cards.. LOL

Off to meet one of the ladies at the stamp shack (Barb K.- you remember her.. she won my contest with C.C.B.).. She was in town and we made a meeting point at my LSS!! SO EXCITED!! will report afterwards…




  1. Mary Anderson says:


    I love the scallop stamp and I think that it is an awesome idea.


  2. Kisa says:

    Excellent! I love that new scalloped oval stamp! Now if I could only stop buying those awful (sinfully delicious) candybars my daughter is selling (World’s Finest Chocolates!) (and so dangerously placed the box right next to my desk so I can “donate” at midnight if I want) I could afford some more bellas and the scalloped oval – which is now on my forever growing wishlist! I’m thrilled about the 1st of the month though! Not that the 1st of the month works better for me than another day…. it just gives me a goal! Save up $$$ before that date so I can spend it!

    Good thing Oregon has a bottle refund – Note to self…. take cans back for refund before the 1st!

  3. *giggling*…your cards would look great next to ANYTHING…including your messy underware drawer…LOL

  4. natanya says:

    So I says to myself “how does this person keep getting betterer and betterer?” You rock Emmibella!!!!!!!

  5. I want it! I want the frame!!!!!! You have created a monster in me… I love = stalk your website! I have all my bellas right now having tea before we stamp!

  6. love this card and some of the newbie bellas!!! i can’t get enough of these wonderful stamps!!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Your card is awesome & the scallop frame is definately the way to go!!!

  8. Cindy Keery says:

    Oh wow! This stamp is perfect for the bellas!!

  9. babsnelson says:

    Love the scalloped frame….super cute – and I have supriseabella with hat!!

  10. Angela says:

    I loooveee the framey! I have ta have it…you must let me know when you have it up and for sale…just placed another order and can hardly wait to play with mor of my bellas. I love that new BG line to and can hardly wait to use it…you are such a creativebella!!!!!

  11. OMG!!! My dad says that, he has said it my whole life, “I said to myself Self” So hilarious. I love that frame. Must have it.

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